Best area(s) to stay in Manila if having these wishes:

Discussion in 'Travel' started by FlountingFish, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. FlountingFish

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    Hey, I was wondering what you guys think are the best area(s) to stay in Manila given the following wishes:

    -Central overall and easy access to various interesting things to visit

    -Lots of women in the area for online dating(while I may make an exception once or twice, I wish to sleep with regular girls, not working girls)

    -Some clubs in the area that have parties until morning time(I wish to occasionally go to a club after waking up in the morning very early, perhaps around 5-6, going out late at night is too disruptive to circadian rhythm and health for me to justify doing it)

    -Nearby good gym(s)

    -Nearby places where I can find good animal products, particularly high quality organ meats(ideally lamb), whether markets, butchers or whatever

    -Ideally low noise, at least in the apartment itself

    -Ideally good safety

    -Nearby nice parks, I like to walk around parks and do my sitting meditation there

    Hope some people have some input, thank you.

    I will make this exact thread about Bangkok, because I am also going there, hope that's ok.

    Thank you!

    (Blog Post on SMP - Best Area To Live in Manila, Philippines)
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  2. shandy

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  3. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Gramercy condo

    - It's Makati, that's central
    - Both lots of regular and lots of working girls
    - Time club goes til 7am, possibly later on weekends, Royal club nearby too
    - Gramercy gym is one of the best condo gyms, free barbell, bench press, squat rack, pull up bar etc.
    - It's attached to a mall and opposite a supermarket, can find whatever food you want. Or the lamb shish kebab at Pasha resto opposite is good
    - Highest condo in the Philippines, no noise from outside, residents tend to be fairly wealthy so they aren't noisy
    - Ayala triangle gardens short walk away

    Alternatively knightsbridge / milano / tivoli condos
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  4. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Sounds like we have the exact same needs. Gramercy sounds like a winner. @jspill so you prefer Makati over BGC? I want clean and comfortable but I enjoy a little sleaze when I'm in the mood. :) Based on my research, commuting in Manila is a nightmare so I probably wouldn't want to travel much.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.55.41 PM.jpg
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  5. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    I second @jspill , Makati Ave where Gramercy is located or generally Makati seems to be closest you're looking for, though I think some of the things you do in US you might not want to do in PI, e.g. I don't see you meditating in a park...
    check his website for photos of that place.

    a cheap gym is quite hard to find in Manila so having a gym in the condo helps, but the daily rates in Gramercy aren't cheap, so I would try to get monthly rates.
    The accessability at Gramercy is very good for meeting up dates, it's very close to the Makati malls and has two big malls in walking distance, even Ortigas and BGC are a short cab ride, so you can meet up in various places. You would usually meet up in malls...

    The red light district of Burgos is a stone throw away, but I used to like the place better, when the steeet was bustling with hookers, the police drove many of them away so it's far less now.

    Interesting things in Manila are scarce, you can go to Intramuros for colonial buildings, that should be it....maybe Chinatown with the streetmarkets and the black Jesus figure...

    high quality meats if at all in the mall supermarkets, Rustan's is kind of hiso with good quality. You can try healthy options, they have organic stuff and some branches also fresh produce.

    The alternative place would be BGC, they have many popular clubs there, don't know if they are open early morning. BGC is generally quieter than Makati, I find it a bit boring.
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  6. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    they do have a huge park in Ermita called Rizal park, I don't know if you'd like the area though, it's sketchy.
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  7. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Yes I prefer Makati, the BGC isn't sleazy enough for a single guy. If I had a girlfriend or family then the BGC.

    Not much need to commute when you work online and already live in Makati. Greenbelt mall is walking distance, two nightclubs, 24 hour restaurants, supermarkets, gogo bars.

    For going further afield it's ok at night after the traffic has died down. Then it's only 10 mins to the BGC, or the Pasay bars by the seafront. You're in between those.

    For someone who was dead against P4P and trying to get a nice girlfriend, then I'd say live in the BGC and hit up clubs like Valkyrie. They have really nice condos there too, my mate stayed at Two Serendra and I went over to take a bunch of pics.

    4 swimming pools, 5 gyms, basketball, tennis, billiards, he had a girlfriend move in with him and basically never leaves the complex.
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  8. Mia The Devil

    Mia The Devil Well Known Member

    That's where you meet people from Uni, lovers smooching on the back of trees, homeless waiting for the day to pass by and freelancers roaming around. :D Don't try to lurk around on dark area alone at night then you'll be safe.
  9. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    That complex looks quite nice.
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  10. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    I know these guys love Makati but I was not a fan. I felt hemmed in. That said I can't complain about the dating. I arrived in Gramercy at 10pm and from Pinalove had a 19yo virgin in my room within the hour. The next night a super memorable night when a local chef cooked me steak in the nude.

    Personally I felt so much happier in Passay near the Mall of Asia MoA.

    The mall itself is nice enough. But what got me was sea front promenade with its bars and clubs. Inculding some flip places where I was the only westerner in there. Very cool dating there. Plus my apartment at the Shell residents had a great pool. I could piss away all day by that pool with Flashman novel and just break every few hours to take my date upstairs for a fresh coat of tainting.

