Is it possible to be married and have a side piece in Vietnam?

Discussion in 'Women' started by Blackfyre, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Blackfyre

    Blackfyre Well-Known Member

    I've heard of stories about husbands in Vietnam notoriously having side action. It's to the point that it's somewhat socially expected/accepted. Some women I talk to on the streeet actually encourage such a lifestyle(not sure if they are BSing me). I've went on a date with a 44 yr old woman and she told me about her ex-husband's activies in which she was ok with them as long as he didn't knock em up. He did...which is why they are divorced.

    Have you guys ever heard about such lifestyle? Reason I asked is because I met a real sweet one. Good looking, from good family(very underrated marriage factor), young, fertile, educated, knows how to be a woman and hear her man. But marriage is a big step. It's a big commitment. I wouldn't have a problem if there were some "flexibility".
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  2. drifter

    drifter Possessing a well sized member

    Great question. I'm new here in Asia so I'm looking forward to the comments of the long time expats. The impression I get is as long as you don't bring your extracurricular activity up or throw it in her face and are discrete it is still doable. Though as the East gets more westernized that'll change.
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  3. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Fairly common across all of Asia, not 100% accepted, always some risk of your dick getting chopped off. The mistress or 'small wife' (mia noi in Thailand) will be happier and more accepting of it than the 'primary wife'.

    This is a funny read, talks about how polygamy was banned relatively recently in Thailand, says 'about 100 years ago' it's more like 80 (banned in 1935).

    Compared to 1890 in the USA. So the culture of it still persists to some extent

    Some asian chicks are fine with it they'll put condoms in your bag when you go on trips, etc., and say things like 'just don't let me find out about it if you do it', others will cut your dick off in your sleep, so tread carefully
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  4. Khanh

    Khanh Well-Known Member

    This only happens when they have kids or the woman is not financially independent. I think so.
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  5. Nope Nope

    Nope Nope Well-Known Member

    Very good topic, buddy. I always believe that 70% of Vietnamese husbands/boyfriends cheat on their wife/girlfriend, other 30% haven't had any chance to do that. Talking about marriage, cheating on wife is something very popular in Vietnam. In fact, the more money husband earns or the higher social position he is, the bigger chance that he has side action. So if your wife depends on you in every regards especially money thing, it's likely that she will let it slide if she caught you have side action behind her back. Just don't get caught too much, be smart cause you know you wife has feelling too.
  6. brockstar

    brockstar Legendary Member

    I think its possible anywhere if you're a man about it. Most women would have rather have something than nothing, in regards to relationships. I know in China its quite common for (well off) Chink men to fuck around on their wives, especially as they get older. In HK it has to be common with the all of the discreet brothels around. I think the most important thing fucking around is making sure your wife/gf doesn't lose any face because of it. That is a big no-no and will get ur pecker cut off.
  7. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    I read King Mongkut of Siam had 42 wives and 82 children. Ahh the good old days. :D

    I agree with the idea that money and power determines how much shit the man can get away with. If the guy is rich and taking good care of the family, there is less chance the wife will rock the boat. She knows the guy can just throw her out on the street and find a new younger wife and repeat the process. Starting over as a middle aged woman with kids is much more difficult.

    Personally I wouldn't cheat on my wife. But if you're going to cheat just be discreet about it. I wouldn't say "ok goodbye honey! I'm going to stay with my mistress this weekend!" Let her save face. Say you're going to meet your buddies in Thailand for a weekend of scuba diving or some shit. Have your fun then go home.
  8. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    Of course there's a lot of side action going on. Look at how many short-time hotels there are around the city. It's not just horny teenagers giving those places business. Not to mention all of the hot-tocs and sexy massage joints as well. A lot of those "spas" basically operate as gentleman's clubs. There aren't any women going in there getting treatments done. These are guys only type places. Like others have said though. Make sure you are discreet about it. Don't want to be spending too many nights away from home and coming back smelling like perfume. ;)

    I agree 100% with this.
  9. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Great thread. An older attractive female friend of mine from HK once described it in allegory of a meal.

    "How often do you sit down and just have one dish? You need side dishes, but your wife must always feel that she is the main course."

