Medellin, Colombia - Location Review!

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Skins

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  2. Skins

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    Great job on this one bro. You make Medellin sound like heaven on earth! I love the "eternal spring" part... Must be nice to have comfortable weather year round! Plus sexy women with curves. Good food. Cheap apartments. What's not to like??? I'll get down there someday for sure. Thanks again!
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  3. 199flags

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    @swissss couldn't have said it better amigo. I despise backpackers too. I get in arguments with girls when they try to label me a backpacker. Get so disgusted the date gets ditched. That is the biggest prob the backpackers who stay in hostels hitting on girls. It's similar to the way Dutch girls blow off foreigners cause they assume they only came to party at the coffee shops.

    They really do ruin the vibe and make the competition ridiculous and it sucks because those Egyptian goddess types dwell there.

    I stayed all over the country, you definitely can't go wrong checking out the cities with less tourists :) I actually prefer it, but Medellin is a good place to start and work your way out for a first tymer.

    Glad you guys approve!
  4. 199flags

    199flags Well-Known Member

    Hahah def fuck backpackers. They are a fucking virus for the most part. Or at least do what you said and get the damn hostels out of the best zones for poon. There's a few guys in the know for places you can go to find poon paradise in Paisa territory. My next time back, I plan to dig deeper into cities off the beaten path where Paisas dwell. If you're into the girls who are black mixed with Latina, there is another part of Colombia with the most ridiculous curves I've ever seen. I started lifting after just seeing this girl who looked like a mini Sofia Vergara but hotter. I didn't even need to touch her for me to get inspired to up my entire persona.
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  5. Pig_Benis

    Pig_Benis Well-Known Member

    Efforts must be doubled. Looks like I found my next destination for 2017.
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  6. shandy

    shandy Well-Known Member

    Amazing Review on Medellin and I appreciate you not forgetting to mention Pablo.
    I had read that half of Medellin was in grief and mourning his Death because of his Robinhood Image amongst the Locals.
    I have been to Port Cities like Buenaventura, Baranquilla & Cartagena long back when things were even cheaper and Crime due to the Calli & Medellin Cartel at its highest.
    Cartagena, I understand is now the most expensive City in Colombia and also a Hot Tourist spot.
    Buenaventura on the Pacific is Home to the largest concentration of Afro-Colombians and used to have a very vibrant Night Life with Monteiro Club being the standout.

    Regards to Beauty, one cannot argue at all. Colombia has probably the most beautiful Girls in entire South America, followed by Venezuela.
    Most of the Clubs in the neighbouring Countries too have Colombian Girls which only explains the shortage of Talent in those Countries.
    Many Clubs Owners in Central America and Caribbean's import Girls from Colombia to add more value and glamour Quotient to their Business.

    Even Clubs in Spain are having Colombian Hotties imported all the way from Colombia.
    Since these Girls speak Spanish, they hit out well in these Regions and Service the Spaniards looking for a welcome change.

    I fully endorse 199flags views. Everyone here at SMP must visit Colombia at least once before the entire Country gets Westernized and by then it would be too late.
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  7. 199flags

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    @shandy great words amigo! I'm a fan of the coast, but haven't been to Cartagena since it's the hottest spot for tourists. The importation of Colombian girls is an interesting point too. The thought of the entire country becoming Westernized almost makes me cry. It's kind of like Brazil. I hear girls there became fat and are hard to hook up with, but it's still got to be way better than the States. I used to watch a lot of Brazilian adult stuff in College and wished to go there. Should have gone back then when it was still a Mecca for poon.
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  8. Sean

    Sean Well-Known Member

    Nice report man. How about the paid action? What does a hot hooker cost and do they have a short time/long time system or something else?

    EDIT: Your post popped up right as I posted this lol. Sounds like the girls are hot as hells but also costlier than SEA by a lot!
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  9. 199flags

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    @swissss Thanks for the support! "Gringo Fatigue" is fucking hilarious. I think I have some seriously good business ideas we can use that term on. Are you talking about the brothel with the batman style spotlight at the top of the hill? If so, that's definitely the highest class place.
  10. 199flags

    199flags Well-Known Member

    If I make a mil, I'd def hit that up with a bag of sugar in the raw and it will get sucked up off every body part imaginable.
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  11. LadLife

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  12. LadLife

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    There's defiantly worse ways I can think of dying haha
  13. wanderluster

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    Your life savings??? How old are you again? 24 IIRC. Hell, I would be begging on the street in a whiff if I lived there.
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  14. tad800

    tad800 Well-Known Member

    Great report 199flags, I have always wanted to go to Columbia and Thailand always won out on my trips. I still may go in the future and all your information will be a great help to me. Thanks.
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  15. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Haha. This idea never crossed my mind. I was talking about my retirement money. Love yah bro. I will need to learn the goat meat recipe now.
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  16. 199flags

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    Melany is the kind of Colombiana I'm into. Estefanie is the blonde Paisa brand. I'll try to find the name of the that place, I'll ask my buddy who lives in Medellin.
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  17. Skins

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    Funny for my first trip I was torn between Brazil and Thailand. In the end I chose Thailand and fell in love with the region... I do love Latinas and there's so much to see in South America. I'll get down there eventually.
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  18. LadLife

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    Lol I'm good at saving
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  19. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    So am I mate.
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  20. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Holy SMOKES those paisitas are fertility incarnate. I just want to dive into a heap of them and kick-start the Grumpus Nation, Mestizo Branch. I mean really just these pictures knock me right out.

    Some questions:

    Can you suggest some smaller-time 2nd-tier places in Colombia and/or Brazil that deserve a look? Maybe with a college or two?

    If there's one beef with Mestizos that I have, it's that, well, they're not very bright. Of course if they're 20 years old and pretty and charming then it's mentally impossible for a fellow to care about that, but still, can you comment on this in general?

    Does their low-IQ bite you in the butt eventually? Or rather do you just find that happy place of forgetting to care?
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