Milan, Italy - Location Review

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Thanks for posting it! Any questions feel free to hit me up. Honestly, while Milan might be an expensive place with hard-ass chicks, it really is a great city, especially in the summertime!
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    Good read! I plan on stopping by Milan for a few days next month, just doing the tourist stuff. Good to know I won't have a shot with any women there!:-D
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    Very interesting post. Thanks.

    A few years ago, Italy was high on my list. I’d planned on spending at least a month there. Now, after experiencing the limitless cheap girl buffet that is Thailand, it’s no longer where I’d like to spend much time. Pity. The food, history and architecture are all awesome. But pussy trumps it all.
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    Good review. I an a 50-ish Afro-American (and fluent Italian-speaker from my university studies) and lived in the Milan-area for work from 1995 to 1998. I can agree with practically everything said. However, after "peeling the surface"of the culture, I was able to to enjoy the last 18-20 months of my stay. Yes, being from the Anglosphere did have its upsides. Mainly a lot of hot Italian ragazze (ladies) willing to come over to my apartment (at all hours!) for "private" English lessons. We were able work out various payment plans for my tutorial serivces (wink, wink...) I am currently working in SEA and of course, the Italian ( and for that matter the European) scene is quite different. The food and weather were excellent. The girls were great ( even though I found them a little unknowledgable about world, even the uni-educated ones) and yes , the SEA Western backpacker look will get you squat in Milan (and in Italy for that matter.) But if you are looking for a long-term hangout spot , Italy is tops and like the reviewer said, if you are a serious dude, clean yourself up and get a stylish wardrobe and pick up some the language. A good time ( maybe not of the mongering-variety) can be had, trust me I know!
  6. Skins

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    Bring your Thai girlfriend for the trip. Italian food for dinner and Thai snapper for desert. Problem solved! :)
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  7. Jey

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    Its definitely a good hang out spot, particularly in the summer time. Personally I prefer Rome, Florence and other parts further south that feel more "Italian" to me. Milan could be just about any city in Europe.

    The only downer is the cost and the girls. They are hot physically but cold personally, especially compared to southern Italians (but theres plenty of friendlier southerners in town as most of the youth of Italy wants to work in Milan). You'll definitely need to brush up on your wardrobe and language skills though.
    Its a long way from SEA on the girls front and your hard knob/blue balls will remind you of that.

    Its true, compared to other Europeans, a lot of Italians are quite ignorant about the world and a bit nationalistic too but the younger generations are better.
    Personally for me, I've gamed an American at a hostel in Rome but nothing in Milan and no locals anywhere.
    The only Italian chick I've gamed in my life was ironically one I met in Koh Samui,Thailand. I found the best Italian girls are the ones you meet outside of Italy, they seem more worldly and speak better English. Like most Europeans, they like to travel. A lot of them go to the UK, US, Australia, NZ and backpacking in SEA

    Getting laid regularly is important to me too personally so thats why I gave it a low rating on the SMP scale otherwise, if you're into art/culture/food/good scenery/decent weather and pussy comes second to those, you'll love it. It really is a stunning country
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    Two places I'll most likely never visit; Italy and the camper of @ryan754326
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    You’re not invited into my camper anyway.
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    The article forgot to add... cold and damp in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. Also, the Italians take August off and the cities become void of Italians as they take to the hills and the beaches for their holidays. Shorts are also frowned on as they are seen as for ‘boys’ not ‘men’. The girls tend to smoke too much and tan too much so the ideal MILF’s skin will turn to wrinkled leather by her 46th birthday. The cleanliness of Italian hotels is suspect. In fact, I would put the cleanliness of a German 2 star above an Italian 4 Star. All of those negatives, but I would say the food and the wines of Italy are fantastico.
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  11. Jey

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    Thats true. In my last visit it was just nasty. Freezing, damp, gloomy and grim. Might as well have been Manchester... And when I was there a few summers ago it might as well have been Bangkok, stagnant hot days with a couple of big storms/monsoon downpours.
    Girls definitely have the "plastic" appeal and a lot can be pretty "basic bitches", all copying each other's appearance but they stay in shape a long time (theres very few fatties) and age better than the average British/American woman.

    Hotels are pretty crap and overpriced too. Hostels are worse, lots of them seem to have more homeless locals than other travellers.
    August, the locals take their holidays so the cities fill with tourists while locals head to the beach/mountains/lakes/abroad.

    It can be horrendously hot and humid in most of Italy in July and August, especially the cities with the only respite being found in the higher mountain areas in the Alps so take that into account if you don't like heat. Even coming from living in SEA and as a heatlover, Italian summers can be vicious, made worse by the old buildings and lack of air conditioning in Europe compared to SEA/North America. Rome and Milan are also shockingly humid making the summer heat that bit worse. Italy is also prone to occasional short but sharp thunderstorms, dumping monsoon amounts of rain in a short time, particularly in spring/summer in the North and late summer/autumn further south. That can bring relief to the heat but can make it hard to plan outdoor activities.

