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    Hi guys!

    As I've mentioned in the introductory thread I'll be living in Bangkok for at least 4 months from May onward. I actually know the city quite a bit already because I have a friend living in the city and I always pay him a visit when I'm traveling in SEA. I'll be living in the lower Sukhumvit area, along with most foreigners I guess. The place is between Phrom Phong and Asok BTS, north of Sukhumvit road. I've looked up some information online and visited a lot of places when I went apartment hunting in Bangkok this month. That being said, I still have a few questions and/or subjects I'd like the opinion of the tribe on, so here it goes!

    Living (healthy) in Bangkok
    • The big move to another part of the world also gives me a chance to alter my lifestyle a bit, since I have to find a whole new balance anyway. One of the things that I'd like to change is getting work outs into my daily schedule. I've visited a few so called premium fitness clubs but was a bit disappointed with the level of service you get for the very high fee they charge. A Tinder match suggested to look into the Racquet club, and I found a few good reviews of it online. It's also next to my office. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good gym? Another option I have is from a personal trainer that I'd like to work with. She (and yes, it's a smoking hot Thai fitgirl) works out of a gym on soi 20, which is a bit out of the way from my daily commute. I'm looking into the possibility of bringing my own trainer to the Racquet club. I'm planning to have a daily workout before work and going back and forth over Sukhumvit road during rush hour doesn't seem like a viable option, or am I overthinking this?
    • The workout is also meant for losing some of the bad weight and gaining the right kind of weight. I read that a few of you are lifting and also read the blog post about where to get supplements. A friend of mine had some great results with Ephedrine, back when it was still legal in Holland. I'm also considering using either Ephedrine or an ECA stack to boost my results. Do you guys know if this is legal in Thailand and if there are trustworthy sources to get this kind of stuff? Any of you have any experience with training on this?
    • I would also like to eat out as much as possible, but around my apartment there are a lot of western style (less healthy) restaurants with western prices. Do you guys know a few places where I can eat out healthy and cheap in my area?
    • My mongering experiences in Bangkok have been mostly limited to massage parlors. I've been to the gogo's on soi Cowboy once with a friend (since he's in a committed relationship and living together the opportunities for exploring the adult entertainment options are limited) but I think we either did it wrong or we went at the wrong time. All the bars we visited that night were almost empty and as soon as we walked in we were stormed by 5 to 10 girls and 1 or 2 mama sans all begging for drinks, when we went to the next place the process repeated, all empty and an overload of girls begging for lady drinks. We eventually wound up at soi 33 in a girlie bar where we played pool with a couple of relaxed girls and having a good night. Did we do something wrong at he gogo's or was it just a matter of bad timing?
    • I've been looking into the Gentleman's clubs and I like the concept. I'm going to try the Pegasus club and St Moritz, I like Pegasus because of the clear pricing structure (fixed price for the company plus guaranteed full service at the end of the night). Anyone has some experience in these clubs or other gentleman's clubs? Or any other ones I should also try? When I've tried both of them I'll probably take a membership at one of them. When I've visited I'll do a report on them!
    • On my to do list are the BJ bars, especially Kasalong, and MITU for a nuru massage. Does anyone know the rates at MITU. Prices are supposed to be relatively expensive, but I can't seem to find the rates. I'd like to try the upscale options, but not if I have to shell out 8k or so.
    • I don't like to bring hookers/order escorts to my apartment out of security and privacy reasons . I've found a ST hotel on soi 33 which is close to my place, but that seems to have upgraded to a mainstream hotel. Are there any other ST hotels in that area or is the nearest one Asok palace at soi cowboy?
    That's it for now! Thanks in advance for the feedback and I keep you guys updated on my experiences. And most important: If anyone lives or comes to Bangkok, I'd love to get a beer. I don't know many people that are into mongering and exploring this site of the Bangkok nightlife seems a lot more fun with a wingman. And all those bottles of hard liquor at the gentleman's club don't drink themselves ;-)
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    I can not believe you are that familiar with Bangkok and you have never been to Nana Plaza. That is criminal and should be rectified immediately. Nana should be number one on your list of things to do. It's on Soi 4 on the other south side of Sukhumvit and there are plenty of ST accommodations right there. If you're looking to pay over the odds for top notch talent I would suggest The Lord Palace

    I'd also recommend Thermae. It's a freelancer bar underneath the Ruamchitt Hotel. If you're not Asian, it can be a little more challenging as the ladies seem to be big believers in the rule of 3s. 3min-3"-3k. But fear not. You can still do well. It just takes a bit of perseverance. And a cutie with a real day job can be well worth the effort.
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    I suggest you get an appartment that already has a gym. Most places actually have one, and most of the time it's decent. If you need to drive to the gym, you will lose motivation more often than when you just have to go a few floors doors down.

