"I Know You From The Website." Dating Adventures in Saigon

Discussion in 'Women' started by Skins, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    You won man. AGAIN.
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  2. Manitoba

    Manitoba Well-Known Member

  3. Manitoba

    Manitoba Well-Known Member

    Some funny shit here for sure. LoL
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  4. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    I really don't consider the other thing 'winning'. Just hanging out, having fun. Not looking to stop anyone else doing anything they want subsequently.
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  5. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Just having a friendly dinner you say?
  6. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Oh no. I always knew how that was going down, after all I'm a complete hound. Still the other thing I said above applies.
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  7. Mia The Devil

    Mia The Devil Well Known Member

    Friendly dinner with rapey thoughts. :rolleyes: Someone fell into that trap? o_O
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  8. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Dude I guess I'm jealous at some level, but man this is getting dystopian. What on earth will become of her? Bhuddist nun at the very best.
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  9. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    this reminds me of a Yamaha promo girl I met in da nang via the amazing services of Vc

    meet for coffee 10 minutes later she says why are we drinking coffee let's go to your home and drink beer , lmr followed by a steamy session that night and next morning

    Later that day I got a text saying do you respect me ? I think you just want sex .

    Very strange lol
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  10. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    OK here's an update on this broad.

    I unblocked her and we started chatting again. She gave me the run around and flaked on me the other night. We talked for literally four hours and then she said she didn't want to go outside because "it's cold out and she doesn't want to get sick." :confused::confused::confused: I wanted to slap her face but I stayed calm.

    Next time I try to meet her and she says "OK we can meet but not at your home. NO SEX!"

    I'm like WTF bitch I just invited you for coffee chill out... Grrrr I just wanted to cuss her out and block her but I kept cool. We didn't hang out that night.

    Next morning I text her and say Hello how are you. She says "Not good. I have a problem." I thought to myself oh for fucks sake how much money is she going to ask me for... :rolleyes:

    She says "I have not had sex in many days and I feel hot. I need sex. Can you help?" :eek:

    I say "yeah sure I can do that." :D

    She says "Pick me up at my house and hurry up. I feel so hot now. I need you to make love to my pussy slowly for a long time ok." :D

    Well I picked her up and brought her to my house. She was freshly showered with wet hair smelling good. Gave her a thorough pussy licking and a good long fucking before blasting inside her. Then I brought her home.

    Never know with these broads haha. One minute she wants to be respected. The next minute she's asking me for sex haha. :confused::confused::confused: I can't read these broads.
  11. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the comment. Don't worry. I have plenty of fun. :)

    Would you mind introducing yourself in this thread? Are you an Asian broad or what? Happy to have you on board. :D
  12. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    You lucky bastard.
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  13. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Did you hand over the 200k dongs?
  14. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Nope this one is a freebie. :)
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  15. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Maybe thats a mistake. If you don't offer the smaller amounts they are too shy to say anything untill they suddenly demand 3m or a new phone.

    Maybe there is merit in getting in their early with a nice low amount as a little treat.
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  16. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Well it's 2017 and I'm done giving a shit about what these broads want. If any girl gives me the slightest inconvenience I kick her to the curb. I'm a money getting, pussy smashing, ruthless mother fucker this year. If I meet a good girl worth my time then so be it. If not, I'm going to be drilling whores by the bus load. BRING IT ON.
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  17. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

  18. tc_pattaya

    tc_pattaya Legendary Member

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  19. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    I'm grabbing 2017 by the pussy. :mad::mad::mad::cool::cool::cool:
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  20. Sims

    Sims Member

    haha, the ending . I've done the same .. too so many of those broken chicks.
    Hey, at least you still got it in!
    What amazes me is how right now, some other dude is doing the same to her :rolleyes:
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