    And likewise, for northern Europeans and North Americans winters can be surprisingly cold too, even in Rome and the south. While it might sound silly when the average temps are above freezing and in Rome its often 10°C or more, those old buildings not only lack air conditioning but decent heating and insulation too so unlike the US, you can't escape the cold by going inside. Also its very humid and rains a lot in winter. Combined with a harsh cold wind, winter in Milan, Venice, Florence and even Rome can be quite miserable at times.
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  12. tokyospoiler

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    This is pretty much off topic from your interesting review of Milan, but reading this reminded me of a somewhat similar situation here in Manila. In the Philippines you can see all kinds of girls. There are a lot of really unattractive girls here (sorry to say but most ya ya's and dh's fit into this category) but, if you're patient and a have a few bucks to spend, then you can certainly meet some 8s and maybe 8.5's. But there is an altogether different category of young women here who are truly beautiful (absolute 9/10s) that you rarely meet out on the street. These are very tall, beautiful girls with gorgeous figures, light skin and gorgeous natural hair. If you walk into any new casino in Manila (Resort World, City of Dreams, etc.) you will see them right away. The first thing that you notice when you walk into one of these casinos is a flat out gorgeous girl over 6' in her heels greeting you as a receptionist. You can also see these girls sometimes in Valkyrie nightclub at the Fort, a couple of them live in Gramercy tower (working as models) and sometimes, at the Starbucks across the street from Power Plant mall in Makati. It's almost like these girls were bred like champion horses purely for their beauty. To get back to your post, however, the only time that I see these women with foreign guys is when they're with young perfect looking Euro dudes in their 20/30s. Unfortunately, guys like us just don't have a chance.
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  13. Jey

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    Yeah, unfortunately Italy is worse. Being a young 20s/30s European (like me) isn't enough. Even being good looking and well dressed.
    You need a big payroll, good car, your own place, fluent Italian, good wardrobe and good looks to stand a chance there. People who talk crap about UK/US chicks being high maintenence clearly haven't been to Italy! UK/US chicks are positively down to earth and chill in comparison.

    Some of my go-to tricks with Eurogash (particularly daygame) that have worked wonders for me in other European cities have got me nothing but scowls and cold "who the fuck are you" looks in Milan.

    I gamed and totally fell for a cool as fuck Italian chick in Thailand a couple of years ago but she was from the south, had studied in England, travelled a lot and even she talked about how much she hated Italian girls. The best Italians I've met by far are ones outside of Italy. The only chicks I've gamed in Italy itself are other foreign chicks I met in hostels. I gave up with locals, they're way too stuck up their own Gucci-clad backsides.

    Rome, Venice and Florence are also hard with amount of dumbass backpackers/tourists/"omg first time abroad" foreign exchange students. Again, foreign appeal alone won't get you far there either.

    And mongering sucks too. Go to Italy for a culture trip, go snowboarding or chill at the beach in summer, sightsee in the truly awesome cities. But you'll most likely not be needing the condoms and viagara unless you're a Brad Pitt lookalike, very lucky or stay in a popular hostel with other horny tourists.

    To be fair, the south and smaller regional towns are better. The girls are nicer, more "good girl material" and foreign appeal will get you further there (particularly if you're from the Anglosphere), it's far cheaper, the climates better, life can be good but it is more conservative and provincial, the language barrier is bigger and it can be a hard place to be a non-Italian speaking foreigner. The economy sucks too, ok if you earn your own money online but no good if you plan to stay a while and need a job. Bureaucracy in Italy is infamous on a legendary level so if you are non-EU and plan to stay a while, plan ahead!
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  14. Richard Sharpe

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    Jey is 100 percent spot-on with his comments about Italy.
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  15. Travel Bum Bum

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    Never been to Milan, but I was chil'n in Udine around Sabbia D'oro / Lignano... nice beaches and fun times
  16. hillcp2

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  17. hillcp2

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    I liked Lignano, but my favourite chill spot was a beach town called Bibione and another in Gorizia Province called Grado. Good get away spots about 3 hours from Milan.
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  18. Jey

    Jey Well-Known Member

    I tend to stay in hostels when I go anywhere in Europe and look for the better hostels in whichever town I'm in (Ostello Bello or Queen for Milan and the Yellow/Alessandro Palace in Rome). I find them much easier to make friends and meet girls than hotels and often have facilities that are just as good.

    Getting a decent hostel/place to stay can make or break a trip so as with anywhere else, always read reviews. These places offer private rooms as good as hotels so you don't need to slum it in the dorms with the dreadlocked, smelly vagabonds.

    These places have bars and can be very popular with tourists and locals alike, especially in Rome's Yellow which I've visited a few times. Italy has a lot of female tourists, all in awe at the stunning cities and with a few drinks, they loosen up a lot! I've made out with drunk Korean, Russian and American chicks there. Rome's Alessandro Palace has a cool rooftop bar but it can be hard sneaking a girl past the receptionist late at night so unless she's also a guest there, you might find yourself being cockblocked by logistics which brings me to the downsides.

    Downsides to hostels is dealing with the practicalities if you do get lucky. Occasionally you'll get a bitter, jobsworth receptionist who refuses to let a girl into your place (or you into her place) if you're both from different hostels or if you meet her out. Then theres actually getting somewhere to do the naughty if you are staying in a shared dorm (I ended up fucking an American in the showers at Yellow the first time I went since we were both in dorms. Nobody wants to share a room with a couple fucking, and likewise, no couple want to fuck with other people there so have some respect and keep it out of the dorms! Now I always get private rooms just in case). Luckily at least at Yellow its fairly easy to sneak people in via the bar and the friendly barmen give you wristbands for free entry if you befriend them so I would recommend there over Alessandro for that reason alone.

    Oftentimes, a lot of the more open minded locals hang out at hostel bars with the more international athmosphere so it's possible to meet cool Italian chicks too. But it's very important to read reviews as hostels often glorify themselves on the websites. If you want a party hostel, don't go somewhere quiet and vice versa.

    And my rule is don't go anywhere with a lower than 70% rating on Hostelworld or you'll more likely find disgusting facilities, far away locations, miserable receptionists and a common area full of middle aged homeless men (if there even is a common area) than a cool, central place full of young cool travellers and hot chicks. Its worth shelling out the few extra € for a decent hostel as I said earlier, it can make or break a trip.

    Hostels aren't for everyone but they can be great places for meeting girls, befriending travellers and getting a good taste of European cities without breaking the bank!
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