Blue Balls on Boracay, Philippines - Part 2

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  1. Skins

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    Continued from this blog post.

    So after throwing a little hissy fit I hosed the sand out the crack of my ass, got dressed and went out for some cold beers. Fuck those Sam Miguel lights go down like water. I could happily drink those from sun up to sun down.

    An hour or so later the broad comes back. She’s all showered, dressed cute and has on too much make up. Awww how sweet. She really likes me. :) She was carrying this enormous bag. I said “what the fuck is that?” She said “my stuff for tonight and tomorrow. Can I stay with you?”

    “Well, sure I guess so.” Then she says “but don’t tell hyena, I don’t want her to get mad.” Damn these are some trifling bitches! :D

    I told her she’s not dragging that big ass bag around all night so let’s drop it off at my room. This time she DID have her ID. SUCCESS! :D

    We breezed past reception and I kind of felt bad for getting angry before. They’re just doing their job and trying to protect the guests from thieving whores. But still. I felt like I was being cock blocked.

    So we get into the room and I tear her dress off. She says “don’t you want to go out first?” I said “no I want to hang out here for a little bit.” I needed to unload. I was going crazy!

    I sat her on the bed and stood in front of her. I unbuckled my pants and my stiff hog sprung out. She started blowing me and smearing her red lipstick all over my shaft. Finally I was getting some satisfaction. :p

    She looked good. She was wearing a pink bra and panties which looked great on her dark tan skin. I peeled them off and laid her down. It was my turn to have a taste of that island peach.

    I went down there and did the quick inspection I always do… Nothing clinical, but if I see a scab or some shit I will abort the mission. So I pulled open those piss flaps and something stopped me dead in my tracks….

    There was somewhere there. :eek: Now I’m no doctor… But I know my way around a pussy… There was a small, flesh colored lump. My initial reaction was oh shit, it’s a genital wart! Was it? I’m not sure! But do I want to go lick it and raw dog it? FUCK NO! :confused:

    I stopped and stood up. She looked confused. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

    “Uhh nothing… Let’s just go outside now.”

    She laid there for a moment confused. I started getting dressed. Then she started getting dressed. She started walking towards the door.

    “Wait,” I said. “You should take your bag with you...”

    “You don’t want me to stay?” she said with a sad look in her eyes.

    “Sorry… No."

    She grabbed her bag and stormed out. I walked quickly to try and keep up with her. She stormed past reception and I had to call out to her “your ID!” She turned around and got it.

    Her face was red. She looked like she was about to cry. The hotel reception noticed too. They looked concerned. Suddenly I felt like a complete fucking dickhead. Jesus Christ the last thing I want to do is hurt this broad. But at the same time, I’m not going to fuck Ms Warty and stay with her all night!

    She marched down the beach with her bag. She wouldn’t even look at me. I was walking with her but I didn’t know what to say. Should I buy her a drink? Should I explain the situation? Does she even know? I was at a loss for words.

    So I just stopped walking… And she kept walking… And that was it. I never saw her again. :oops:

    I walked into the nearest bar and sat down. I ordered a shot and a beer. I was upset. That really made me feel bad for some reason. She’s a sweet girl and I had a great time with her. And I know that must have broke her heart. Fuck…..

    I drank heavy for a few hours and tried to drag myself out from under the guilty cloud of shit hanging over my head. Come on man! Party time! Snap out of it!

    Eventually I text her and apologized. Then I explained the situation. She seemed surprised like she didn’t know. I told her I’m no doctor and I don’t know WTF is going on but she should get it checked… And I wasn’t comfortable sleeping with her so that's why I stopped.

    And what I didn’t say was that I wanted to find another girl to fuck so that's why I gave her the boot. ;) But I still had a great time and I will cherish those memories we shared.

    I walked up and down the beach having a few drinks at each bar I passed. Lot’s of freelancers in Boracay so if you need to nut off there’s plenty of options. Met some really cool people there too. Both tourists and locals.

    One legendary dude was there with six, yes six broads from Angeles City. One lone guy and six LBFMs. Fucking legendary status I told him. Good lord I can’t even keep track of one.

    My WeChat was blowing up with massage girls looking to meet me. One looked cute. She said 500 pesos for a massage in my room. I asked if she offers extras. “Extras?” she asked.