    The main thing for me with having the sea view I felt ok. Makati is like being boxed in a concret jungle with pollution and traffic locking you in.

    Don't worry about dating in Ph. Those Ph girls are going to be tearing you apart no matter where you go.
  11. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Are there any nice parks or green spaces walking distance to Gramercy? Something similar to Lumpini Park or Benjikiti Park in Bangkok? I need to see some grass and trees to maintain my sanity. I love the action of big cities but sometimes I feel like a rat stuck in a maze. I went to the park almost daily when living in Bangkok and Saigon. Sometimes to work out or sometimes just to chill with a book and a coffee.
  12. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    the triangle park is 20 min from Gramercy, but it's a bit small and noisy to offer real recreation, maybe living by the sea like flashman suggested is best. In Ermita you would have both the baywalk and the fairly big rizal park, but of course it's not the best area, many homeless, streetkids, chinks, but also cheaper hookers than Makati. Nevertheless, there are many foreigners staying in Ermita, so I guess it's not that unsafe either, maybe kind of feels like PP.
  13. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Thanks man. I was planning to show up at Gramercy and sign a long lease. Now I'm thinking it might be better to spend a month living in hotels in these different areas. Get a feel for them and then decide. 6 months to a year is a big commitment for me. And having a seaside promenade right outside sounds very appealing.
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  14. bkkyolo

    bkkyolo Well-Known Member

    You can get a monthly deal at gramercy. I had one good room on high floor for 35k+bills. I can pm you the contact of the agent if you need.

    The location is just perfect, for dating, mongering, and everything else
  15. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Yeah a month at Gramercy would be a nice start. Makati did not grab me. But Gramercy is an awesome building. And its A1 for dating. I love that tent with live music just outside in the carpark. And the girls loved the Gramercy pool. The gym was also perfectly sufficient.

    A month there as an intro would sound about right.
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  16. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Ayala triangle gardens, yeah it's pretty small and some of it is concrete. Kinda like Benjasiri park in BKK.

    But you can jog around it and there's quite a few hot chicks doing that. A row of cafes to sit at and perv at chicks. Some office worker chicks walking through.

    Some pics

    You could also sit and work on the sun loungers on Gramercy roofdeck, they have wifi by the pool. And once again perv on chicks
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  17. maxpower

    maxpower Well-Known Member

    Gramercy is good. It's near the Royal, Time, and Burgos. You might have to deal with some street riffrafts though.

    BGC is very nice area but isolated. The common feedback from the girls i got is that it's nice area but it's hard to get to and from, unless you already live there.

    Malate near the Mall of Asia (MOA) is convenient if you want to day game and hit malate for KTVs and free lancers in evening. But you might have to deal with some riffrafts BS if you get away from MOA (hey it's Philippines....)

    Might be good idea to live a couple of weeks using airbnb in each area and get to know the neighborhood before settling for a long term. I would personally look for a place near a decent mall, anywhere you stay.

    You will see that getting around Manila is pain in the ass during the daylight hours.

    Personally I'm in Ortigas near the Shang mall and the Mega mall for the work reasons. And I try not to go anywhere that requires a car before midnight.

    If you are planning to sign a lease talk to a few leasing agents. I was able to get my lease payment down by 40% from the list with some help from an agent and negotiation.

    Let us know when you get settled in. Maybe we can do a manila members meetup.
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  18. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Great info thanks a lot guys. Studying the map of metro Manila and I see Makati is right next to Pasay. Is it really that hard to go from say Gramercy to the seaside by mall of Asia? Can anyone comment on owning a motorbike in Manila? In Bangkok you can lane split and ride on side walks getting you across town faster than a car. But of course you're outside exposed to the heat, sun, rain and pollution.
  19. Mia The Devil

    Mia The Devil Well Known Member

    No such thing as lane split on PH sidewalks you'll be guttered by buses and jeepneys, there are motorcycle lanes in the middle of 4-5 lane of EDSA and other parts of Manila then you could merge with car lanes if you're doing right/left turn to inner streets or U-turn. Or if you want to be a rude driver then squeeze yourself between cars and trucks. :D

    Blue lanes are for motorcycles, cars could merge on your lane too. Yellow lane far right is for buses and public ulitility vehicles be aware at some cities they do not allow you to drive along yellow lanes or near bus stop stations.

    Motorcycles are exempted for number coding ban as far as I know, cars dont. There would be a certain day that a car plate that ends in specific number, you won't be allowed to drive on main roads i.e expressways or city roads.

    The problem with makati is, it has a high influx of cars even the side streets during rush hours, but once you're out of that city then you're fine, bit of moderate traffic on some choke points(bus stations).

    I don't know why you are thinking about driving a motorcycle in a freaking hot Manila. o_O
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  20. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Thanks Mia. If I decide to settle there long term I would buy a car. Mostly for leaving the city on road trips or occasionally getting around in the comfort of air conditioning. But I was just thinking it might be easier to move around the city on a bike. I guess that's not a good idea.
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