    For food, really healthy options are quite limited, take the time to buy quality ingredients (foodland, villa market) and cook yourself. You might want to use Paleo Robbie, it's expensive but you get fresh healthy food delivered daily.

    For gogo, only a few are worth visiting (Soi cowboy : Craxy house, Baccara ; Nana : Bangkok Bunnies, Spanky's, Angel Witch, and the one that has a jaccuzi (forget the name)). Others are mostly crap.

    Gentleman's club : I have tried Pimp and Monte Carlo, it's fun but be ready to burn money, if you care about how big the bill will be, there's no point to go. Those places are full of Asians that don't mind spending 200k+ if they have a good time. Also don't expect to get laid. I've been told some girls are willing to go "upstairs" for 5.000, but most are just there for drinks and finding a sugar daddy. Thin brag : I pulled the hottest girl I ever had the first time I visited Pimp, but she quickly lost interests when she realised that I was not going to take her shopping in Siam Paragon or buy her an Audi.

    MITU is great, it was 3.000 for 2 hours, but price may vary depending of the girl. Best "massage" place I tried. I can PM you pics of my regular girl if you want, but she is not working there anymore.

    There is ST hotels everywhere is soi 4, one at the entrance in Soi Cowboy, and a lot more. Girls know them. But really don't worry about bringing girl to your place, nobody cares that you are a sexpat, and I never had any incident with 100+ girls I brought to mine.

    Thermae sucks. I approached a girl, her way to tell she was not interested was : I no speak English. I switched to Thai, and I was able to see the panic in her eyes when she understood she have to find another way to tell me to fuck off. Also 90% of the girls there are fuglies. But if you want to get drunk for cheap and have a good laugh watching Asian mongerer being awkward, go ahead.
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    Muscle factory gym, but that's quite far. Agree on getting a condo with a good gym inside, Trendy condo on Soi 13 or 15 Residences.

    Sounds like you may have went into some of The Arab gogos on Cowboy, avoid those, Kiss, Deja Vu, Spice Girls. But all of Cowboy is going downhill a bit, Nana is better. On Cowboy stick to Baccara, Crazy house like bkkyolo said. The Nana one with the bathtub is Billboard, and Butterflies opposite it on same floor (top floor). Thermae is decent, sounds like you went on a bad night.
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  5. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Yes. I don't like any gogo except Crazy House on Cowboy. It's the only one with fully nude girls too. I agree that Cowboy is going downhill. The girls have become mercenaries with too much attitude as well. Angelwitch used to be my fav in Nana. However, I do not like gogos in general anymore and stay away from them.
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  6. jspill

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    Ephedrine was banned cos it's a precursor to meth, I like legion athetics' preworkout Pulse for the caffeine and buzz. And tried his fat burners Forge / Phoenix which contain synephrine and yohimbine (also good for sex) didn't notice a huge difference, you can never tell cos when you're taking stuff you're also eating right and working out, so don't know if it's helping or not.

    I hung out with bodybuilderinthailand blog a few times and he told me where to get Clenbuterol in BKK, I haven't tried it myself though too scary. Just asked him about ephedrine and he didn't know either.
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    I tried a bunch of gyms in BKK and I ended up staying at Lumpini Park the longest. Yes, the rusty outdoor gym for 200 baht per month. I love it! Has everything I need. But I'm not being trained by any fitness models. Just need a squat rack, bench, place to do pull ups and dips. I love being out in that park.

    The big gym on the corner of Asoke is great. Forget the name... But it's about 3,000 baht a month I recall. There's a crossfit gym there too if you're into the class thing.

    Where is your apartment?
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    True Fitness

    It's true Bangkok gyms are a complete ripoff, racquet club 21400 -

    True, Fitness First, and We Fitness I boycott because they aren't transparent about their prices, you have to sit with an agent and negotiate, he or she tries to milk you for as much as he can. Just tell me the price goddammit!

