New Crackdown on Pattaya Clubs and Bars

Discussion in 'Travel' started by tc_pattaya, Jun 18, 2017.

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    I doubt it will have much of a short-term impact unless you like to drink on the 6 during the day. When I was in town recently, I heard from both an American bar manager and a Thai mama-san at different WS clubs that the government is not allowing any new entertainment licenses on the waterfront side of WS. There is a go-go bar called "Pacha" (Shark Group?) right next to Baccara that was supposed to open in February but stands unfinished, because they couldn't get a license. Rumor has it that the crackdown on licenses is due to a renewed push to legalize casino gambling in Thailand to tap into all that Chinese (and Thai) money going to Cambodia and Macau.

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    No. I don't drink at all. (Sigh). I wish I could. So not a big deal to me.
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    Another crackdown can only mean one thing: the monkey police are hungry for $$$$

    They should open a casino. Chinks arent really open mongers, but my God they LOVE to gamble. The casinos across the border, in Poipet, always seem quite full. Imagine how full they'd be in Pattaya?!?!?
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    Fuck it all. This kind of shit is exactly what keeps me going to Cambodia year after year, and opting to skip Thailand more and more.
    Last time I was in Thailand, I was in two bars that got raided by the cops for being open after hours (one in Bangkok and one in Pattaya). It wasn't a big deal, but it made me feel like a teenager who's parents came home and busted my house party.
    The whole point of Soi 6 is quick and easy daytime mongering. Keeping the bars closed until 6 will take a huge chunk out of their business, and I can only imagine that they will slowly start to shut down if this nonsense continues.
    I hope I'm wrong and this is just another effort by police to put a few dollars in their pockets, but this stuff is starting to happen way too often. You can't claim to be an adult playground when Mom and Dad are standing on the sidelines giving you shit for having too much fun.
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    If / when they build casinos in Thailand they will be a huge success and Cambodia will be FUCKED! :oops:
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