Expat Life in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Dec 26, 2017.

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  2. LadLife

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    Interesting. I'm considering spending some time there. At least 3 months in 2018 to give it a good go
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  3. JohnnyB

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    1) according to my count, you are planning to transition from sex 3-4 times a day to marriage.
    1b) you should hire @James.Master to negotiate an arrangement with your new bride
    1c) I’m happy to provide contact details for some great divorce attorneys.
    2) why does everyone hate on backpackers so much? I enjoy slumming with them on occasion and letting their optimism rub off on me. Plus, when you find the cute girls they are even more excited than the locals when they find out you aren’t staying at the hostel and have a pool at your condo.
  4. JohnnyB

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    @wanderluster said it:

    wanderlusterCurry Bling Bling
    "What do you like more" my wife asked "Christmas or sex?"
    "Christmas, of course!" I replied
    "Why's that?"
    "Because that happens more often!"
  5. Mikefox

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    Good luck with the proposal mate and hope all goes well for you
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  6. wanderluster

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    Nobody gives me good-luck message. Except @brockstar
  7. Skins

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    Not hating really. I just cringe seeing a group of 20 year olds getting shit faced on Saigon beers while wearing Viet lady pajamas and conical hats and laughing like it's funny when there's other retards doing that shit every other night. And they get all sloppy fall down piss pants drunk and shit. Just not my scene. I steer clear.
  8. JohnnyB

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    I get that view, but I would still occasionally slum while living in US tourist towns. Typical conversation with bartenders:

    “Hi, where ya from.”
    “Here, I live in xyz neighborhood “
    “Then what are you doing here [in tourist trap neighborhood] “
    “I was bored”
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  9. Skins

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    Are you getting married?
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  10. wanderluster

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    Nah. Was just kidding.
  11. uatgbr

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    i've spent quite a bit of time in saigon over the last ten years. i haven't tried the online style of meeting the ladies but never seem to have a problem just hanging around dong khoi in district one. i always stay at the camelia on dong du (used to be an A&EM property but renovated and renamed awhile back). never had a problem bringing girls to the room. it is about 50usd/nt. if i need addtl facilities for a day, i just get a day pass for the caravelle gym/pool area. it is right around the corner. last year, a day pass was 500,000vnd.

    hai ba trung used to have 5+ bars with ladies available but they've slowly closed those down. last year in january there was still one open but it was a shell of its former self. the moto taxi guys have been pretty kind to me in terms of finding ladies. i'll often sit at the lion brewery, next door to the caravelle, and have the guy deliver the girl. then i go back to my hotel. sometimes the girl is not up to my standards and i have to decline. i've also had street touts direct me to brothels right around the corner from my hotel. but those seem to change locations so can't count on the same one being open on your next trip. i've never been to the bui vien area.

    TET is a great time to visit saigon as the decorations really light up the city. really an amazing difference. i tend to schedule all my trips during that time.
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  12. Robert kraut

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    Yo, great write up and very well written. The only advise I have for you is don't get married. You are having such a great time, why ruin it?
  13. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    TET is also the time of year where many people leave the city and go back to their hometowns. Including many working girls. True, the decorations do look nice and there is far less traffic. But it wouldn't be the best time of year to come for guys looking to line up dates or hit the girly bars real hard.

    A better time to visit would be the month or two leading up to TET. There are extra girls working the bars trying to earn money for the Holiday.

    If you like more peace and quiet. Visit during TET.

    If you are looking for action and excitement. Visit any other time.
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  14. Cinnic

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    Backpackers what are they? "sarc" I never see them in my neck of the woods ( South East Brazil.) just cute Argentinian Women as most of tourism is local here.
    Excellent summery for
  15. Cinnic

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    Thanks a Million Ryan your data sheeet was an excellent summery navigating the "night life" of Ho Chi Minh City but in one post Skins mentions that he wouldn't recommend Vietnam for most shorter trips and that Thailand is the better choice for "night life" what's your view on this?
  16. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    For all out partying, I would recommend Thailand also.
  17. Hulk

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    Good report. Whats your recommendation for the two week warrior vacation that wants good girls? I struggle with this one alot. Im guessing tell the ladies youre on business?
  18. pothos

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    Thanks a lot for the post. I'll be arriving in Saigon in mid-January for a three month stay. Can't wait to check out some of these spots firsthand.
  19. Papapaul