    Don’t play cute with me bitch. Can we fuck or what! “Oh no only massage sir.” I didn’t respond. Then she kept texting me. I explained that I respect that she only does massage but I’m looking for a little extra attention down there. ;)

    Then she says “ok I can do a hand job if you want :)" OK well now we’re talking! I asked does the 500 pesos include the hand job? She said yes it does! Well now that’s a deal.

    I gave her the name of my resort and stumbled back to my room. She showed up, looking a bit more plump than her photos (of course) but she had a nice rack and a pretty face. She was also very sweet.

    After a quick shower she got to work. Mehhh decent massage. I enjoyed it. Turned over and she was sitting between my legs. She oiled up my hog and started stroking. I pulled those massive hangers out of her shirt and gave them a good squeeze. Nice slow hand job to completion. I enjoyed myself. 500 pesos well spent.

    Would I rather cream pie some LBFM snapper? Well of course. But sometimes you take what you can get.

    Another day in paradise…
  2. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    The worst thing about this was the bike rental thieving cunts that price is unreal!

    Btw great marketing too.
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  3. photoog70

    photoog70 New Member

    Not carrying the ID is just another way the girls keep themselves from being tempted too easily. Asian flakieness if you will, just another layer deeper.
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  4. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    See this is why I come back here. Such a therapeutic handful of sentences. Seriously.

    You wanted/needed something, you grabbed for it in a straightforward manner, and then got it soon enough.

    1-2-3. Stimulus-Response.

    No 5D-chess, no bomb-defusing, no IQ-250 transcendental secret quantum code breaking. And no pedestal.

    THAT’s why you tell me I think too much. I think I just now got it.

    Drinks on me.
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  5. Dale

    Dale Well-Known Member

    You're a tougher man than me......I would have gloved up and gone to market!
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  6. Dale

    Dale Well-Known Member

    Nice Grumps....let the good times roll!
  7. Trouble

    Trouble Well-Known Member

    Obviously, I didn’t see the lump. However, as a Health instructor, I’m wondering if it was simply an engorged gland. I just dumped this (crazy) white bitch that thought she had something going on down there. She had me look at it because I could likely identify if it was a real problem or not. It was simply a gland that produces vaginal fluid, lubricant if you will. But it was kind of engorged and swollen. I massaged it a bit and gently pressed it and it secreted a bunch of lube. Her pussy got sooo wet from that. Anyway, she said it would come and go so she worried about what it was lol. god forbid she simply visit the Dr.
    Oh well, Dr. trouble solve a lot of problems.
    I digress, you could google vaginal growths, etc. and determine if it was a wart blooming or engorged gland, etc. might help ease concerns in the future, although, I’ve only seen a swollen gland on this chick.
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  8. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    Dam. That sucks bro. I heard borcay goes nuts
  9. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    I bribed my airbnb condo 1k peso to let a hooker in with no ID my first night

    Would've still rawdogged the girl with the lump, I have done before when I saw something. Warts are cured easily, yolo
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  10. ryan754326

    ryan754326 Well-Known Member

    Are they cured easily? I thought warts were forever.
  11. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    You have the virus forever but the warts can be burned off. I recently had few burned off and that should be the end of them.
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  12. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Aldara cream clears some types up
  13. Trouble

    Trouble Well-Known Member

    For the record, genital warts cannot be "cured". They can be treated (burned/frozen) but they return.
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  14. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    They can return but does that mean that they will return?
  15. Trouble

    Trouble Well-Known Member

    I believe it’s like genital herpes. There’s an initial outbreak (manifestation), some people have recurrences only every couple years, some people have them frequently.
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  16. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Haha dude I put my dick in some scary places but I have to draw the line somewhere. If I see something then I have to pass.

    I know it's not a huge deal but I'd like to avoid this procedure if possible.
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  17. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Boracay is awesome! I met a lot of good girls and hookers there. Definitely some fun to be had. If I was there longer I would do some damage for sure. But that's how it played out this first trip. I will be back!
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  18. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    Awesome post Skins,
    I wish you had requested a sit down interview with the 6babe guy legend, pick his brain and get his story! He is living the Dream, inspiration for all of us that are grinding
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  19. Dale

    Dale Well-Known Member

    I absolutely believe if you are scouting for right area, no traffic, good night life etc etc - right at the top of your list this spot guest friendly ?
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  20. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    Tough Call!
    She coulda been lubed up sex gland, and ready to bust, with one lick!
    Or it coulda been a wart!
    What’s her viber I’ll do a second pass, when I’m there in January
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