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  1. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    Hey SMP'ers

    The is my first time in Cebu, and also my first time in the Philippines. I'm still pretty jet lagged, and except for one experience all is good. I'm staying at Calyx Centre in IT Park in Cebu, which seems pretty upscale for here. The condo is mostly first world quality, and I would definitely stay here again, especially liking the gym and the pool. Now on to the important stuff.

    Area Around IT Park

    There are many attractive call center and service workers girls in this area. The girls here need to smiled at and approached. With the many coffee shops, and restaurants in the area this isn't a problem. If you are looking for a good girl this place has them. I will be trying that out in the coming weeks.

    Mango Street/Fuentes Circle

    This is in a little bit sketchier part of town (thus my one bad experience). I had dinner/drinks at Marshall's Irish Pub and then walked around some. Was approached by several young ladies, one a solid 8 freelancer - really thought about taking her home, but the night was young.

    Ended up meeting a girl on her night off that gave me the spiel about being poor, having a daughter and having to sleep on the floor. We ended up going back to my place, and she only required cab fare home :) On the way back a girl bumped into me, and with the jet lag and a few beers in me I thought nothing of it. When back at the condo I notice I had no phone :mad:. Totally my fault, but it still sucks. I will try a couple of bikini bars my next time there.

    Alaya Mall

    This place is huge, I mean HUGE. If you have day game, spend some time here. As I have read here, and other places if you are looking for a freelancer "The Terraces" on the second level is the place to be. Grab a cup of coffee and a paper, smile at a girl and invite her to join you.

    Lot's of rain over the next 1 1/2 days because of weak typhoon, so I don't think I will be venturing out much. Will take my first trip out of the city this weekend to see what else the Island has to offer.
  2. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    If you go down from fuentes circle past the irish bar there is the all star sports bar which has girls in shorts skirts who you can play pool with pretty chilled little place and nearby on the other side bamboozers and a few other bars.

    If you turned left at that traffic lights before the irish bar and walk down there is a few bars down there also.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Ps the little pizza place michaelangelo? Just past all the bars at mango square infront of the club is pretty good too.
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  3. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice Mike - I went to the Jokers Arm which wasn't bad too.
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  4. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    Anyone in Cebu - if you would like to meetup and share a beer PM me.
  5. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Thanks for the update Kev. Sucks about the phone... I know that feeling. :mad: Glad it's not getting you down. Enjoy your trip and keep us posted. I plan on exploring Cebu in the near future too.
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  6. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Where exactly did you get pickpocketed? That sucks

    I have a mate in Cebu I'll see if he's up for a beer and I might be there in a couple weeks
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  7. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    Walking from Joker's Arm back to General Maxilom. I'll be here until April 9th, let me know!
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  8. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    this is why I hole up in a nice airbnb for the first 48 hours after landing. every. single. time. that i have been robbed has happened during the jetlag phase.
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  9. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    Damn good advice @JohnnyB, I know my guard was definitely down. The second time I have had stuff stolen in 30 years of traveling
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  10. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Happens to everyone at some point. These days I only carry stuff in my front pockets and I guard them at all times when walking down the street. In Angeles I had some teenage kid run up along side me and aggressively try to shove his hand into my pocket. He was quick, but not as quick as me! I blocked his attempt and chased him down the street. Scum bag. Maybe next time I get some tailor made pants I'll have zippers sowed inside the pockets.
  11. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    These are expensive, but I've thought about them for high crime areas before

    And these are the cheaper alternative you might think about:
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  12. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    Dont think you need to go to OTT your not in a warzone haha

    I bought the attached fannypack for my trip to africa because i took a fair amount of cash with me, its very discreet. I also had a money-belt because i was paranoid but it really wasnt needed.

    You just werent paying attention, keep all valubles in front pockets, my tshirts are long so they also cover my pocket making it more difficult for a pickpock. Split up cash and cards in a few different pockets and dont take more than you need for a day out. Also just buy a cheap phone for travelling then it doesnt really matter so much.

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  13. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    I bout a similar bag from pacSafe, I'd still have a phone if I used it. I ordered a cheap phone yesterday, my friends will activate in the U.S. and ship it to me. I'm right in line with your advice on how to stay safe - I was jet lagged, and just not diligent. This was a good reminder!
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  14. kev_head

    kev_head Well-Known Member

    Decided to eat like a local today - $2.88 US and the food was good. A banana and orange for breakfast, fried chicken lunch and beef batchoy tonight. I won't be doing this every day, but it amazes me you can eat for this amount.

    I was thinking about staying unplugged while I was here after my phone conveniently disappeared from my pocket. The hottie in the elevator changed my mind - if you are going to meet these girls a phone is a requirement. I've decided from now on to only carry a cheap phone while I'm out - better off having two phones for privacy anyway.
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