    I think it was / is more accepted / expected in the older generation than now. But it's really all about saving face, and out of sight out mind.
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  10. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    From personal experience with an Asian wife, it really came down to "do you love her?" That's the line drawn where you get into Dick chopped off territory. So stick with casual, mature relationships, where everyone knows the score; or plan for drama.

    Like someone said above, mistresses are much better in all regards when they know they are mistress and not the main dish. Never let them think otherwise unless you are ready to get divorced and marry a woman that started screwing you when you were married to someone else. BC that isn't the best recipe for a successful marriage, just how to write even more checks for women to go away.
  11. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    I know for a fact this happens in the west too. At a certain age a wife know that she does not look the same as she did 20 years ago and that the physical hold she had on her man is weakening. At that point she can try and control him with sheer force of will but its just not possible with some men. At that point she has to decide on rolling the dice on an ultimatum or letting him get away with a certain amount.

    If she has kids and the guy is high status enough to provide for her and the children and she is convinced he will roam and then come home then you would be surprised how many western wives accept that reality. As a western wife she is still concerned with appearance, so that will be lots of emphasis on the guy being very discrete, and if he can do that he can make it work.
  12. BluesTraveler

    BluesTraveler Well-Known Member

    If you are already thinking of having some side action then maybe you shouldn't get married? Unless you want children why get married? Don't most guys find a sweet one once a week? On the other hand, a married man can always get a BJ from a young one after a night drinking, I don't think this counts. Right guys?

    One of the rarest things in the world is the compassion of a loving woman. Don't perpetually fall in love with pretty faces, etc., I mean fall in love for a few hours but value the true love of a woman above all else.

    On the other hand if the wife goes cold, then you owe it to yourself to find affection elsewhere. At least that is my belief.
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  13. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    .... somewhat valid but shit happens and you have to adapt. I run 4-5 girls always and it's not that difficult. Not advice, but it is one way to live.
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  14. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    Interesting topic!

    Whilst all over the world it happens I dont personally agree with cheating on your wife or long term gf.

    If I have invested my time and trust in a women then I think why do it because for me mentally once I go elsewhere the dynamics of the relationship maybe emotionally for me are never the same.

    Sex is a wonderful thing but im also learning it can be quite an emoitionless act if its available on tap.

    I also think put the shoe on the other foot lets say you go to china and you get together with what they call a forgotten women over 30, no kids, no husband, she is financially successful and you love her. Then imagine you found out she cheated on you honestly how would you feel and what would you do?

    There is always two sides to every story.
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  15. Blackfyre

    Blackfyre Well-Known Member

    Lot of "ifs" in your scenario. But if she were my provider and I was chilling at home all day, I wouldn't feel too bad about it.
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  16. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    Haha well I for one i couldnt just sit at home all day and feel beholden to someone because they supplied the cash.

    Im more talking about a situation where a women also works in some form of job even be it part time.
  17. drifter

    drifter Possessing a well sized member

    I've gotta agree with @flashman on this one. I'd enjoy having a woman support me for a change. I could read, walk, go to the gym and cook her dinner.

    And if she picked up something on the side, well, as long as she didn't throw it up in my face, I'd be fine.
  18. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    i hear Chinese second wives often want to replace the first wife since many sugardaddies have good money, being able to afford a second wife. It's not a bad constellation for an aging man, having a young woman, who has real interest in you but not needing to commit to her, since the deal is her monthly allowance.

    Maybe the traditional Asian marriage would have been somewhat more acceptable to me, but this libtarded swearing faithfulness forever Christian marriage makes me cringe....the problem is in a culture like that the wife will demand you to be true.

    Sadly as someone here has stated, the Western style marriage is gaining ground in Asia as well my solution is simple, I don't marry.
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  19. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    Reading people replies many tend to agree with you.

    But for me fcccckkkk that my women is not going to be rodded by someone else I expect total loyalty and I give the same in return. If not I would probably become a jelous angry maniac and get them both together when they dont expect it and exact my revenge:mad:

    Saying all this I dont intend to marry or even get a serious gf right now so its fine.
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  20. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    This^^ is exactly me.
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