    Muscle factory is better (more barbells, more racks, more benches) for 16k Just isn't as flashy as RQ club, it's like an older meathead gym. RQ club has tennis, squash, swimming pool, climbing wall
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I'll definitely give the gogo's another try, starting at Nana. I'll stick to the ones you guys recommend. I think I'm more of a massage place kind of guy than I'm into gogo's but you must try everything at least once. The rate at MITU sounds pretty reasonable, especially if it's full service. Pretty much in check with the other full service massage places. I will check out the Lord palace as well, looks like a place to have a really good time! Thermae sounds fun to experience it once too.

    The gentlemen's clubs can be pretty expensive indeed, but it sounds really nice to do every once in a while. I went to Pegasus once, but we decided not to go in because it was 75 mins till closing time. What I like about the club is that prices set. for between 2000 (for "PR girls") and 3000 (for "models") you buy off the lady drinks all together and it includes the bar fine as well, so you can take the girl to go clubbing or back to your place. Members get something like 40 or 50% off. What sets this club apart is that every girl does full service, ST is between 1500 and 3000 LT is double the ST amount. So as a member you pay between 3000 and 5000 (ST) or between 4500 and 7000 (LT) all in. Considering the venue it's not that bad. That being said, Pegasus seems to have more foreigners than the other gentleman clubs. Pimp, Monte Carlo or St. Moritz probably have a more local vibe.

    So my mongering checklist now has:

    • Gogo @ Nana
    • MITU
    • Lord Palace
    • G Club
    • BJ bar (Kasalong)
    • Thermae
    Anything I should add to the list? A Soapie perhaps?

    For the eating healthy part: Paleo Robbie looks very nice. I'm not into the whole Paleo movement, but the foods looks delicious, healthy and cheaper than most places around my apartment. I'll definitely try it out!

    When I was apartment hunting a few weeks back I paid close attention to the gym options available. Cardio is usually pretty decent, but lifting options very limited. Even at the most expensive buildings. I agree with @bkkyolo that a short distance to the gym is key, that's also why I'm leaning towards the Racquet club. It's only 300m from my office. Most of the big franchises disappoint, but that's true for the rest of the world as well. Racquet club is indeed expensive but not as expensive as the chains that gave me a quote, it also comes with a outdoor pool and some other nice amenities that the chains don't have. Lumphini park sounds cool as well, mixing in with the local crowd. It's only too far away from me to fit it in the routine. Same goes for the muscle factory. As for Crossfit: I like lifting better. My main man Don from Bro Science sums up my feelings about crossfit pretty well ;-)

    Isn't True fit only Crossfit? I looked at their website earlier and only found references to Crossfit.

    @jspill: A lot of people suggest Clenbuterol to my when I mention Ephedrine. I think I'll give it a try and buy it here in Holland before I leave.

    @Skins: I have an apartment on soi 31
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  10. BobbyTwoTimes

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    There's a lot of fun to be had in Bangkok. Regarding the Lord Palace Hotel and, I've been there. My first trip, second night in Thailand, one of my friends and I decided to go to Nattarree, another soapy which is now closed. We were naive as fuck at the time. Our cab driver told us "No no, trust me, I'll take you to the nicest brothel in Bangkok." So we gave in, and ended up at the Lord.

    The Lord Hotel is gaudy and over-the-top. It's covered in red and gold. They do have some really really hot women there. They normally cater to Asian men, but you can go if you're dressed half way decent and are willing to pay a farang tax. Because they cater to Asian men, you'll find the kind of girls that the rich Thais and Japanese like, the white skin, big breasts, J-doll/K-doll looking TG's. No Isaan girls here. Anyway, to make a long story short, they gouged the fuck out of us on the price. After we picked our beautiful ladies in the main lobby area, we were escorted through a maze of hallways, finally arriving at "front desk" looking area with 6 clerks in uniforms tending to it. They handed us the bill....13.5k baht! This was for ST! They had us by the balls too....haha sure we could have said no way, but we were standing there with a Papasan (who was basically a Thai Igor), our girls, all the clerks staring at us, and we were lost in a maze; thankfully they took American Express. Looking back on it...huge huge huge huge ripoff. In Pattaya you can fuck some cute girls for 1k baht. In BKK you can fuck some cute girls for 2k baht.

