Duterte Declares Martial Law in Mindinao

Discussion in 'Travel' started by tc_pattaya, May 24, 2017.

  1. billy fever

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    Haha yeah I've heard you enjoy the BBC!

    I could write a big essay but don't really have the time. Nor do I really wish to get into an argument about it. Your opinion is valid and I'll read all the links you posted. It's good to keep an open mind and realise that there's propaganda and mis-info everywhere these days, especially from Universities or mainstream media. People need to be careful about who's actually forming their opinions... because if it's CNN then there's serious problems.

    I'll admit I'm no expert on the subject. The opinion I have comes from asking friends and relatives of my GF (both Duterte supporters and haters) who live in CDO and Ozamiz what's happening, then reading a whole heap of shit on the net. And so far that's about the most likely explanation of the current situation I can find... basically ISIS funded by western interests and Abu Sayyaf and Maute who were once just kidnap for ransom bandits, thrown a few bones to be their shit-kickers.

    I'm definitely no Duterte apologist but will say I was there just before the election and the guy has a massive following. Even the Filipino community here in Australia seem to enjoy him. So he must be doing something right? You can't dismiss that many people as brainwashed uniformed retards.
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  2. billy fever

    billy fever Well-Known Member

    Yeah man, I don't mind having a conversation with you about it but I'm no expert on the subject. I just read a bunch of crud on the net about it coz I'm over there quite a bit.

    How does inbox work in this forum? Is it just like sending an email?
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    I wasn't pertaining to you lol, didnt I say that person who posted? You copy pasted it of course but you weren't the original poster.

    You just called me bias, now you'd like to keep an open mind? Go for it, I posted news that would support everything I just said. My facts came from my navy mates whom I graduated with this March and are about to get deployed in that fucked up war zone made up by filipino dumb people's idol. That comment you pasted here is full of rubbish that blames the US whenever they think Duterte is about to get dethroned, while clearly there is an internal matter.

    Sure he made lots of fans during the election, from where? Yeah trying to be cool, but he is a real faggot. Whites should adopt him btw.
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    Exactly like an email.
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    You clearly hate that guy and definitely wouldn't concede you point of view ever no matter what facts were presented to you or by whom. Fair enough. That's your thing man. I'm not going to argue.
    Oh yeah by the way, military, navy etc... renowned for being the biggest indoctrination beatdown on the planet outside of the church. Kinda has to be if you want to encourage people to go catch bullets in a paddock in a far away land.
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    Wait, comment posted on fb by whom? Wasnt that a hearsay and conspiracy that most likely could get debunked once proven its BS? On early days ive said here that its love and hate for him. There's nothing wrong to provide facts even it sounds like criticising him.

    Armed force who would be more than happy to defend its country, NOT The president. Don't generalize the army like what white armed forces are. PH has a problem that doesn't need to get meddling with by the west.

    P.S. No I never tried BBC, that swiss is a cunt. No problem with this argument by the way.
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    Over 300 dead and he's "fatigued"?! o_O

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    I love when Mia gets all fired up! Can we have a Duterte thread every week? :)
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    Yes, last time I check 257 terrorists 62 AFP have been killed and hundred thousands of evacuees. He's gone for days, some people think he was sick and worst they made an rip DU meme. :eek:

    Yeah, and these news too.


  11. Mia The Devil

    Mia The Devil Well Known Member

    We're fired up everyday in PH. o_O
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  14. Mia The Devil

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    Oh Rody! I didnt know I can find you here?!:D PH needs you.

    Are you having your.


    Because you are

    You should have used the last pic for your profile. It fits. :p
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  15. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

  16. Bitch I have been in the jungles of Mindanao killing ISIS fighters with my bare fucking hands! :mad: I deserve a week of relaxation.
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    Welcome to the forum Mr. President. Honored to have you on board.
  18. Mia The Devil

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    Says who?:rolleyes:

    Delusional people would only believe a thing that tickles their fancy. :p

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  19. Mia The Devil

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    LMAO Have you been taking Fentanyl again? :D

    Maute Islamic State fighters not ISIS yet. Marawi isn't a jungle. Also the highest armed force are Scout rangers and they are jungle fighters, but are you one of them? :rolleyes: Seems like we got a fake president over here. :p
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