Koh Samui- Koh Phangan trip part 3 (freelancers, backpacker chicks, drinks and drugs)

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    I hear a girl's voice somewhere nearby yell "Jey!". I look around then immediately see a familiar set of deep blue eyes. Federica, the Italian chick from Samui was here!

    She comes up to me and gives me a big hug and a kiss on both cheeks. "Oh my god, I'm sorry about the other night, my friend got her drink spiked and we had to take her back to the guesthouse, I was looking for you but couldn't find you!"... "sure, I bet you just got wasted and passed out" I joke with her "but at least you're here now". I keep up the banter with her to try hiding how thirsty I was. I couldn't believe my luck, the chance of finding her in this chaos of literally thousands of crazy drunken revellers.
    This girl is unbelievable. Shes in one of the ubiquitous florescent vests everyones wearing, shes quite small chested and to anyone else she just looks like another farang tourist compared to all the Thai chicks. But to me shes something else. Her eyes are such a deep blue I could gaze longingly into them forever, her smile is beautiful, highlighting her dimpled cheeks and the sun has brought out some cute freckles on her. Her long, dark hair frames her and compliments her in every way. She's flirty as fuck and I'm not seeing anything else at this time. I'm over the moon but I'm determined I won't let her go this time!

    Her friends are also with her and we sit on a spot of the beach, drinking and chilling, a spot of tranquility in the chaos around. Her and a girlfriend get a bucket from a bar nearby and as soon as shes out of earshot her friends immediately tell me "shes crazy about you, she hasn't shut up about you since the other day". I'm glowing inside as I see her look back at smile at me while she's being served and I'm begging the gods of sex to get lucky this time. She comes back and she share the bucket of vodka, red bull and something else together. We start dancing and raving together as the clock for countdown to the new year shows the time. 30 minutes, then 20, then 10. Time flew while I was with Federica, I felt like I was 15 again. With 3 minutes to go before the new year, our group (the Italians, Germans, Indian lads, American chicks and us) come together for the countdown.


    Federica looks at me with her deep blue eyes, says "happy new year" and we kiss passionately for what felt like forever. We continued partying, more "passionate" this time. We're making out and shes grinding her butt against me while I'm holding her and touching her... At some point I see the kiwi lads from the pool party and after 10 minutes one of them ended up going off with one of Federica's friends who had massive tits, winking at me as he goes. Give him a quick nod and smile of approval before I concentrate on my chick again. I can't wait to see what happens with her tonight...
    At about 3am I ask her if she would like to come back to my place for the night and we can chill together at the beach tomorrow. She says yes and we end up driving back as a group of 4, just me and Federica, Oz and the slutty American girl. The other Brit and Aussie decide to stay behind at the party longer. I'm a bit tipsy as I'm driving but I don't care. I can't believe this chick is coming back with me tonight.

    Get back to the bungalow and bid Oz and the slutty American goodnight as we head back to my room. My ears are still ringing from the deafening music and the contrast between that and the tranquil cicada noise from the jungle behind the bungalows is stark. We head inside and kiss passionately again before jumping in the shower together. Now she's naked with me and my heart is pounding. After the shower, we go to bed and make passionate love for what feels like the full night before falling asleep in each other's arms.

    The next day, I can't believe my luck as I wake up next to this gorgeous Italian chick. I woke up to several texts off Meow and realised I'd totally forgot to message her back. Texted her back to apologise, telling her one of my friends got robbed so I had to help him. I can't even remember what me and Federica talked about all morning. We had sex again then got up, showered and dressed. I got a text off the other Brit asking if we could pick them up from Had Rin so we get into the truck and head over. They're jovial, telling us they got drunk, stoned and ended up having a foursome with 2 freelancers! Drop them off back at Secret beach then spend the day with Federica.

    We drove around the jungles in the interior of the island, went back to the weed bar and smoked again, then ended up at the beach at Koh Maa, a little island off Koh Phangan that you can walk to when the tide is out. We got food and smoothies and just chilled out for the full day and watched the sun set in orange and yellow before heading back to the bungalows to shower, change and fuck again, letting me go bareback this time. This was possibly one of my favourite days in Thailand and definitely one of the best New Years day I've had!
    We have dinner that night at an Italian restaurant owned by a friendly man from Genova and him and Federica talk in Italian a bit. Then he gives us a discount since she was Italian!
    Then we go to a quiet beach bar somewhere before going back the bungalows and spend the night together. I've pretty much fallen in love at this point.
    I'm happy but then come to the grim realisation that the next day we'll both be leaving Koh Phangan and continuing our journey, the Italians onward to Koh Tao then Krabi while we head back to Pattaya.
    Spend the full night intermittently making love and just laying in bed talking about everything, politics, science, travel plans and dreams for the future. She tells me about her studies in England and her hometown in southern Italy and I tell her about my travels. I'm sad that we'll be separating the next day but happy to be with her now. Sure enough, morning comes and its time to take her back to her guesthouse. Finally swap Facebooks and Instagram and drive her back, help her return her rented moped then drop her off at her guesthouse. We almost become tearful as we kiss goodbye and immediately I feel heartbroken after shes gone. I genuinely fell for her.

