Do you ask for discounts?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Mikefox, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    Haggling, bartering, asking for discounts whatever you want to call it, in life, in your home countries or when travelling do you do it?

    Im just curious?

    In most cases if im getting bargirls/buying a car/ clothes/eating at a restaurant/renting a bike/ hotels I will always haggle on the price (if I feel its warrented) and I would say im successful 70-80% of the time.

    If done right with a smile, a little bit of cheek no offence is taken and if you get someone laughing then all the better in successfully getting the discount.

    Today I went to look at a hotel overlooking a river, mid range price, I smiled at lady and asked if I booked direct if it was possible to get maybe a little discount?

    I instantly new we were not going to get along she said yes I can do for you for 1,500 baht (which is no discount at all from the website).

    I politely mentioned this and she said oh no the website is 2,000 blah blah blah. Anyway she went to get her farang husband.

    Hello nice to meet you I say, where are you from? EUROPE. Well I had worked that out for myself you soppy cunt I thought but I smiled, ok.

    I have 3 nationalities he continued (oh mate its not a competition I thought haha) I have lived here,here hong kong etc

    I said no offence meant I was just enquiring with your wife if you could possibly get a discount via booking direct I just arrived in the area.

    This is a 4 star hotel guests normally pay 2,500 baht, you wont find anything in the area like this, my guests want pampering, this is top quality.

    Before I arrived I just thought I would chance my luck, no harm in trying is my thoughts, I was going to book anyway but I didnt like the people. I politely said thanks for your time i will take a look around the area, yes you wont find anything else like this its 4 star he continued to say again!

    I took a picture of the river for free and proceeded to a hotel 5 minutes away and purchased a room for less than half the price, whilst talking and laughing with the sweet thai lady that greeted me.

    You win some you lose some :D

    Ps this saving will keep me in noodle soups for a good 2 weeks or so haha
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  2. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member


    Sounds about right. Looks like they were trying to give you the Fresh Off the Boat tourist price.

    Can't count the number of times I've heard "ask around, everyone charges the same....blah,..blah....."

    Good for you for not taking the bait. It gets rather frustrating when people are always trying to squeeze a little extra out of you for being a foreigner.
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  3. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    To answer the question of the OP. Yes, I often try to haggle the price for things like hotel rooms, goods at the market, tuk-tuk rides, bargirls, etc.,

    If I am shopping at the 7-11, or ordering food or drink off a set menu. I will not haggle the price. Or anywhere else where it is obvious that everyone else is paying the sticker price.

    **I did have a situation last night where I bought a bargirl a drink. She goes to the counter to place the order. Sits back down and continues to drink the same drink she already had and says "Yes, this is my drink". I'm like WTF. I'm not paying for a drink that somebody else bought you. Or the bar gave you. To top it off, she goes and sits at another table after like 5 min. Doesn't even finish her drink.

    So, I told the boss what happened and said I'm not paying for this drink. They didn't even pour her a new one. Then she left and didn't even finish the drink out with me. So the boss agreed and took it off my bill.

    I wouldn't consider this haggling exactly. But just thought I would rant a bit. Moral is. They are always trying to squeeze foreigners for a little extra out here.

    So help yourself out at much as you can! Haggle. Haggle. Haggle. :)
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  4. Sean

    Sean Well-Known Member

    Not discussing price sends a lot of signals, mostly bad. Imagine if you went to a car dealer and said "I'll pay 35k for this". He goes "Deal!" and runs off to collect the paperwork. Instantly you feel like you messed up somewhere.

    That's because pricing is supposed to be a relative compromise. You need to pull a bit so that the mutually agreed price feels like a decent tradeoff for both sides.

    The exception is when prices are mostly firm aka hotels or Soi 6. Then you still can but it's not as bad to just pay either.
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  5. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    I read the heading as meaning "do you haggle over the price of sex". Yeah ok I have sex on the brain

    In the west I see escort sites usually contain words like "do not ask for discounts, it's offensive." In the context of a website with clearly printed pricing, it is offensive

    But in Thailand, and many other places, freelancers don't have fixed prices. You absolutely should negotiate.

    Here's something the younger players might not know. When you first chat to a freelancer (this includes online chat) she will ask what hotel you're staying at. Want to know why? It's because she charges different prices according to hotel rating. So 5* should pay 5000, 3* pays 2500 (not exact numbers). It's not unethical - she's trying to maximise the $ return for her time. That means you need to maximise the time return for your $. It's just good sense.

    How do I do it? If a gorgeous freelancer asks for 3000 I'll reply "you're clearly worth much more than 3,000. Unfortunately I'm at the end of my trip and my remaining budget is 1,500. Can you meet for that price? I'm looking for [be clear what you want poke 2 hours, sex with condom and BBBJ].

    I find 50% at least will say yes because why leave cash on the table. 30% will counter offer. 20% will be rude

    I do this in Russia too via Google translate. Works fine.

    So hell yes to haggling

    I'll tell you something else, negotiating for sex will make you a much better entrepreneur. It's not like any other negotiation. Because at the end of the negotiation you have to fuck each other. You may be able to screw her down to 500 baht but how's the sex going to be? It's not the same as negotiating for some wood carving in the market. You might be great at twisting an extra 100 baht off that Beer Chang tshirt but you never need to see them once you've agreed. Not so with sex.

    Negotiating for sex is a fantastic way to learn about business because you're literally about to be in bed together. And that's what successful business is all about. I negotiate with my employees, suppliers and clients as politely, respectfully and firmly as I haggle with a gorgeous but expensive whore. Try it and be amazed at how your business grows!

    PS in hotels I ask for upgrades more than discounts. Ask if they have a better room / view or can comp breakfast. In nicer hotels ask for executive lounge access. Give the receptionist $20 and smile
  6. retired&drifting

    retired&drifting Well-Known Member

    Negotiation process starts before the actual negotiating, because you need to have some idea of market price and a plan for what to do if you can't get a good price. If you have no alternatives (walking away is not always an alternative), you may have to pay whatever is demanded, up to however much is in your wallet and your credit card limit plus the shirt off your back. If you have no idea as to market prices, you'll either overpay or make a fool of yourself and fail to cut a deal by trying to underpay too much. So prepare in advance.

    When it comes to negotiating about sex prices, I agree with James.Master that you have to think long-term and win-win. I like to put myself in a position where I can afford to make an initial offer that is attractive enough that it will probably not be refused. That is, I do my mongering in places (eastern Europe) where I am rich by local standards, and I deal directly with the girl rather than going through an agency with 50% fee, and I avoid places where girls jack up their prices for rich Arabs, and I make it clear I'll be a repeat customer if things work out. I really don't like counteroffers for sex negotiations, assuming I'm offering a good price by local standards, unless the counteroffer has to do with scheduling (she'll accept the price I offer but only weekdays, for example).
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  7. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Had a friend refer to that concept “$20 millionaire “. It works in all types of situations.
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  8. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    It's a Tim Ferris thing
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  9. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    This guy was in his 60s and I’m fairly sure never read 4-hour anything, but it’s a solid proven concept.

    I enjoyed the 4-hour cookbook the most.
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  10. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    4H Chef :cool:
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  11. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Ha. Yes. Enjoyed reading his books, but not a disciple.
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