Chinese Tour Bus Crashes Into Ocean

Discussion in 'Travel' started by tc_pattaya, Jun 7, 2017.

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  2. drifter

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  3. mistergrumpus

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    How to feel like a dumbass. Step one: Fail to maintain brakes, drive bus into beach.
  4. Skins

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    Man everywhere I go there are these huge tour buses packed with Chinese. They really add to the traffic and pollution in a lot of these SEA cities.
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  5. tc_pattaya

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    It's gotten better in Pattaya as they limit the buses on 2nd and Beach roads now. They are using the waterfront space, which used to be for boat parking, as a roundabout and parking area for tour buses.

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  6. DonTravolta

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    Still better than splitting them on their own cars and motorbikes
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  7. Skins

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    You would be surprised. The traffic in Vietnam looks crazy but it flows because it's mostly motorbikes. Try taking a taxi across BKK. It can take hours and some taxi drivers will straight up tell you NO because they don't want to deal with it.

    Now more and more Vietnamese are buying cars which is going to totally fuck the streets here. The infrastructure just isn't built for it. And the buses... Fucking hell man they block the street and everyone comes to a full stop while they jockey around a tight turn. Vietnamese honking their horns and trying to squeeze through any little space they can riding on sidewalks and shit. Meanwhile the buses belch diesel smoke into your face while you sit there waiting for them to move. :mad:

    OK rant over.
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  8. DonTravolta

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    Still... a full packed bus is the equivalent of 20 cars or 60+ motorbikes. And i doubt chinks will take a motorbike from suvarnabhumi to pattaya.
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  9. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    My homie ain't lying.

    I therefore think we/they need a "motorbike Uber". No shit. Like, those nice 500cc mega-bikes from Japan maybe.

    Air-conditioned (fluid chilled) seats and handles.

    Sun/rain shade.

    All money done by app. No cash no card no change.


    Because these homies just CAN'T get cars and trucks. WAY too big and slow, and they fuck up the motorbikes around them. Even 4-wheel taxis are bloody ass murder for everyone involved.

    Seriously. Make this comparison in your mind:

    A: 40x luxury moto-taxis
    B: 1x big ass tour bus

    SURE the bus is best inside town? I'm not.

    I guess the "hole" in my scheme is luggage.

    But maybe these moto-taxis could be like 10 feet (3m) long and have a cargo deck in the middle or something. Anything's possible!
  10. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Of course it's appropriate in some cases like taking the highway from the airport to another city. But in 'Nam, all the Chinese travel in huge tour groups. So they all get picked up at their hotel and load up onto the bus. These things completely clog up the tiny streets in the city center. The roads just aren't designed for them. They get shuttled across town where they're dropped off at a seafood restaurant. Then they are brought to a cafe where they descend upon the place like locusts.

    I remember I was at a cafe where they took over. I went to use the toilet and the stall was like a horror scene. SHIT everywhere! Shit on the floor, shit on the outside of the toilet bowl, shit covered toilet paper flung all over the place. I immediately ran out of there. WTF it looked like someone wiped their ass with an M80. :eek: God damned savages.
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