    Get back to my bungalows and Oz, seeing I'm on a downer, tries to pick me up, telling me "hey, wait till we get back to Pattaya, I'll barfine you a hot gogo girl and you'll forget about this chick". As much as he tried to deny it, I think he got feels for that American chick too.. He's still a great mate to have as a pick me up though!..

    Messaged Federica nonstop for the next few weeks after that, hoping I'd see her again but didn't. Stayed in contact for a few months after and followed her travels around Asia and Australia. She ended up moving to Germany and slowly we just stopped talking but I still fondly remember our time.

    Went back to Italy this year and was brutally disappointed by the contrast between the cold, unfriendly Milan girls (as mentioned in my location review) and the warmth/friendliness/beauty of Federica... Hit her up over messenger for the first time in a year and tell her and she's like "yeah, Italians are like that, its one reason I left!". Would love to see her again but not sure if it would actually materialise now with our different paths.

    I plan to stay single and continue travelling, mongering and slaying pussy around the world, but in those paradise surroundings, the crazy party vibe and a haze of booze, weed and nostalgia, I honestly left a piece of my heart with that Italian girl and I definitely had a lot brighter view of the Full Moon party after than before!!...

    Great times!!
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  2. the lockmaster

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    Good on you buddy for finding your girl!

    Personally, I'm not into the Western girls at all. Sounds like you all had a special time there though.

    I would've pounced on that Meow a few more times. Hot Thai girl in red bikini got my attention! :D
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  3. Jey

    Jey Well-Known Member

    Haha for sure. Personally I like all kinds of chicks, white and Asian. Not sure what it was about that Italian chick. I've fucked "hotter" chicks (although she was super hot too), even white chicks and Meow was probably hotter physically but there was something about Federica. Maybe her eyes, smile or just her personality but she drove me crazy. She was really clever, really witty and just full of life and character. Her English was so good she sounded British and she seemed to know a lot about everything.
    It was a contrast from the lack of intelligent conversation found with most Thai fuck toys. This girl wasn't just "girlfriend material", she was "take her home to meet your mum" material. Its a strange feeling to fall hard for someone when you have no plan to but when it happens you can't help it. She knocked me for 6. I could have married this chick for sure.
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  4. James.Master

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    Great story.
    I would say that this contrast is often true. You may have been shocked had you met this girl in Milan.
    People are different when traveling. People from cold countries become warm and friendly.

    I've met lots of English girls traveling and in Australia. They are fun and friendly. totally unlike English girls in England. at first I thought "maybe only the nice ones travel." But then I went to England and started to call up the girls I'd met abroad. They were totally different people. Cold as ice. many ignored my messages completely. Some met but were total bitches

    Conclusion - people can behave totally different on holday (suprise surprise).
    Note: Australians are an exception here. Love or hate us were the same yobs at home and abroad
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  5. Jey

    Jey Well-Known Member

    Totally true. I think whether they're from a hot or cold country, they totally open up more when travelling compared to at home. Think they're just happier and more jovial generally abroad.
    And I'm certain without a doubt, in Milan she wouldn't have bat an eyelid at me. I still pinch myself for slaying such an awesome chick. My mates American chick was hot too and no doubt wouldda had mega bitch face back in wherever the fuck midwester town she came from.

    And totally agree about Australia. Its pretty much my dream country. Hot, full of awesome nature (even if half of it wants to kill you), the wages are far better than the UK and you guys are way closer to SEA too!
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  6. Borrowed Time

    Borrowed Time Member

    Great read Jey. Thanks for posting.
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  7. wadeb39

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    If I ever found as wonderful woman as you say Frederica was I would certainly think VERY, VERY strongly about giving up my Bachelorhood. It 's not often you meet someone like that.
  8. Jey

    Jey Well-Known Member

    I would crawl naked, balls-first over 10 miles of hot coals and broken glass to be with her again haha. She was one of the few chicks I've banged that I really had a massive crush on. And the way she was around me, made me feel like an awkward teenager again. It was weird and awesome.

    But granted I was only with her physically for a short time and we were in a haze of party and tropical paradise and we all know how chicks are on their holidays so reality back in farangland would probably be very different.

