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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Skins, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. wanderluster

    wanderluster Curry Bling Bling

    Camden??? Wtf?? Really?
  2. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Joke about the author and book(s) from which his avatar is pulled.
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  3. Bateman

    Bateman Member

    Hehe, I had to look up that reference to be honest... Never read the rules of attraction, it's on the to do list. Fan of the author?
  4. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    i like most of his books and social commentary. most recent works are fairly weak.
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  5. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum! Good to have you on board. Sounds like you're ready to start this next exciting chapter in life. Bangkok is the perfect city to start out. Comfortable, lot's of fun, great travel hub in the region. That was the first place I lived as well.

    Please keep us posted on your move. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts. Cheers.
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  6. Bateman

    Bateman Member

    True, he peaked very early. I'd reckon his writing styles get old/exhausting after you read a few of his books.
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  7. Bateman

    Bateman Member

    Thanks, I keep you guys updated!
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  8. benzstar

    benzstar Member

    Hi all. A very belated intro...........joined up some time ago but previously commented on some of Skins amazing stories!

    I'm a mid forties guy from the UK and found this site while looking for some info on the fun and practicalities of basing oneself in the Land of Smiles; material and guidance has been comprehensive and first class so a big "well done" and "thank you" to Skins for that.

    I've been to Thailand on several occasions now; this time I took the opportunity to work remotely along the lines of the traditional digital nomad and it seems to be working - at least for now. My business is law related.

    Not sure what happens next. Originally my intention was to stay here for a few months and maybe find a good girl! That's kinda worked but to say there is a lot of temptation here is an understatement, as I'm sure seasoned visitors will agree.

    Right now I'm trying to enjoy a chillax in Samui but think that BKK is probably the best place to base myself? That plan of course depends upon whether I can secure a nice apartment and working space and promising gym so I'm all set.

    I'm looking forward to chatting with like minded and experience travellers / residents and meeting up for a cold beer or five with you guys.
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  9. brockstar

    brockstar Legendary Member

    You dont have to base yourself in the capital if ur $ flow comes from an online business. It is, along with Phuket, the most expensive place in LOS to live. Id prefer BKK, myself, but I'm a city slicker.
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  10. benzstar

    benzstar Member

    Hi. Yes True. Its just seems to have an endless amount of ladies seeking meet ups there. I'm kinda struggling a bit on Samui even though the environment is fantastic and a lot cheaper than in the capital
  11. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum! Good to have you on board benzstar. How is life down there on Samui? It's one of my favorite places on earth but I haven't been for a few years. They were just building that Central world mall in Chewang when I left. I bet the island has a lot more development now.
  12. Tunahead

    Tunahead Active Member

    Hello all. 50 yr old American here. I have enjoyed reading your posts for a few weeks and just joined up. I have reached the point that I am ready to sell out and relocate to SEA. I've been there plenty, but the last time was 10 yrs ago. I was in the Air Force stationed at Clark AB when Pinatubo erupted, and have been to various locations around SEA while in service and out. I made the mistake (now obvious) of marriage 10 yrs ago, and have to extricate myself from that first. I should be financially set after sharing the proceeds, but only just so. I'm ready for and desire a minimalist lifestyle after filling a big house with useless stuff, cars, and all the trappings. I'm thinking Chiang Mai is at the top of my list, but I want to check out Vietnam and Hua Hin. I'm 1-2 yrs away from actually doing it so I will be looking forward to gathering more info from the guys on the ground. Thanks.
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  13. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Tunahead good to have you on board. Hope you can get things wrapped up over there and move out here ASAP. Time is ticking! A new girlfriend half your age should fix a lot of your problems. :)
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  14. Dale

    Dale Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you have been, but also check out Koh of my favorite places on this planet.
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  15. Tunahead

    Tunahead Active Member

    Yeah, I will likely add Koh Samui to my list, as well as Udorn Thani. Never did make it to Samui but my Air Force Unit was deployed to Udorn annually, for a month or two, and I went several times. It was a nice, good sized town back then, with enough options to satisfy.
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  16. EasyRider

    EasyRider Member

    Been on the move again. Same shit different day :) Anyway, Suzhou again and I found ShiQuan street, a street packed with bars packed with girls. It'll start slowly from around 8 pm in Lin Da Bar, Moon Bar, Blue Lady Bar, etc. I would say approximately 15 bars within 200 meters in this area of the long street. Concept is the same, you walk in and extremely good looking Chinese girls/women will approach you. They'll ask for drink and the mamasan will as well. It's relatively cheap but in the long run learn to say no. You can either, in most of the bars, go upstairs with the girl or you can push her into a taxi and head for your hotel. Once I met one who had her own car just outside - awesome. After Suzhou I went to Hong Kong and my absolute favorite bar is Misty's, 68 Lockhard Road, Wanchai. Packed with Philies and Indos and you can almost just pick one. A few of them turned me down, still wonder why. If you're in Wanchai on a Sunday there's girls everywhere. Before noon try Bar109 - you've probably never seen anything like it. But again, Sunday is fun day. Not so much news about Bangkok. Still like to hang around in Beergarden, Soi 7 and in Soi 4 Nana I can recommend Morning Night, Stumble Inn, Big Dog, K&S and Hillary 4. All located next to each other on your left when coming into Soi 4 from Sukhumvit. But in Nana area in general be aware of the bar fine, unless you pick up a street girl in the area. Did it a couple of times and felt lucky.
    All for now. Doing it all over in August :) Business and pleasure. Take care everybody
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