Kindly mouth-off here about... Chiang Mai

Discussion in 'Travel' started by mistergrumpus, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Woo wee! 12 months of ass-kicking Siamese style.
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  2. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Dude you can sleep on my couch while you get situated. Just keep your semen off my drapes while I'm studying at the library.
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  3. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

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  4. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Haha that's a kind offer and I do hope to meet you one day. But don't worry, your drapes are safe. I only hose down the pussy walls of barely legal Thai spinners. :)
  5. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Oh oh oh. OK let me see if I understand it right:

    Nimman sure looks like the growing and trendy part of town, and with plenty of new apartment buildings and Farangs...

    ...but since it's a tad pricey, said Farangs are the kind of Farangs that aren't as bad to be around. That extra $200/month buys be out of those knuckleheads' company

    And being close to CMU is surely advantageous in terms of, well, access to the sorts of people at a university.

    Is that about right?
  6. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    "Old town" meaning "within the original rectangular wall"?
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  7. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    I got that very same impression. I was much more a visitor there than I was a customer.
  8. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Stay between Nimman and CMU. Should be cheap too.
    The closer to CMU the quieter in the night and I doubt you'd have to spend an exter $200/month for that.
  9. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

  10. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

  11. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    Man I don't l
    lol....gotta love that. I can't stand seeing them in Pattaya or BKK. Like, why are you here? Dreadlocks, septum piercings and those god-awful baggy pants. There are always a few on the plane, in the airport...can't wait to get away from them; reminds me of exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to escape from back in the USA.

    We call them "Eat, Pray, Love" girls.
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  12. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Or "EPL girls" for short. If I had bigger balls I'd rock right up to them' bisches and as them "WHO exactly is paying for this trip you're taking?" If they're getting welfare, child support or alimony and using it to dick-trawl in Asia then holy shit there will be blood.

    Done saw me some German women, in Cambodia, with their lesbian girlfriends and half-Kebab "arabulatto" toddlers. I'm like "somebody find me some rope, so I can end this degenerate travesty RIGHT NOW."

    [Perhaps you can tell that I've been drinking.]

    BTW I just now had to Jewgle-search what a "septum piercing" is. Duuuuuude. I suppose it's all an opportunity to tell them to "take that out of your face, right now, or I'm going directly home to exchange text messages with Thai college girls who think I'm awesome." Beyond that through heck with it. Who wants their baby looking up to a Mom with metal in her face? I ask you!

    --Grumpy by Nature, aka "Too Old for This Shit"

    (And welcome to the forum.)
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  13. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    lol man. I feel you. Certain places I expect to see them, like Phuket. Actually kind of ruined Phuket for me though.

    I was in BKK in May and had a friend with me who's a beer nerd. Somehow he found bar that sold micro-brewed beers and was so happy, I obliged him and we went. Nothing but farang guys and girls there. Not my thing, but we sat down and had a few beers. These two American girls started chatting us up, both working professionals who lived in BKK. Not the EPL type, but still I had zero interest beyond a friendly chat.

    After a bit of conversation, one of them asks me: "So why are you guys in Bangkok?"
    Of course I knew what she was getting at and played the game: "Oh you know, we're just here having a good time, we love the culture, etc."
    She raises an eyebrow, not sure she just heard me right: "Really? That's funny because most guys here are sex tourists."
    I look her dead in the eyes, smile and pretend like I'm surprised: "Really? Wow that's crazy I had no idea." I could tell her attraction level toward me had just shot up a few points, but I wasn't interested in the slightest, even though she was a pretty girl. Sorry babe, your eyes just aren't slanted enough for me. :cool:

    Grabbed my friend and got out of there. Once we were outside he looks at me, obviously a little distraught and says "Dude WTF!?!? Those girls wanted us!!!"

    "Buddy, we didn't come to Thailand for American girls. Besides they'd have found out the truth about us sooner or later you horny bitch lol!".

    Anyway, fuuuuuuuck that. I just cannot do it. Fuck, I can't even take girls seriously in America when I'm here. Thailand poisoned the well for me forever, but I'm damn grateful.
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  14. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    I herrrrrrz ya' buddy. After visiting Thailand in 2001 (!!!) I just couldn't really take women seriously back homee again. My horrible life error was not honoring that fact, and instead trying to sleep-walk like I'd never left, if you feel me.

    Anyway. I'll be back there soon enough.
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  15. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Dude but what IF, you know? What IF you'd just told them: "Oh certainly. The women here are far prettier, nicer, more kind, better with children and better-behaved than the sluts back home like you. Just a coffee date with one of them is better than a blow job from someone like you."

    Sigh. A boy can dream.
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