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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Skin, your cost of living rating for Manila is way too low. If Manila is a 2, then what would assign to Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore or Hong Kong? Compared to those places, Manila is a bargain.
  3. Serb

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    I'm planing a 10 days trip to Manila this month, just to experience Philippines for first time. As i spend 6 months of year in Thailand, it's easy to travel around in SEA, but somehow i keep delaying Philippines. After reading blogs and comments i finally decided to give it a try. Might give you few opinions and experiences of my own as well during and after the trip. Thanks @Skins for a great info of where to stay.
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    You're probably right. I've never been to east Asia. But compared to the places I've been Manila seems a bit expensive. I'm know there are cheap apartments in the city. I've seen some online for $200 USD per month. But would you want to live there? Not me...

    I'm sure you could live cheap in Manila if you had to but I wouldn't want to. I'd either spend $2,500 per month to live how I want or just choose a different city where I can do the same shit at a fraction of the price. Plus have beaches and other stuff to do.
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  5. Hook

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    if in Manila only a few days... ive finally nailed it down to ...City Garden Grand...not to be confused with City garden which is across the street.
    It is on Makati and walking distance to burgos and other nightlife.
    It also has best roof top Pool and Bar to hang out at during day and to watch sunsets.
    Its GF just need to check her ID sometimes.
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  6. Solo

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    Paying 35,000p for a 6mo rental in the nicest area. Nice 1br so that's what you can expect. I would suggest you go through Megaworld. I was using airbnb then got lucky and approached a girl who works for them. I was moving in soon after.
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  7. tokyospoiler

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    I've been travelling to the PI for the past 12 years and living there since I retired 5 years ago. You might want to check out a condo development called Rockwell in Makati. Two minutes to Burgos, five to Royal nightclub and, depending on traffic, about 10-15 minutes to Cafe Havana in Greenbelt. Rockwell is spotlessly clean, very nice landscaping, an upscale mall right in the middle of the complex, lots of good looking chicks and very tight security. As you mentioned, a bit expensive but you can get a nice one bedroom for around 1k.
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  8. wolfsbane93

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    Good intel, I will remember this as hopefully in a week or so I will get good news of a permanent position there. If not, still may pop into the PI for a couple months on Visa while I figure my shit out.

    80 days and counting until the big launch to SEA.
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    If Manila is a 2, I'd rate Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore or Hong Kong a "0 or 1". I'd rate Hong Kong a 1. Hotels and apartments are expensive there. Seoul and Tokyo have western costs of living and may even cost more than some cities in the west.
  10. jspill

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    It is nice but it's $80-100/day on Agoda whereas Gramercy Residences rooms 100 metres away are around $40-50 on Airbnb, the rooftop pool is better there, great gym too.

    You can go into the city garden grand bar without staying there, it's open to the public.
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  11. tad800

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    Never spent any time in Manila, I always go to AC for my activities. AC has always been a nice sort of get away from Thailand for a while place for me.
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  12. Cinnic

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    Rating Tokyo to Manila or NYC would be difficult, I guess you would rate the cost of living of both cities based on a similar Western Lifestyle. Are half Numbers included? Then I would rate NYC a .5.
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  13. maxpower

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    Don’t take the rental prices online at face value. Everything is negotiable. And those online prices are for “rich” kanos who have their company footing the bill or Koreans. Book an Airbnb in the neighborhood that you are interested then do some research yourself by hitting the pavement. A lot of buildings have either leasing office or a bulletin board where you can check what units are available. Also talk to a few leasing agents. There isn’t much demand for high end condos from local population so the agents should be pretty hungry. I found my place through an agent that was recommended by a friends wife. Got 40% off the “online” listed prices for a 12 month lease.
  14. creativmuc

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    Hi, i’m right now for 4 days in Manila staying in the Pan Pacific, checking out your rec. there.
    Shogun Spa / Nuru/ closed down. New option Kimono Spa, nice pics on the site but only 3 available.
    LeCafe absolutely no stunners....Street birds better
    Price: price/quality ratio lower than BKk
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  15. Skins

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    May I ask what you paid for your place? I see some cheaper places now. 20-25k which isn't bad. But they all want a one year lease. Might try it but that's a serious commitment for me.
  16. maxpower

    maxpower Well-Known Member

    Hey, Skins -

    Sure. I am currently paying 37K per month for a 1 bedroom/1 bath (no parking) in one of the Shangrila buildings. It was listed for 50K per month.

    I think you will be looking to pay somewhere around 25-30K for a studio and 35-45K for 1 bedroom/1 bath unit in any of the high end condo buildings in BGC/Makati/Ortigas.

    I think I could have gone a bit cheaper by 5-10K per month or so for mid level condos in the same area.

    But I wanted a building attached to a mall (didn't want to get wet during the rainy season) and a nice pool/gym in the building in one of BGC/Makati (Not near burgos)/Ortigas areas.

    Also I was a bit biased towards current building because some of my local friends are in the same building and/or close by.

    Traffic wasn't a big deal for me since I work from home and don't have to be in a car unless I am going out after midnight.

    Hopefully that answered your question.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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  17. Skins

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    Thanks Max. Good info. Those prices are reasonable for a furnished studio. And it sounds like we have similar needs. I want a comfortable place and I'm not trying to be cheap, but don't want to over pay of course. One year is a serious commitment. Just need to visit all these buildings and decide on the best one before I pull the trigger (drop the stack). Cheers.
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  18. maxpower

    maxpower Well-Known Member

    I hear you, man. The way I figured was if I did month to month or long term Airbnb I will be paying close to double of what I am paying for 12month lease. And I’ve done that the first two months or so when I first got to Manila.

    I figure it would average out over 12 months and view it as a LT home base. Plus I hate moving every 30 days.

    I guess that all depends on if you want to be in PI for 12 months. I figured PI had plenty to offer/explore for 12 months in my case. Or you can make some short trips to anywhere in SEA.

    Also if you stay in the country for 6 months or longer continuously, you need an exit visa when you are leaving PI next time. FYI.
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  19. Skins

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    Yeah currently doing that and I cringe at the expense. Need to decide on a long term solution asap. You're near greenbelt?
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  20. maxpower

    maxpower Well-Known Member

    In Ortigas. Near the SM Megamall.

    I’ve looked at Makati but I decided on Ortigas because I have to go into PI stock exchanges in Ortigas sometimes for projects and I wanted to be within walking distance.
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