How does your pussyhunting change for high season?

Discussion in 'Women' started by Sean, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Sean

    Sean Well-Known Member

    Another high season incoming which means 7 months of wishing it were May again. I exaggerate slightly, Pattaya is still decent except for mid November to mid Janurary where the girls get noticeably more bitchy and prices rise a bit as well.

    There's this one week between Christmas and New Years where the girls turn into royalty, just horrible. I just tune into Pornhub that week.

    I notice the club ratios go from about 1:1 to 3 males for every 2 women, sometimes as high as 2:1! I hate going to an end of day spot not even knowing if I'm going to pull a hooker or not, just crazy.

    So in the past I've avoid the clubs and stuck with ST during high season. Not sure if I'll do the same this year as well, I'm thinking of being ultra aggresive now to grab some numbers and just take more repeats until things quiet down a bit.

    How about you guys? Do you do anything different during high season or is it all the same to you?
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  2. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    Last year I noticed a significant change in BKK at around the last week of March, the bars were emptier and the girls were friendlier and easier available all of a sudden. I guess April must be either a "shoulder" month or already low season.

    It should also make a difference when gaming, in the end the girls are there all season but the guys get less.

    Interestingly LOS, PI and Cambo have the same high season, but Indo is reverse with low season starting around October to April/May and high season starting June/July ( you should avoid Ramadan though). This is also relevant for hotels, since they change their rates significantly according to occupation, especially in Bali. The reverse low season must be related to rainy/dry season as many tourists go to the beaches!
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  3. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    Good to know because I was going to Indonesia in January or February.
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  4. brockstar

    brockstar Legendary Member

    Hmmmm.....good question! High season is just after X-mas till mid-February, I don't think it changes for me all that much because I'm more of a ST guy to begin with. I think the pickier you are, the more likely you are to come across diva-like attitudes. On the bright is that there are more women and typically hotter ones in all the p4p hotspots during peak season.
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  5. tc_pattaya

    tc_pattaya Legendary Member

    I did Xmas to NYE once in Pattaya. It was fun to see, but the crowds and pricing were insane. Many bars double their bar fines on key nights! So now I avoid the peak seasons. Attitudes are much improved even a few weeks after the holidays.
  6. Ramblin' Man

    Ramblin' Man Well-Known Member

    To broaden the discussion, what about travel/living expenses in general? I know hotel prices go up in high season, how about apartments? I'd like to do more dating and less mongering, so p4p prices and attitudes aren't as much of a concern.

    I'm leaving Thailand at the end of October. I'd prefer to come back to Thailand and I'd be willing to hunker down somewhere less affected by tourism. I wonder if it'd be better to go to a slower country for the 3 months, but it seems Phils and Cambodia won't be slow. Maybe I'm overthinking it (I have anxiety), but I'd like to be smart about high prices and crowds.
  7. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    I never noticed a change in the girls attitude during high season. Maybe because I'm a hansum maaaaan. :D But I do enjoy the cheaper hotels and fewer tourists around during low season. Sihanoukville was pretty quiet during rainy season but there's still fun to be had. Vung Tau is retarded on the weekends when all the Saigonese pour into the city and hotel prices triple. That's right. A $10 hotel is suddenly $30 on the weekend. :rolleyes: Best to be avoided. Unless you enjoy hanging around crowds of noisy people tossing their trash all over the beach.
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  8. Sean

    Sean Well-Known Member

    I have only ever lived in Pattaya as an expat but a friend tells me he negotiated 18k for a place that was normally 15k. Actually he was a mid-termer so maybe that's why he got it. Said the owner wanted a price in the 20s though.

    If apartment owners are planning a price hike expect it to come in high season. The more AirBnB suited the apartment / condo is, (meaning it has tourist appeal) the more you'll deal with variable pricing for the regular units as well.
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  9. dangnomad

    dangnomad Well-Known Member

  10. Fiver Fever Fewer

    Fiver Fever Fewer Well-Known Member

    It's pretty uniform across Southeast Asia. Usually you are looking at $30 for ST (1000 THB, 1500 PHP, 400,000 IDR, 700,000 VND).

    That's the bare minimum. Only bottom of the barrel women will settle for less (think metheads, 40 y.o. single mothers, etc.).

    Of course, you can easily pay double or triple that. This usually happens when either the woman or the venue looks really good. :)

    Doesn't include barfines, drinks, rooms and other ancilliary expenses.

    Vietnam is a bit of an oddity as most women won't settle for less than 1 million ($45 I believe).

    So there you have it, Vietnam has the worst value for money! (Also considering you never get the GFE). The others are all pretty much the same.
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  11. Sean

    Sean Well-Known Member

    I thought 1,500 PHP was the LT freelance rate in Angeles. Cambodia I also thought ST was maybe 20% less than Thailand
  12. Fiver Fever Fewer

    Fiver Fever Fewer Well-Known Member

    Those are rough estimates. It's not science XD

    1,500 ST is pretty standard in Manila.

    In Cambodia, these days very few girls will accept less than 30. But still possible in some places.

    I literally just converted from USD to local currency with the XE app, and those are the results... Close enough to reality as you can see. Most hover around $30, give or take.

    For LT, I usually add 50% (~$45).
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  13. Fiver Fever Fewer

    Fiver Fever Fewer Well-Known Member

    Of course it's impossibile to generalize as there is so much variance.

    There are dirty shacks in Cambodia where you can fuck for $10. In the same country you have freelancers who want $100-200.

    However for the kind of places that most of us frequent (Soi 6 and Insomnia in Pattaya, Soi Nana in Bkk, the hostess bars in PP, Classic and Travel hotel in Jakarta, etc.) it always ends up being around $30 ST.

    Plus barfines, room fees and whatnot (those are tipically $10-20 in my experience).

    In short... if you have $50 in your pocket you can score in any city in SEA.

    Make that $100 and you can throw in several drinks, a short-time hotel, a tip to the girl and a taxi ride! And you'll still have some pocket change left.

    For the high-end places (Bangkok go go bars, Malioboro and Alexis in Jakarta, Asian clubs in PP, etc.) you want minimum $200 to be comfortable... But most people don't go there daily, not even weekly. And if you do, I'd imagine you are not really counting how much you spend.

    East Asia (Macau, Japan, etc.) is of course much more expensive, but I haven't been there yet.
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  14. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    I was just in AC and most of the girls were asking 1500 ST and some of the hotter ones 2000 or more depending on if they were FL or working in a bar.
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  15. Fiver Fever Fewer

    Fiver Fever Fewer Well-Known Member

    Ha! That confirms my $30 theory. :D
  16. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

  17. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Whatever happened to him? Are you guys in touch? Should I send him a dozen roses or something? Weird he left over that one silly argument.
  18. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Nah. I'm not in touch with him at all. Yeah silly argument it was.
  19. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    Too bad. I always enjoyed his posts.
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  20. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    I think @bobdobbs had a good vision about where this place is supposed to go, the niche of this forum is clearly male locker room. He also put a lot of work in this forum, having enough time at his hand as an early retiree.
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