Gift For Vietnamese Girl?

Discussion in 'Women' started by kreth, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. kreth

    kreth Well-Known Member

    I want to buy a gift in the USA for a Vietnamese girl. The requirements are
    • cost less than $30;
    • easily acquired in the USA but difficult in VN; and
    • girls automatically like it.
  2. RyanMK

    RyanMK Well-Known Member

    There are 2 things that Viet girls would automatically like: an iPhone X or a big white dick haha. The former is too expensive and could be purchased easily in Vietnam. The latter is easy to obtain here (coz you already have it, I suppose) but more difficult to find in Vietnam lol; and best of all, it's free ;);)

    Now time to get serious. The answer to your question is it really depends. Any further information on the girl you wanna give the gift to would be useful. A $30 gift might not be the best for a young hot chick, but for someone older and less hot, that might just do. As far as I know, clothing items are not the best gifts to give Viet girls since they prefer to pick the items themselves. Handmade gifts are not easy to find in the US and sometimes crazily expensive. A nice bracelet might be a good option here.
  3. kreth

    kreth Well-Known Member

    Thanks @RyanMK. This is a gift for someone I am meeting for the first time so I don't want to spend a significant amount of money nor do I know much about her. There is a language barrier. :) Jewelry is easily obtained in Vietnam. I am considering high quality chocolate but I don't know for sure if it's rare in VN.
  4. lucalbert

    lucalbert Well-Known Member

    Buy her a t-shirt from you local sports team....I brought a bunch (3-4) Ottawa Senators t-shirts and gave them to girls I met in Thailand. I still get photos of 2 of them posing in them every once in a while. They were fitted female shirts so they fit snugly on them and they seemed genuinely appreciative.

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  5. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    Girls seem to like New York Yankees baseball caps or probably anything that says New York on it.
  6. MaiTaiTime

    MaiTaiTime Active Member

    Consider earrings or bracelet made of Marcasite. Its usually made in a filigree fashion and tends to give the appearance of something more expensive and detailed but its in your price range. It looks nice, matches most everything and its not the commitment of gold or platinum.
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  7. Blackfyre

    Blackfyre Well-Known Member

    $30 is pretty limited. I’d go with some gourmet chocolate.
  8. kreth

    kreth Well-Known Member

    I agree $30 is limited but I never met her. Everything about her seems legit but I never know when her aunt will need an operation. If she was an actual gf it would be a different story. I'd hate to buy her something expensive only for her to pawn it and never see her again.
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  9. Blackfyre

    Blackfyre Well-Known Member

    I know her parents would love that eagle brand green medicated oil. They go wild for those.

    For her I’d go with chocolate or small bottle of perfume.
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  10. FreddyCrabs

    FreddyCrabs Well-Known Member

    From what you are saying, I would advise giving her nothing. Spend the $30 on a date or a nicer hotel room.

    The best gift you can give these girls, is the chance to take photos that will impress their social media following.
  11. BL010181

    BL010181 Well-Known Member

    Small bottle of perfume. Tell them you bought it overseas.
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  12. Steveinca

    Steveinca Active Member

    That's funny! I did just that recently. I bought those for Viet girl's mom and it's pretty cheap.
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  13. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    Anything. lol. If she's a standard Vietnamese girl she'll take a selfie or photo of it and slam it on fb and be happy as fuck
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  14. kreth

    kreth Well-Known Member

    Alas I'm allergic to perfume. It makes me gag. Have to tell my honeys not to wear it.
  15. Travel Bum Bum

    Travel Bum Bum Well-Known Member

    Instead of her putting perfume behind her ears.. Tell her she looks better with her ankles behind her ears !!
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  16. lucky3333

    lucky3333 New Member

    Pandora, bitches love that shit. Might be over $30 though.
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  17. hohoho

    hohoho Well-Known Member

    Watches are good. Girls like to have a variety, it makes them seem and feel well to do. Sports watches are also on the list. I know a girl who has about 8 or 10 watches, but she always wants more from the U.S., and they do not have to cost THAT MUCH. They can seem quite large to you on that small arm, but the girls seem to think it is natural. Target has the right kind of stuff. Another great thing about watches, you can buy several, then see how things go and use them as gifts as you find new girls and have some urgent need (birthday, especially). Chocolate melts, I would stay away from it, it is a handling problem.
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  18. Trouble

    Trouble Well-Known Member

    1/2 lb sees candy. Easy and classy
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  19. lucalbert

    lucalbert Well-Known Member

    She is probably not 'legit'....sorry to say this, but she may have several 'kreths' out there in virtual dating universe. They tend to get several boyfriends online as it raises their chances of receiving gifts or visits from 'rich' Westerners to take care of them and to supply them with what they want. We, as the Westerner are often looking for a young, beautiful Asian girl to help us feel good in some form or another. We all have our wants and needs and we all go about getting them in the best/easiest way we can. I had met several girls online before going to SEA and I had made an itinerary of my trip to meet as many of them as I could. They were all great, but the only one I had considered gf material, was a girl I met while there and not online.
    ****And if she has told you her aunt may need an operation....that is just an excuse to hit you up for several hundred dollars when the time is right. (be aware of this....and don't take it personally)
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  20. Anne

    Anne Member

    Cosmetics (skin care, body lotion, hand cream, lipstick, perfume...).
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