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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Skins, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    She has to to be up for that, she is here, ain't she? :D
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  2. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Hey Pogo,

    Great to have a man of real experience amongst us. Your story kinda inspires me actually, not just because your a randy old goat (which is exactly where I am headed being a randy middle-aged goat right now), but making the whole working in the west with all the convenience and big cash that brings, but still finding a way to spend 1-2 months a year in Asia, in an asian, really living as a real man should.

    I suppose I'm not too far off managing 2-3 weeks a year now, but I definitely want to go your route more, and of course retire out there. Would like to hear more of your story if you want to give it at some point.
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  3. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Actually in my early 20's I was a avid member of a girls forum for two reasons. Firstly I wanted to get a better understanding of how girls think* and secondly because they would have monthly meetups in some bar in London. It would be just me, some other bloke who figured out the same thing and 50-60 young women. Once they knew that I kept my trap shut after nailing one or two of them and could be trusted to be discrete they all wanted a go. Fantastic way to supplement my intake.

    * I now know of course that real men do not concern themselves with what woman think. Only what they respond to.
  4. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Hey Pogo, Fuck the pink nipples and white pussy maan. Come on, join us Pogo. We will all be old soon enough.
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  5. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Fuck the women. We will never concern about them as long as the Viet girl is OK with that. She has the right to stop us.:)
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  6. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Haha now that is some clever shit there! Good for you man.

    Yes from what I understand @ji491042 is interested in foreign men and she wants to learn more about how our minds work. I hope she understands that not all foreigners are sex crazed maniacs. Just us here at SMP. :p
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  7. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Yes. She's my first female member. Don't scare her off on the first day. :D
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  8. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Yeah that always makes me laugh inside when I'm dating in Asia. The number of times I've been sat in some restaurant with a cute little good girl and she tells me she is happy to have found a decent Western man, because so many western dudes travel there just to monger and fuck their way through their stay. So I'm sat there thinking to myself "oh you poor princess, I'm all that and more".

    I don't let the mask slip on the first date of course.
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  9. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Funny because a lot of asian girls want a foreigner because they think we are better then the local men.

    Not just better off financially, but more romantic, faithful, hard working, etc.

    Of course, there are good and bad men in every country so these girls should proceed with caution. A lot of foreigners are just here for fun! (Raises hand ;))

    Same goes for us men! Shit you know the old story. Love sick foreigner travels to Asia to find a sweet young wife. Ends up shacked up with a semi pro who sucks him dry. Sexually and financially... Then he's diving off the balcony of his Pattaya condo. Sad shit.

    There is some truth to their ideas about western men. Here where I am now, many local men just treat their woman as tools for cooking, cleaning and sex.

    One Viet girl said to me, "my friend has a foreign boyfriend. He helps her cook and clean!" Haha like that's some shocking shit there. Just different cultures I guess.
  10. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    LockMaster here,

    Late 30s. From the US. Got sick of living the decided to try things over here. Fell in love with SE Asia 5 years ago on my first trip to Thailand. Came back last year to backpack Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Loved it even more! Now back for the 3rd time and currently in Vietnam. Hopefully, for good. Just got a job teaching plan to be here for a long time!

    Would love to make money online....but I'm semi-retarded when it comes to computers. lol
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  11. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Welcome LockMaster! Good to have you here! I wish you much success in Vietnam. I'm sure your teaching job will be a rewarding experience.

    Do have a degree or a tefl cert? I'm sure there are many guys interested in teaching English. Maybe you can write up a post about your experience finding work and just the daily grind / politics of it. This is a world I know nothing about.

    And don't worry about being retarded with computers... So am I. Trust me, if I can do it so can you!

    I plan on writing a lot more about making money online so stay tuned.
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  12. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    College degree. From a long time ago. Just got my TEFL cert. There are literally thousands of teachers of here in hcmc. Getting a job doesn't seem too difficult. Getting a good job............well............that's a little different story. I'm still on my first job. So far so good.
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  13. flashman

    flashman A Gentleman & Deviant

    Definately looking forward to that man.

    You know anything about/planning to write about buying websites:
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  14. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    I'm aware of the site. Seen the guys on YouTube and browsed their blog a few times. I believe they are based in Davao Philippines! More digital nomads living the dream I guess.

    Flipping websites is an interesting business idea. I actually have one affiliate site that's just rotting away... All Amazon links. It makes a few sales per month. I bet if I grind on it hard I can sell it for a few grand later this year. Something to think about.

    This guy King Human is a screwball but he's a sharp dude. I know he did the site flipping too. Check out his channel.
  15. chopdrifter

    chopdrifter Bearded Pirate

    After HP Flashman?
  16. chopdrifter

    chopdrifter Bearded Pirate

    Want to go to India so bad... girls in Saris...
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  17. chopdrifter

    chopdrifter Bearded Pirate

    Slept with a girl from Eritrea but haven't made it to Africa yet... I want to see the pyramids in Sudan
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  18. soulbearer

    soulbearer Member

    The pyramids are pretty cool in Sudan and aren't over run by tourists like the ones in Egypt. Getting laid might be a bit hard tho, especially as a visitor.

    Other darker parts of Africa, have lots of dark treasures. Actually have one asleep next to me right now.
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  19. chopdrifter

    chopdrifter Bearded Pirate

    Well yeah... no one knows that there are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt:)
  20. ji491042

    ji491042 Well-Known Member

    up I'm def up for that. can't wait actually :)
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