    I haven't heard from her for a long time. I message her from time to time but either get no reply or short, late replies. Think she's well and truly moved on and I probably won't see her again...
    But like they always say, its better to have loved and lost...
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  9. Travel Bum Bum

    Travel Bum Bum Well-Known Member

    Ciao Bella !!
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  10. hadenough

    hadenough Active Member

    Great story Jey. I enjoyed reading it. You have a natural flair for writing.
    You got the best of both worlds on your trip. You got to bang a hot Thai and a hot Italian chick. People do chill out way more on holidays in hot climates I’ve noticed.

    About Australia I live in Melbourne and there are plenty of cold bitches here mate. You meet a chick at a bar and it’s like a fucken job interview. What do you do. Do you own your place etc. Same shit over and over. Most of my mates are relaxed guys getting the balls broken by wife’s and girlfriends.

    Enjoy your adventures mate. Pattaya fun place to live.
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  11. Jey

    Jey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply! I love writing and sharing my experiences. It was definitely a great trip. Likewise, Aussie girls seem to lighten up a lot more when they travel too from what I saw in Thailand and across Europe.

    I can totally imagine, I spent some time in Melbourne and saw it myself. I come from the UK where its like pulling teeth and thats with the relatively low percentage of hotties where I live. At least the average Aussie girl looks hotter than the average Brit. General rule I've noticed is the colder the climate, the colder the chicks. In contrast to the statistics online, for the lifestyle I want, I'd maybe rate Melbourne as one of the worst places in Australia to live. I could have cold, damp weather and overpriced rent here in England, complete with shitty wages!

    Are chicks in other, warmer parts of Australia any better? I love Aussie accents on a girl and have never dated one. I'd love to move there but not to Melbourne or Sydney (Sydney sounds like hell!) I'd rather go to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns or somewhere north wheres theres cheaper rent and year round heat.
    Maybe you should make a Single Man's review of Australia!
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  12. Striker

    Striker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the story Jey, good reading.

    I’m another SMP member living in Melbourne here. I’m of Vietnamese descent and my experience with white girls is limited to my first gf back on year 8.

    There’s lots of Asian girls here too, some local like me and some are international students. They mostly have massively inflated expectations though. Like hadenough mentioned, they are looking for guys to pay for their lives even though they have nothing to offer in return.

    I do ok with the Vietnamese international students, but it’s nothing like on Vietnam. More effort, less reward.

    Aus is a good place to work and earn a high income though, like you mention. I’ll make my money here and spend it else where in the world.
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  13. Jey

    Jey Well-Known Member

    Sounds pretty brutal. Asian girls in England can also be like that. Some are born and raised locally while others migrate and get corrupted by the western culture and feminism. Thai and Filipina chicks suddenly become holier than thou when they move west and I'm like "darling, I banged chicks from your country far hotter than you". My best mate in England only dates Asian girls and he had all the same bullshit there as he did with English girls... Until he actually came to Asia and visited me in Thailand. Since then, he just saves up all year for 2 big sex holidays there!

    Aus seems similar to the UK in every way except better (higher wages, better standard of living, better climate and lifestyle). I would give my left kidney to move there even if it just meant being closer to SEA. I could imagine Aus girls being better outside of Sydney and Melbourne but in lower concentrations of hotties. My hometown in England literally has like 4 guys to one girl there. Even the ugly chicks get to be choosy here!

    Ironically, literally the only thing I like about living in the UK is how easy it is to get out into other European countries and even that we might lose soon!
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  14. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    @Striker, let's add @hadenough to our Melbourne SMP meetup which we must do when I'm back
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  15. Striker

    Striker Well-Known Member

    Jey, that’s exactly it, guys of all races are chasing Asian girls here so they are in high demand. Even the not so attractive ones think they are told shit.

    James, let’s do it.
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  16. hadenough

    hadenough Active Member

    Hi James and Striker love to catch up in Melbourne. We can talk about Asia and your plans and experiences. I’m on a 12 month count down before making the move early next year. At the moment just doing 2-3 week runs to Thailand. Hanging for the end of March to my next trip.
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  17. Tails

    Tails Member

    Forget the Aussie chicks, like hadenough said “ cold bitches” and it is like a job interview. If you don’t own your house and have a six figure income, they’re not interested. Probably a good thing though for me as I prefer the SEA variety, and boy don’t the white trash turn into haters when you walk down the street with a foxy brown skin babe hanging off your arm. My bird from Vietnam asked, “ why are all the ladies staring at me”, but the white trash just knows that they can’t match it in a number of departments
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