    If you do choose to go there, don't let a cab take you. Again this was my second night ever in Thailand and we got hustled. I found out later there was a farang tax, a kickback to the cabbie, and then the girls at the Lord are generally just very expensive compared to other places.

    The best advice I can give you is this: Bangkok is a great city. I love it and there's a lot of fun to be had there at night. You'll love it. That being said, when you're ready, catch a taxi to Pattaya and stay there for a few days. Imagine everything that BKK has to offer x100. I'd recommend you hit Pattaya up as soon as you can. If you wait until the end of your 4 months, you'll go to Pattaya and say to yourself: " didn't I come here earlier?" It's only 1.5 hours away from BKK. Easy to go for the weekend.
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  11. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    I would also recommend Bacarra, Shark, Crazy House (hit or miss), and maybe Tilac Bar on Soi Cowboy.

    For Nana Plaza, I've said this a few times...check out Rainbow 5, second level - back right corner. When I was there last November, Rainbow 5 had a ridiculously beautiful line up.

    For Patpong, check out the Black Pagoda. Awesome place.
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  12. kokopelli

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    Mitu seems to have rebooted a couple times since opening in 2016. Reviews are mixed but still looks like a worthy place to visit.
    I tried Mitu on my overnight trip to Bangkok. It's still on Soi 33 but not on the S33 hotel grounds anymore. There is a new Japanese massage shop there now. Mitu is across the street and down a little side alley.
    Pricing is 4100b for a five star girl, and 3700b for a four star girl. I went with Rina, a four star girl (since the lady I actually wanted was booked.)
    Rina is a nice girl, bubbly personality, but a little chunky. If you need a spinner, she isn't it. But if you want someone who will make a good effort to do a good job, I think she's a good choice. No DFK, but no worries when my thumb found its way up her ass. No idea if she would be okay with anything else wandering up that way.
    Massage was: shower, nuru on the mattress, shower, fun time on the bed. One HJ pop, one FS pop.
    And they are still giving away ice cream on the way out.
    I had a fun time, and this was my first nuru gel experience. I wanted to try it in Bangkok so I'll have something to compare it to if I ever manage to try the Pattaya Devil's Den version.
    My final thought is that Mitu was well worth trying once, but I probably won't give it another go. Too many other choices to explore.
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  13. Bateman

    Bateman Member

    Thanks for the gogo recommendations and I'm adding Pattaya on the list! I think I'll go the second or third weekend to escape the city heat.

    The interior of the Lord Palace looks ridiculous indeed. As if someone let a porn star and a gipsy do the interior design together. I get the same vibe flying Emirates though.... ;-)

    Thanks for the info on MITU! They are now located at the back entrance of the CNC residence (CNC sign is easy to spot). I stumbled upon it while apartment hunting. My place is only a few minutes walking away, so I might go more often if I like it.
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  14. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    Trust me man...after your first trip to Pattaya, Bangkok will seem like nothing, which is saying a lot as Bangkok is awesome. Just saying, were I in your shoes I'd be in Pattaya every weekend.
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  15. Bateman

    Bateman Member

    Is that just the mongering or in general?

    How is the scuba diving Pattaya is for instance?
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  16. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    It is shit.
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  17. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    Yeah Pattaya is a bit one dimensional. I'm in Bangkok right now and it's very different with great live music in bars and excellent restaurants but Pattaya is so much easier to get around in and the bar scene is like no other place in the world I've seen. You'll have to experience it . It's hard to describe.
  18. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Hey hey! I was just talking about scuba diving. Been to Patts 3 times. I love it. When are you coming to Saigon?
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  19. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    Pattaya has a beach but it's known for being dirty. Only clueless Russians and a few others actually get into the water. There is Koh Larn, a nice island nearby and also Jomtien about 15 minutes south where the beach is much nicer.

    The main attraction to Pattaya is its unparalleled nightlife. From what I have gathered Pattaya is pretty much the capital of the world for mongering. It's a very unique place. You might think Bangkok or Vegas or Amsterdam are wild places. They're nothing. Pattaya is on another level man. Take my advice and go there soon after you arrive. At least you'll be aware of what's there.

    Just imagine all of the soapies and gogos and bars in BKK. That's only a fraction of the size of the scene in Pattaya.
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  20. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    If you like scuba diving I did a one day trip down by Krabi and it was excellent. You can take a 3 or 4 day trip to the Similan islands and that's supposed to be good diving too.
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