Balls Deep in Angeles City, Philippines - Part 2

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  1. Skins

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    This is Part 2 of this blog post. Read that blog post first if you haven't already.

    I Did NOT Monger in Angeles City!

    That’s right. I got laid every night in Angeles City but I never once paid for sex. The following stories are 100% true. I’m not saying this to brag. I’m not into “shoring" hookers. And I don’t know if it's the norm to hook up with good girls in Angeles City… But it happened.

    Ass and Titties

    My first night I was pretty tipsy from bar hopping. I walked back to the first bar where I ate dinner earlier. My waitress was still there. She was happy to see me again. I ordered more food and talked with her more. I was pretty drunk so I was being very forward… I told her I couldn’t stop thinking about her all night so I came back to see her. I was laying it on thick and she was eating it up.

    It was getting late. She finished her shift and come out dressed in street clothes. She looked good as fuck. She was wearing a thin dress that really showed off her curves. I told her to sit down and have a beer with me. She did. After some chit chat I told her I was tired and I wanted to go home. And I wanted her to come with me. She agreed. :)

    We took a trike back to my hotel. As soon as I walked into my room I pulled her dress off. Pulling off that dress I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes. This broad was stacked. Huge tits. Flat stomach and a thick bubble butt. Good lord these Filipinas are something else.

    I pretty much devoured her. I went right to town sucking her tits and going down on her. Then she went down and started blowing me and it was one of the best blowjobs of my entire life. Bold statement I know, but I stand by that. Super wet mouth and aggressively deep throating me. Damn…

    We proceeded to fuck like absolute animals in every position. It was some of the roughest most brutal sex I’ve ever experienced. I really gave it to her. I swear this was one of the best fucks of my life. She is the total package. A complete freak who loves to suck cock, fat ass and titties and fucks like a maniac. What more can a man ask for?

    At one point she had her hand on her throat while I was fucking her… So I figured hmmm she must like that? So I started choking her while fucking her brains out and she went nuts. She was really into it! What a nutty broad… Finally I blasted inside her and rolled off. The bed was crooked in the middle of the room and all the sheets were twisted up on the floor. We laid there sweating like we just had a fierce wrestling match.

    I like this broad. I wanted her to stay but she insisted on going home. We exchanged text messages a few times after that but we didn’t meet again. I do hope to see her again because she’s cool and I’d love to rail her some more.

    Young and Innocent Pinay

    The next night I went out bar hopping again. I was at another popular bar / restaurant. I was having dinner and across the room was a sexy little dark skinned chick. Holy fuck was she cute. We kept flashing smiles at each other. She was sitting with an older Filipina women. Could this be her mom? I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    There was an older Filipino guy playing pool but he kept coming over to chat with them. Could that be her boyfriend or her dad? You never know around here. I wanted to talk to this chick but I couldn’t read that situation. So I decided to try the note trick…

    I wrote down my name and number along with a short note to her. I figured fuck it, it’s worth a shot. After I paid my bill I walked past her table, said hello and handed her the note. Then I walked out.

    I was happy when the next day she sent me a text. Turns out she was there for dinner with her parents! How funny is that shit… I said I didn’t know if that older guy was her boyfriend or what and she thought that was funny.

    I told her I wanted to see her and she agreed to meet me at my hotel. Then I had to ask the question… “are you looking for money?” She said “no why would you ask that?” I said “well a lot of girls around here are looking for money, you know?” She said “yeah I know but I’m not like that.” Ok great. :)

    I would be happy to pay this pretty young thing for her services but I just wanted to know the deal first. Turns out she’s not a whore and I’m cool with that too. :D

    She came over that evening and she looked fantastic. Tight little black dress. High heels. Hair still wet and smelling good from the shower. Fuck… I love that fresh shampoo smell in some damp hair. :p

    She said she was going to meet her friends later so she only had a few hours… Perfect. ;) After some small talk I went for my move. This chick was MUCH more shy than the last one. She seemed very inexperienced. She said she was 19 and only had one boyfriend before.

    I stripped her out of her clothes and laid her on the bed. After licking her tight little pussy for a few minutes I slid my pole in. I had to take it easy on this one. There would be no pounding away like the other chick. But that’s fine with me.

    This girls body was just flawless. 19 years old and super tight. Her ass was a work of art. Tight little tan bubble butt. I just love the dark skin on these broads. It didn’t take me long until I unloaded inside her.

    She took a shower, got dressed and said “ok I will go meet my friends now.” Ok darling. Thanks for stopping by! :D

    Sexy Spinner

    I went to a popular bar. This smoking hot chick was playing pool with some dude. I figured they were boyfriend / girlfriend / customer or whatever so I paid them no mind. I was sitting at the bar having a beer. After the game the girl came and sat at the bar near me.

    She was sitting there alone for a while so I had to speak up. I asked her if she was alone and she said yes she’s waiting on her friend. So I invited her to sit with me and have a drink. I figured she was a freelancer… No doubt in my mind. But eventually she told me her life story and apparently no, she’s not a hooker and she doesn’t even live in Angeles City. She’s just visiting her friend who is a bar girl there.

    Long story short, we hung out for several hours and had dinner together. Things started to get really touchy feeling and after a while I said lets go back to my place. It took a lot of persuasion… But she finally agreed.

    She put up a little resistance in the room too. “You said you just wanted to hang out!” Yeah yeah… You know what I meant. ;) I banged this pretty chick good and hard and we laid in each others arms like a newly wed couple. She left later that night to meet her friend.

