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"I Know You From The Website." Dating Adventures in Saigon

Discussion in 'Women' started by Skins, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    I think she abbreviated "something "
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  2. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

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  3. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    I get that. But......

    Is it at all possible you are getting consumed by the VN way of looking at things? For example, how different is what your saying from some VN chick saying "I'm done giving a shit about what these guys want. If any guy does not buy me a smart phone I kick him to the curb."

    Not having a dig man, just wondering if being immersed in VN is having an effect.
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  4. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    This is a very valid point. But..........the POV is different. Here one has multiple options at one's disposal while this happens, does the other one have the same?
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  5. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Hot girls always have options.

    But yeah sure, a hot girl in VN with a penchant for big white dick certainly has far fewer options than a western broad.
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  6. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

    I get your point, but I don't think VN girls think that way. They would think, "I want a new iPhone and this foreigner should buy it for me. Because since he's a foreigner, he's rich." That tends to be the extent of their logic. It's maddening trying to negotiate with them. They're basically children and once they take a position, it's intractable. All you can do is blow them off.
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  7. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    That's an interesting observation. I've often wondered why they don't agree to @Skins 200k a pop offer which is obviously better than 0. But perhaps they just don't have it in them to even allow alternatives to occupy grey matter. Are they generally a very stubborn culture?

    In western and more so in Arab culture we are very much prepared to bargain, and sure bargains often don't get reached, but we respect the process itself.
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  8. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, big time. They generally don't know how to compromise. I think they feel like if they do, they are losing face.

    EDIT: To add to this, they are really obsessed with getting a good deal. If you buy something and show it to them, the first thing they ask is "how much did you pay?" 100% of the time. What it is, and whether you're happy with it doesn't make any difference. All that matters is it was a good deal.

    But the really fucking weird thing is, if you ask somebody to do something for you, they will usually do it, and expect nothing in return. You usually can't give them money, even. It's only when they want something from you that they get weird.
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  9. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

    It's funny you mention this, because I've been thinking about why they fuck us. I think them liking whitey is actually pretty low on the list. Every available attractive girl I've met will say she has many Việt men who "love" her but they are "no good". Translation: they want to fuck her but they don't have any money, They also will say "I think you have many girls" without being mad about it like you think they would. But I think they fuck us because (1) they think we have money and (2) they can fuck us without all their friends and family finding out about it. Contrary to what Skins has said, I've known quite a few who really do want sex, but can't just bang any Việt guy. Word would get around.
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  10. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    I remember wondering this one time in SEA in the back of some tuk-tuk bouncing along the road from some smoking hot chicks house with her wedged up against me. Then I looked out the side of the tuk-tuk and saw a bunch of these tiny skinny Asian dude all sat around by their crummy motorbikes, covered in dirt and grease, all chain smoking, and all drunk at 4pm.

    And the mystery was solved.
  11. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    I was talking about Skins. It does not always involve hot gals.
  12. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that too. But here in HCM there are a good number of well-groomed handsomish locals. One girl I met said if a man is handsome in Vietnam, he's gay. Not sure where she got that, but in general I think they believe those guys are playboys and they just stay away. It doesn't really give them many options I think.
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  13. Firestarter

    Firestarter Pyromaniac

    They might be on to something with the gay men comments. Do any of you find that guys hit on you a lot over here or is it just me?

    Also, it's a classic case of what women say they want vs what they actually want. They may say they want a sweet man who will love them and share everything with them ( a wimp). Vn men are into that sensitivity bs. They are women and need to have their emotions stimulated. They need a change from vn men who are all pretty much the same as each other. With us, it's like having an adventure and not getting caught.
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  14. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's pretty hilarious. The gay dudes here are super effeminate and they get all flustered around you, like they're meeting a rock star. It cracks me up every time.

    That's it, and when they realize you're not going to put up with their bullshit just because they've got a pussy, shit turns sour fast. It's a good way to get rid of annoying broad.
  15. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    You may be onto something there. The constant scamming and thieving does wear on me. And I do need a break from this city. I love it here but there was days when I'm just disgusted and think fuck this place and fuck these people.

    But I'm not bitter towards women. In fact, I have several very sweet girls in my current line up. They're not all bad. I'm just saying that I'm trying to get my priorities in order and "do me" this year. I've been chasing skirts and having fun non stop for the past three years. It's been a blast but now I'm well into my thirties and I have other things on my mind. Like wealth creation, for one. It's time to get my priorities straight and that means being completely selfish with my time. My business. My health. My happiness. My hobbies. Come first.

    If anything or anyone irritates me or wastes my precious time then they get the boot! That includes these immature brats who think they're celebrities when they're nothing more then ignorant money grubbing reptiles with tight pussies. Does that sound bitter? :)

    OK How about an update on Slut Muppet?

    So I drilled her snapper that one afternoon. Good times. The next day she texts me after work at 10:03pm. She says "I want to see you." Then she sends me another text at 10:06pm... Yes, THREE MINUTES LATER, saying "OK don't answer! I know you don't love me! We will stop here. Do not text me again. Goodbye!"

    I saw this literally 2 minutes later and text her "are you crazy? I'm just seeing this now... You want to meet?" No answer from her... Maybe she called another white cock to fuck. I don't care. The next morning again she sends me this long text about how I don't respect her and she will never meet me again blah blah blah.

    I told her to FUCK OFF and blocked her. You see, this is the type of stuff I can't deal with in 2017. I'm just not desperate enough for pussy to deal with such childish nonsense.
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  16. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    It's all a test. If you don't put up with it, then she can't control you. And when she's 7 months pregnant someday, she'll NEED that control believe me.

    Mind you there's no way these dingbats understand that that's what they're doing. Women are unaccountable autopilot creatures in that way.

    So they're super into you for a while, to see if they can hook you, but if it doesn't work then case-closed and they have better things to do.
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  17. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Wow dude.... That is one of the most insightful things I have ever read on here. Nice point.
  18. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    (Dropped my nerd glasses and slipped on my power level there for a minute.)

    Every crazy thing females do has to do with the fact that in order to reproduce, they have to make themselves completely helpless.
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  19. bobdobbs

    bobdobbs Well-Known Member

    What planet are you from? Seriously.
  20. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    What is wrong with that? Pretty uncontroversial isn't it?

    How much hunting and gathering is this chick going to do, how well is she going to defend herself from hostiles:

    Looks pretty helpless to me. Of course she is going to need a man to help her survive.
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