Back in Bkk. Wingman / buddy sought

Discussion in 'Travel' started by benzstar, May 27, 2017.

  1. benzstar

    benzstar Member

    Hey guys

    Back in Bkk until at least the end of the month

    Be great to meet up with anyone else who's around for a beer/party/ chat whatever.

    I can supply the girls haha (joking - or was I)
  2. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Your brother @brockstar will be more than happy to oblige. You joined the forum the day I joined and it's your first post/comment? Where have you been my lost cousin?
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  3. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

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  4. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    Stranger danger :D
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  5. drifter

    drifter Possessing a well sized member

    At least he's not meeting up with the horrid hindu, @wanderluster.
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  6. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

  7. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    New member questionnaire:
    1) have you ever lived in a farmhouse?
    2) do you own 3 or more identical laptops?
    3) describe yourself in haiku
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  8. benzstar

    benzstar Member


    Skins is quite right of course.................should've posted an intro on here first; just put right that wrong.
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