Crypto Currency - Who's into this?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Skins, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Travel Bum Bum

    Travel Bum Bum Well-Known Member

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  2. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    @Chris still holding litecoin? Patience paid off, back over $200 today

    Btc back over 9k, eth back over 900, this could be the beginning of the recovery
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  3. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt Well-Known Member

    Just wait until "LitePay" launches at end of the month, thats a game changer. LitePay will be offered to any merchant and users who have a litecoin wallet can get a litecoin Visa.. The merchant is only charged 1% vs. 3% on typical cards, not only that, the merchant doesnt have to worry about crypto volatility because it exchanges litecoin to local currency in seconds...

    If this launch is successful, I see LTC going up close to 500 in 60 days... Yes, I am biased as I hold a lot of litecoins, but this is the reason why. I truly believed in the vision of Charlie Lee..

    Oh plus the fact that coinbase just launched "Coinbase Commerce". 2018 will be an exciting year for crypto.

    Crossing my fingers...
  4. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    And now 10k a day later

    It took about a day to go from 9k to 10k last time too (november) then that psychological milestone and hype of $10000 saw it go to $19k, then crash, will be interesting to see what happens this time round
  5. tc_pattaya

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  6. Travelt

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  7. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    Jspill, I added to my 20LiteCoin. Now I’m at 21 LiteCoin lol. Just for the fun of staying in the game.
    (Btw. My LiteCoin is less than .5% of my holdings)
    The coming ‘Real’ transfer of wealth will take place in investing in hard assets thats under the ground!

    Ps. Also I’m grinding away in PH doing the hard yards on the ground, I love Filipinas
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  8. tc_pattaya

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  9. drifter

    drifter Possessing a well sized member

    Alright. Time to sell.
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  10. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Visa confirms Coinbase wasn’t at fault for overcharging users -

    Visa takes the blame for glitch -

    Visa and its credit card processor Worldpay issue a joint statement on Coinbase’s blog, “We deeply regret any inconvenience this caused" -
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  11. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile bitcoin ~$12k, if one bought the $6k dip they'd be up ~100% ...
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  12. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    If i had a crystal ball i would pick the winning lottery numbers:rolleyes::cool:
  13. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    South Korea goes from banning / cracking down on it 3 weeks ago, one of the causes of the big crash, to today announcing they're supporting and encouraging it

    Recently Jamie Dimon, formerly bitcoin's biggest critic, also changed his tune
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