I was mugged by lady boys on a motorbike.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by monkeyboy, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. monkeyboy

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    This is just an FYI, I'm sure some of the more experienced people already know about this scam.

    Two weeks ago I was walking to the store near my D1 apartment in Saigon when I was approached by two "women" on a motorbike. One got off the back of the bike and started AGGRESSIVELY grabbing my crotch.

    I've been approached by many nasty women before (but not in this neighborhood) so initially I just went with the nice no-thank-you approach which has worked 95% of the time in the past. When this one did not go away I looked at the face and realized this was not a woman at all, it was a ladyboy.

    Long story short, the right hand was grabbing my crotch so hard that I didn't notice the left hand was in my pocket. When she walked away I immediately noticed my phone was gone, at which point I started chasing her shouting many expletives very loudly (fucking bitch whore!). She got scared and threw my phone back at me and then ran away.

    I have read about this scam before, but I didn't realize it was happening to me until it was too late. The lesson I have learned (other than the basics like always guard your phone and wallet and only carry what cash you will need) is that if a street whore is being physically aggressive it is best to be physically aggressive right back in return.
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  2. Skins

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    Shit good thing you got your phone back. Same exact thing happened to me on Bui Vien street but it was two massage girls. They were both feeling me up and I had to physically push them off me. I immediately checked my pockets and my phone was GONE. The street was so crowded they instantly disappeared. It happened so fast I didn't even know what their faces looked like. I was so PISSED!!! :mad::mad::mad: It was my first night in Saigon and they got my brand new iPhone 5. I bought it unlocked from the factory for about $1,000.

    Fucking whores should be tortured to death then set on fire. Now I immediately grab my pockets when I'm approached and I have no problems slapping the shit out of a bitch if it comes down to it. I've had enough of these thieving gooks.
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  3. When you think about it, today almost everyone walks with a $500-1000 item in his pocket at all times... very tempting for thieves
    10 years ago, the only people having so much value in a single item were those wearing gold chains.
    Of course gold chain are a more liquid asset than an iphone, so they get snatched more, even today.
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  4. pulfidor

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    i've read stories of tourists being stabbed to death and jumped/killed other ways in Saigon, in D1 around that shady area you are talking about.

    I saw you said you wouldn't hesitate to beat the shit out of a vietnamese thief or scammer. wouldn't that get you killed or jailed pretty quickly, just like in thailand?
  5. brockstar

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    That's Gookville for ya! :p
  6. Skins

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    I don't care. What are we supposed to do? Just let these gooks steal from us and run off? Fuck that. Once they get their skull cracked then maybe they will think twice before they try it again.
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  7. Sean

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    Ladyboy did the same thing to me on soi 6 except she got 700 baht from my pocket. They're damn fast. Now what I do is hold out an unfriendly hand stop sign like I'm a traffic cop. That has been quite effective for keeping those assholes away from me (I HATE when they walk next to you)
  8. Ramblin' Man

    Ramblin' Man Well-Known Member

    Somewhere on or near there one of them pinched my nipple. I swear to God, if my posts stop, and @tc_pattaya links an article where a farang got arrested for lynching a ladyboy by its garters I will have been doxed.
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  9. Skins

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    Check this out. Best to keep these scum bag faggots out of your personal space.
  10. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    I've been followed a few times by the ladyboy motorbike hookers in D1. Luckily, they eventually drove off after I just ignored their advances. Like you said 95% this will work.

    There are definitely many areas, late at night especially, that they could rob you very easily. Once you get a few blocks away from Bui Vien Street it starts to get pretty dark and empty late night.

    Have to be careful at all times in SE Asia. Even when you have been living here for years. Many of these scumbags have nothing to live for here. Won't think twice about harming you over a few dollars.
  11. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    The problem is especially bad for females here.

