Duterte Declares Martial Law in Mindinao

Discussion in 'Travel' started by tc_pattaya, May 24, 2017.

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    If it's to contain these radicals from spreading into Visayas and Luzon, then good. It is the military force to decide during the war anyway.
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    Duterte was quoted saying that it could be applied to the whole country if it spreads.

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    Yeah but it would be the justice panel to decide whether they would give the armed force and Duterte a permission for PH martial law, it could be revoked anytime. Tbf, No citizens are allowed to get out of the city to make sure these terrorists are contained. I still doubt the whole country would be in martial law anytime soon.

    One was during the 70's, 9 years under martial law, same scenario; insurgency and it didnt end up well for the citizens and PH president, last one was 2009 in Mindanao against abu sayyaf group and now they are back, seems like even the martial law isn't the solution.

    On a side note.

    The war zone is in Marawi, border of CDO with 1M population, 2 doctors 1 govt. nurse, its the poorest city in PH where 7/10 are poor. WTH is going on? From PHP 250M intellegence fund of the former president, the terrorism wasn't that rampant compare to DU's 1.25 billion fund, war broke out and they didn't see it coming. Knowing that he also said abu sayyafs aren't criminals, I just hope its not to justify his martial law lust that has been going on for months now, He backflips all the freakin time with regards to martial law. :rolleyes:

    Oh well when there are vile muslims and pols with evil plan, there's war. What's new? :D
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    Leave Mabalacat where @Mia The Devil lives, AC, Subic and Manila alone!
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    Calling all abuniggers to please take @brockstar with you and feed him Balut all day!

    I would be more than happy to send them Balut funds for you! :p

    Nah I live where fine jewelries are made that's not in Mabalacat you ass! Even if I do live in Pampanga, it would be a safe place if ever there is an abuniggers invasion, because of accessible military base. I am more worried in Manila, it has been bombed twice few weeks ago.
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    But you can rape women. o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O


    Exactly why he got it! :rolleyes:

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    Kek, the spoke person and apologist of the Palace is at it again. :rolleyes:

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    Tired of these animals. Seems like every week there's some major terrorist attack somewhere in the world.
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    Along many axes, The Punisher Duterte is actually the unrecognized leader of the free world right now.

    The Euro's -- those with kids anyway -- aren't looking to Mamma Merkel for what to do. They're looking to Duterte.

    "Duterte doesn’t care about your feelings, he doesn’t care about people dying, he doesn’t care about haji bitches getting raped, he doesn’t care about your faggot Constitution.

    He cares about one thing and one thing only: destroying his enemies to protect the people."

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    Duterte isn't a free world leader, this man who wrote this article doesn't even know that PH psychopath president is following the same pattern of 70's martial law- where the commies, friends and cops are abusing the constitution. Martial law is suppose to control the terrorism threat, but using it to justify how tough he is, that it has to happen because he wants too are the reason why most people are against it.

    The citizens have suffered so much during the made up threat in 70's, they were arrested, wealth has been seized, citizens were considered as insurgents when they dare to speak up against the arthrocities, innocents or not were raped and tortured regardless of their gender.

    He is also a puppet of former dictator's family who stole billions for failed project, left the country in dire need of help and debts that me even the future citizens of PH will pay until our old age. Why I'm saying this? Because the dictator I've mentioned above was the same person who put the whole country in martial law, and they funded his electoral campaign. Go figure! :cool:

    God, another westerner who dipped his finger in a third world problem with little to no clue at all of what is really happening. :rolleyes:

    Now if Duterte is really a super hero and he cares for the people, without vested interest, here are the things he wants to do. No solid economic plan aside from loans, more taxations even the rent; goodluck to all of you guys who is a fan of airbnb and apartment rental welcome to duterte's 12% rent vat once they passed it, which is already overpriced for a third world country, now excise tax for petrol goods because they are looking for revenue. How would they survive the country without economic plans? Of course tax and more tax. :)

    Now I will invite that idiot guy who wrote the article to take Duterte away from the Philippines and make him their leader. I'll see how they would deal with him, but of course they can't just do that! PH is stuck with the psychopath for 5 more years. :rolleyes:
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    Ohh and I forgot.....


    And also! Whoever would live in Cebu these coming years. Prepare for marawi's refugees peaceful way of living. Happened in Europe why not in PH right? :D

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