    Papapaul Member

    Yes a great report from Ryan, although I too was surprised that with all that opportunity, he's still getting married? He mentioned a few of the high end mainly rooftop bars such as Saigon, Saigon, but there are many less expensive bars in District 1, especially around Phatty's which is the most popular Sports bar. At these places you buy them a few lady drinks at about 120k each and strike up a conversation over a few hours and arrange for them to come straight to your hotel room or apartment when they finish for the night! Having a local hotel room or apartment not too far away, especially with a good pool gets them interested. This has happened to me maybe half a dozen times and I've never had to pay anything other than compensating the girls for their taxi fare. I even once had two sisters working the same bar come to my place just off D1 at 4am in the morning and when they went back to work at 5pm next day, everyone was happy! I'm an older guy who has lived in HCM for a little over two years, so here are a few extra current tips maybe that will also add to Ryan's (and Skins) enthusiasm for the place!

    Bui Vien in the Pham Ngu Lao district is what it is, a cheaper place than D1 generally full of backpackers, but similar to any Walking Street with tourists and hopeful guys providing the custom. Generally cheap booze and food and plenty of bars and massage places where extras are easily negotiated. I've never found the need for finding a brothel as the end result is the same, but without some of the fun of the chase, but I'm sure they are there, although I believe they are generally frowned upon by the authorities. When I had a week or so between moving apartments, I stayed in a small hotel with pool just off Bui Vien and it was difficult going far without many propositions, even during the day! Generally 250k dong for a massage will result in a happy ending for a further 500k direct to the girl or 1 million for the whole 'boom boom' as they call it for at least an hour! I found the latter is better value and far more interesting with a nice 20 something to play with!

    Another alternative are the Hot Toc's which can be just hairdressers, both or simply plain blow job places as described by Ryan. Benny's at 110, Dien Bien Phu, in the Binh Thanh area between D1 and D2 is one of the last and best known. It costs about 400k for the blow job and maybe another 100k for a tip. I read about it on SMP a while back and decided to try it. No hairdresser in sight, but a pretty receptionist who took me to a cubicle upstairs, cleaned my privates, took off her bra and panties for me to explore and started a pretty good blow job. But after 10 minutes or so she wanted to know if I would prefer another girl as obviously I was not responding as quickly as she would like! I took the climax control off and came as required, but thought it was not such good value as the full hour long 'Boom boom! There are of course other Hot Tocs nearer to the action in D1 , but I have not tried them!

    The other good recommendation of course is getting set up through Vietnam Cupid prior to arrival which should produce the desired result on the second or third date, but WeChat or Zalo has dozens of willing beauties available on line almost at any time of the day. Even being an older guy (late 50's) doesn't seem to phase them as a Euro, Aussie, Yank, New Zealander, Canadian, etc white or black guy is generally the most desired here by the ladies! The little comments and photo poses usually give away the ones who are looking for some 'action' and asking 'how much' usually produces a positive response. On average they will ask for one million plus ($45-50) for one hour massage and sex or 1.5 million for two hours or more and will willingly come to your hotel or apartment. Even a Nuru massage and some really interesting sex is only about 2 million dong or just $90. Not very expensive when you consider the asking price in Wanchai HK is around $200 plus! Most of the hotels show a blind eye to taking a girl up to your hotel room, but saying that you have a Vn girlfriend who may call around when you check in usually solves that problem. I have only been stopped once in a 5 star place near to the airport and a word with the Manager to say she was my fiancé was sufficient to satisfy the local morality police!

    Once you spend some time in Saigon, you soon get used to the local customs with the authorities. Yes it's a Communist country, but equally capitalism is acceptable, especially for the tourist dollar! I'm told that bribes are paid, but have no evidence to that effect although I was once standing in a well known bar off Nguyen Hue when there was a Police raid because the girls had changed from their usual sexy outfits to wearing grass skirts and coconut shells over their boobs, which apparently offended some of the the locals! The girls were all shipped off to the Police station and the Manager paid a fine of just 200k dong each and then the Police bought all the girls back within the hour!

    Taxi's are no longer the problem they used to be because although the metered taxi drivers will sometimes try it on and pretend not to know where to go or take you around the houses if you seem to be a bit drunk and not paying attention, I just use the Uber App and get a fixed price which is normally about half the metered fares and then just sit back until they get you there! You might have to wait roadside for a few minutes, but living it Vietnam is much better if you're in no particular rush! Ok enough for now, no doubt there will be more to say later! Thanks fellas!
  20. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    That’s a tough one because the good girls wherever you go want a comittment and unless they’re really stupid they’ll figure out what you’re up to.
    Of course it all depends on your definition of a “good girl .” If you can find one that has a little bit of horny slut in them you might be in business.
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