    I know a girl who has had her purse snatched like 4 times from the motorbike thieves. They just pull up and rip that shit off of you. Don't care at all if they pull you along the pavement with it. Or, rip your shoulder out of its socket.
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  12. Ghengis

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    The same thing happened to me in Mexico. The ladyboy came up aggressively and started grabbing my cock and by the time I realized she was a guy she got $30 worth of pesos out of my pocket and was gone.
  13. southernallstars

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    they usually touch you up to distract, a few days ago I had a streetkid touching me all the time while begging for money and when I got back to my hotel I discovered he had opened the zip to my shoulder bag.

    I had this a couple of times already, even an Indonesian pretending to be crazy and grabbing my leg while waving with a handkerchief laying on the ground while his friend stole my old, worthless smartphone. My other pocket he didn't go for which contained my wallet with three credit cards in it, then my trip would have been over....
  14. wesleycrusher

    wesleycrusher Well-Known Member

    I just whip out my dick and they suck it.
  15. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    The more and more I hear about saigon is just sounds like it's more stress than its worth. I've only spent 2 weeks straight there at anyone time before and this was always enough for me

    3 nights ago I was having some brews at a bar down by the waterfront in Da Nang with my girl and this guy we met via my girl actually accidentally tipping over his ducati outside my apartment building ( cost 3 million vnd to fix a broken mirror and foot pedal, which he happily paid for o_O ) long story short the guy turned out to be filthy rich (sales manager/trainer at honda hanoi something along those lines) paid for the whole night and even gave me some fucking good weed. :)

    So we're pounding back some bullshit expensive wine that everyone wants to take selfies with blah blah then we were approached by a guy on the pretence of him doing some magic. I know basic magic is pretty much sleight of hand, and fuck this guy was gooooood. I know he's using sleight of hand but he's still so quick I still can't follow him. Anyways I was focusing on the guy for a about 5 seconds then I remembered . A) I'm in SEA B) This guy isn't doing this for free. Sure enough I casually turn around to see some dude making his way behind us , no doubt intending to pickpocket something.

    I instantly call him out and tell them to fuck off and security comes up and starts pushing them away. The fuckers just look at each other and walk off looking at each other like "oh better luck next time"

    @the lockmaster Definitely agree on being careful at all times..I'm defiantly guilty of letting my guard slip though after getting comfortable in a place or going to places.
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  16. Skins

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    I never ride with shoulder bags and I only carry shit in my front pockets. Wallet in one, phone in the other. If anyone approaches me or if I'm standing on a crowded street corner I place my hands on my pockets. These fuckers are so slick it's hard to catch them unless you're guarding your goods.
  17. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    OK I'll say it. Vietnamese are fuckin savages. I've never met a group of more heartless people. They have no compassion for their fellow man. Of course not ALL of them but a very large percentage. Even the ones who aren't out robbing will witness the shit and just mind their own business. This aspect of their culture really grinds on me.

    One night I picked up my girl on my motorbike. As I'm cruising down the street I see these two ratty Viet guys driving slowly and the passenger is pulling on every car door handle on the street. I stopped and shined my high beams on them, hoping to run them off.

    My girls slaps me on the shoulder and says, "what are you doing! Let's go!" I said "these fuckers are trying to steal from those cars!" She says "so what it's not your car."

    SO WHAT?!?! Well I don't want to live in a community where thieves operate with impunity. Us good folks are supposed to stick together. WTF is wrong with these people? :mad:
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  18. pulfidor

    pulfidor Member

    ha ha ha. VN is a truly a shithole. i will be going to thailand soon once i get settled online. will have to get the thai visa somehow.

    I have never been mugged or pickpocketed here yet... knock on wood. maybe it's only a matter of time? but then I do not hang around the backpacker bar area in D1 at 3am in the morning looking drunk and easy target
  19. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    Recently read an article about vietnamese boys/teens kidnapping other vietnamese teen girls around Sapa to sell as brides to chinese men. One recently got caught...When they asked him why he did it, he said.. "I want Iphone 6"
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  20. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    Where else have you been in VN apart from HCMC and lived for an extended period of time ?
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