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Discussion in 'Women' started by JohnnyB, Jul 10, 2017.

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    For sure. A man can certainly have a good time there. It's a really clean and beautiful city and quality of life is about as good as it gets for Vietnam. I'm sure you will love it. With one million people you know there are plenty of options for dating. But it's more of a "girlfriend city" in my opinion. There's no Pattaya type debauchery. And it's small enough that you will run into the same people all the time. I had this problem in many small cities and it's tough to live the single man's lifestyle long term before you run into drama.

    I thought you were there now? You working in some sleepy back water or what?
  2. LadLife

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    I've been there about a dozen times now . 9 months ago i was there for a month.

    Tbh i think it's definitely changed since your time there. I see a lot more tourists there Im in contact with some expats living ther, gonna join a sports team make a few pals and have a laugh. A fair amount of locals speak english. Hell they're even getting a Da Nang sign done in the hollywood style. A lot of building going on. I spoke with my current girl about it and she said the government is pumping money into Da Nang. Lots of events going down. They had the world firework festival there a couple months ago. Was pretty cool.

    Yea i've been in a smaller city for a few months now. Hustling my ass of in my free time. I making some good coin online now so i don't need to work my teaching job anymore and recently quit, i'm just seeing out my contract (teaching english is shit, some of the easiest money i've made tho , and good pay) .
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    Awesome man congrats on the success. I'm sure you will be living the good life in Da Nang while grinding on your own business full time. If I were to stay in Vietnam long term I would have a serious look at Da Nang again. Most Vietnamese seem to agree that its the best city in the country.
  4. LadLife

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    Appreciate it man. Yea i definitely enjoy it , although i have an inner monger (I partly blame this forum for its development ;)) inside me that yelling to be let loose, possibly pattaya or bkk for christmas. Feel like treating myself this year to some lovely presents.
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    You certainly earned it. Got yourself out of the teaching gig quick. I say treat yourself to a month long bender in Bangok/Pattaya before you get back to building your empire from Da Nang. :cool:
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    No sorry I am leaving on Sat. Really love the city tho, it has a bit of everything, urban areas, beach, mountains... Some epic roads if you like to have fun on a bike. Relax atmosphere, friendly people. Very clean. Enough food options.

    I am not going to comment on nightlife because for some reason I did not set foot in a bar this week.

    Imo it's a great city if you feel like settling down and get a gf, but not really a place where you can crash on your own, and have a lot of fun for a week or two.
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