    We met for several days in a row after that. She’s the hottest Filipina I’ve been with thus far. No doubt. I actually started falling for this chick! I liked her so much that I took her with me to the beach in Subic. But I’ll save that story for another post. :)

    Freaky Farm Fresh Snapper

    One night I was in High Society. Shit was off the hook as always. I saw this cute little broad with her friends standing in the bar area. She immediately caught my eye because I liked her look. She wasn’t wearing a mini skirt and high heels. She was dressed simple, but she was very cute. She had a real farm fresh look about her.

    I introduced myself and she was painfully shy. She looked super nervous and uncomfortable so after a few minutes I just handed her my number and left. I told her I wanted to make some friends here and to call me sometime.

    The next day I got her message. I arranged a dinner date nearby my place. We had some Filipino food then I invited her back to my place. In my room she was very shy too. She was sitting on the bed with her back turned to me. Every time I looked at her she would put her hands over her face embarrassed. Weird shit.

    I went for the kiss. She started to warm up. Slowly, the freak was started to come out of her. She was sucking on my tongue and rubbing my cock. I was like woah look at this little freak! :p But things were just getting started.

    She had a nice little bald snapper. I went down there and gave it a good licking and she was going insane. Either I lick some good pussy or she deserves an oscar for that acting performance. She was moaning, shaking and aggressively squeezing her tits. Holy shit these Filipinas really enjoy sex! It’s such a drastic change from the robotic star fishes I’ve been fucking in Vietnam… But I digress.

    This chick is super tiny. It’s funny to walk down the street together because I tower over her. Now here I was banging her as hard as I possibly could. And she was telling me to fuck her harder! This chick was actually screaming at the top of her lungs “YES YES FUCK ME HARDER! I LOVE YOUR COCK! FUCK ME GOOD AND HARD! COME ON! FASTER!”

    Shocking. I couldn’t even believe it. A part of me wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up because she’s being obnoxiously loud. But I was enjoying myself so I banged away until I blasted inside her. Holy shit she was a good fuck. My pubic bone was actually aching from all the pounding.

    I repeated with her the next night too. She came straight to my room to fuck like rabbits then she left. Never asked for money and I even offered it to her. Apparently she’s got a job in an office somewhere.

    So that’s it. I banged four different broads in Angeles City and none of them were hookers. Not that I know of anyways... I wasn’t looking to do that it just randomly happened. Angeles City is a fun town and I will be back again. And I promise I will partake in the mongering scene so I have more to report. Stay tuned for the full location review coming soon!

    Another day in paradise...
  2. Mia The Devil

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    Someone has to take me to voodoo bar and see the ugly girls!:D:p
  3. Skins

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    Was that harsh? I didn't mean there specifically. But every place I went in I saw some chicks on stage that just shouldn't be there... I mean fat girls. Not chubby but straight up fat. But I'm sure some guys are into that? :confused:
  4. Mia The Devil

    Mia The Devil Well Known Member

    Shhh NP. I love them ugly! :oops: Especially the old mamasan.... :D

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  5. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    LBFMS doing what LBFMS do best :)

    Gotta love PH
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  6. Skins

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    You still there Don? How you feeling?
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  7. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Still there yes. Everything healed except my right ankle.... but it's good enough to go on top ;)
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  8. BL010181

    BL010181 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good time. All I can say is, “Still waters run deep.” It’s the quiet unassuming ones that seem to surprise you.
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  9. billy fever

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    I fuckn told ya man... Swiss Hotel! 30 second walk around the corner into Fields Ave and the best restaurant in town on the ground floor... mirrors on the ceiling in the rooms too!
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  10. jaz

    jaz Member

    damn i gotta get over to angeles city asap. agree vietnam sux except for bennys bj bar ;-)
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  11. Skins

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    If you just want to drink and fuck your brains out it's hard to beat Angeles City. It doesn't offer much besides that but it's a fun place. Will be back!
  12. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Do you have your team of LBFM nurses on call? :D
  13. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Yeah man I saw that place too. Great location! I heard the restaurant is excellent but I didn't try it. I actually moved from Red Planet to Kokomos right on walking street. I wanted to be right in the action.

    What a fucking shit hole room! Water barely worked. Shower came out in drops and I had to flush a shit five times to get it all down lol. My room was directly above Voodoo GoGo bar so it was noisy as fuck. Even in the morning when the restaurant was in full swing holy shit no peace. But it sure was nice stumbling back to my room at 4am.

    I think the move would be staying somewhere close, but not right ON walking street.
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  14. tad800

    tad800 Well-Known Member

    Damn, wish I could have that kind of luck. I have yet to get a freebee in asia.
  15. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Sige po ;)
  16. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    ABC if you can afford it... if you're back before friday you can check out my room to see what you get for your money.
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  17. irishrover

    irishrover Member

    For sure ABC is great , great sky bar as well , but out of my budget , i stayed at kokomos on narisico its same owner as one on walking street for four days it was ok .
    They were booked after this so i moved to tiger hotel , i am not sure if its on agoda , its five minutes from walking street about the same as ABC , good hotel for 1300 pesos a night plus 10% off if u stay a week , thats for deluxe room they have a standard one for 1100
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  18. irishrover

    irishrover Member

    I guess if like skins and u can get sex for free then go for ABC , me i need my money for hoes and booze
  19. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Most girls already get wet when you tell them that you stay at ABC lol.

    And better hide the champagne from the minibar... you never know what these broads are up to. Big bottle is like 10k peso or more if they try to nick it.
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  20. irishrover

    irishrover Member

    yeah good one , im sure thoose panties will just slide right off lol
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