Boracay, Philippines - Location Review

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Jan 14, 2018.

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  2. LadLife

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    Cool. I'm thinking about going home for a couple months then trying out the Philippines for half a year.. I'm so conflicted on what I'm doing right now lol. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures in the phils so I can get more of a feel about it all
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  3. JohnnyB

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  4. Borrowed Time

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    My, my, my how far Boracay has come. Went there with my wife in 1984 on a lark when PI airlines offered a super deal from the USA to promote tourism and ballyhooed Boracay as the prettiest beach in the world. Had to take a jeepney five hours from Roxas. Then crossed over on a four-person outrigger. No paved road on Boracay just a dirt trail. No motorized vehicles, just bicycles. All buildings were made of bamboo. The "villa" we stayed in the first night the owner used the area below the floor as a chicken coup for his fighting roosters. Talk about a wake-up alarm.(We arrived after dark so couldn't notice them as they were asleep). Only tourists there were German and a few Swedish backpackers (the German women had hairy armpits). The Germans were obnoxious drunks. But, thankfully, they slept all day and partied all night at one beer bar on the beach so were easily avoided. The beach was as described --absolutely gorgeous. However, at dusk the sand fleas would come alive and eat you alive so no watching the sunset from your lounge chair on the beach. Oh yes, absolutely no P4P back then.
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  5. Richard Sharpe

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    I love the place and have visited during Easter, Christmas and Summer (plan to head back for a week in June). As Skins noted, keep away during high season. The S.Korean girls are indeed stunning. If you are walking back to your place late at night along White Beach, watch out for the ladyboys, my understanding is that they ‘want to talk to you’ in a secluded location on the beach and use the opportunity to steal your wallet. Best place for sun downers IMO is NiggiNiggiNooNoos.
  6. tokyospoiler

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    Thanks for the great location review of Boracay. Brings back fond memories. I first start visiting Boracay around 12 years ago when I was living in Hong Kong and dating pretty Filipina girls that I met in Wanchai. I remember one week several years ago when I was in Boracay with a very pretty girl named Celica who I had met at Cockeyes bar on Lockhart road in Wanchai. Celica had beautiful big tits and a nice ass (looked dynamite in her bikinis) and was a great screw but a little lacking in personality. One night we were out partying at Cocomangas and I met a pretty hooker girl from Manila by the name of Angel. The next day I sent Celica back to Manila and spent the following days on the beach with Angel. During those days Angel's tongue was rarely out of my ass and she swallowed each and every time. I dated her on and off for the next year. The last time that I was at Cocomangas (approx 2 years ago) the place had been taken over by the hordes of Korean tourists. There were still a few hooker girls from Manila but they were shuffled off to the side. There weren't even many of the very short (and not too pretty) local hooker girls. I've always thought that Boracay was a "bring your own babe" kind of place. Relax on the beach and make-out with a pretty, sexy girl - not having to go out hunting every night. But you're a younger braver guy than I am. Beautiful place.
  7. drifter

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    Welcome to the club!

    For me, maybe more travel in Thailand. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Definitely the Philippines.

    Going home? I am home. :):):)
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  8. tad800

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    Great report, I don't think I will be going there as I am a little old for it, I have lost that make out skill needed for the hunt in a youth filled place like that.
    I am going to Angeles soon, am looking for hotels close to the action on fields, but not kokomos, I like to eat there but don't want to stay there. Have been
    looking at Queen and Oasis. Anyway has any one else heard about that HPV virus that has been reported to have started in Africa. We all need to stay
    safe in this day and time.
  9. kreth

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    I heard Boracay was destroyed by the typhoon in December. Anyone corroborate? Google searching confirms Boracay got hit but I don't know about the island now.
  10. Skins

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    Not destroyed they just had major flooding. Worst it's been in a long time. I guess the island is sheltered pretty good but when the water rises the streets can't handle it. Some of white beach looked really trashed. Sand completely washed out with pipes and shit exposed. They lost power and water for a while too.

    But I heard they cleaned it all up within a week so it should be good to go. I'm sure the gov wants to keep that cash machine open over there.
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  11. GuidoSexMachine

    GuidoSexMachine Well-Known Member

    Good blog post. Gotta make it out to Boracay one day. When you say there is a ton of tourists there with young surfer dudes, Koreans, etc., does this also include the grungy backpacker dreadlocked types that you see on Khao San Road in Bangkok? Hope not.
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  12. Skins

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    Surprisingly no, I didn't see many back packers there. Maybe they're priced out of the place? Not that it's super expensive... But it's not Kampot cheap and you can't take a bus there. Plus no drugs of course...

    Chinese and Koreans are everywhere. I've never seen anything like it. You can't even walk down the beach path at certain times. I liked Station 3 which is down on the end of the beach. It's quieter and more laid back. Cheaper accommodation as well. And you can just walk 10 minutes up to Station 2 if you want to go clubbing.
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