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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Skins, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Don’t beat yourself up. I did a lot of stupid things here at first. Remember, it’s only really a mistake if you persist in it, once you know it’s wrong. Mistakes are good. They tell you that you’re trying new things. As long as it’s nothing crazy, like marrying a bargirl you’ve known for a couple of weeks and building a home in Isaan, it’s just a learning experience.

    Now that you know what works, and what doesn’t, you take it from there. Hell, I still screw up all the time. And I’m glad. It’s been the ride of my life.
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    LOL. For those of you not in the know, in the army, it was tradition for a newly promoted soldier to ‘ring the bell’ in the mess. If you were in the mess at the time, the promoted guy had to buy you a drink. This of course could get VERY expensive. Each time I got promoted, I’d hurry my ass after dismissal to the mess before too many people beat me there so that I would not spend the week broke. Lol Thus, when I see the bell in the beer bars and am asked by the ‘employees’ to ring it, I have a good laugh and tell them to go work over somebody else...unless they are really cute, then I just buy them a drink ;)
  3. Hi guys and gals, I actually joined several months ago but was just lurking about reading older posts. But since I've now actually posted a couple of times I thought I better make a quick introduction here. Hope this is right spot...

    I'm in my early 30's , I quit my corporate job in Australia last year and arrived in Vietnam nearly 3 months ago. I don't have any concrete plans, I will likely float about SE Asia for much of 2018 as I work on a book I'm writing.

    Cheers for having me. All the best.
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    New member here just joined recently. I returned from Thailand last week and was browsing on the web about other experiences, and sploosh here I land.

    I'll try and post about my travels soon, t thought I'd introduce myself. I'm in my mid thirties and a service tech for a manufacturing company. I've been to the Phillipines, Hong Kong, and now Thailand , and I cannot believe how much better this Thailand trip was!
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    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for signing up! Is this your first book? Will you self publish on kindle?

    Another satisfied customer. :cool: Thailand rarely disappoints. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Which city was your favorite?
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  6. Yeah it will be my first. My career experience has been in financial markets so I'm not a writer per se however I have written a number of articles for investment publications over the past 5 years.
    To be honest I haven't given the publishing side much thought which may seem stupid however it's not a project I am doing for financial gain but rather to satisfy a personal desire. As I get closer to completion I'm sure it's something I will look into much more.
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    just started options trading, made 2K off 5K in the first two week...of course, down 1k today...yikes. I am trying to build some House Money to play with once I move. Hell, if I have any luck and can leverage this as supplemental income, but it is a bit of a pipe dream now. So, Mr Finance, any luck in this? Wisdom to share?

    Welcome brother, looking forward to see your posts and adventures written here. Lots of cool folks on this forum.
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  8. Yeah plenty of good reads and entertaining fellas knocking about in the forum

    As for advice, all I would say to you is if you plan to try your "luck" and I say luck, because any success you have will almost certainly come down to this, only put up an amount of capital that you are not overly fazed if you lose. (Which you most likely will, not because you're stupid but quite simply the odds are stacked against you).

    There is nothing wrong with speculating in the Forex markets, or trading stocks or cryptos but once you make the grave mistake of confusing your speculative endeavours with investing then you are walking a risky path.
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    yeah, I am getting close to doubling my 5K i started with, in 3 weeks. Then i will just play with the house money. You are right on the speculating though. So I bought two options 3 days ago and all they have done is tank. They have upward trends, RSI just still under 70 so technically not oversold, some decent volume each day of trading, good news on the web, profitable, and i did not buy very far off being in the money. The reversal makes no sense at all other than people have lost interest and are chasing stocks that are going wild.

    Case in point I made 70% off of FB, 60% off of BABA, 90% off of this PBR (Brazilian Petro) company and the top volume stocks GOOG, APPL, AMZN, etc keep going up. I am afraid to touch them as they are all signaling overbought, and big risk of reversal. Had I stayed in BABA and PBR, I would be at like 150% or better. I saw them pop and rang the cash register while I could. I am not greedy.

    MSFT is doing well, so I threw some in on that yesterday to see if I can get a short term 50% or better.

    Also threw in on SLV the ETF that tracks silver bullion. Silver is still rising and the dollar continues to devalue. I am hoping I can make a little on this one, and I put a longer window on it as it moves fairly slow.

    Sold BAC - made barely 20% and it was just lagging, got bored watching the damn thing.

    At the end of the day sometimes I feel that the market is just a random number generator that is based solely on psychology. The fucking bandwagon approach by just looking at Options Interest and Volume and then looking to hold the option for no more than 15 days (book it about 30 days out just in case) has yielded the best results.

    The only other mistake I made was buying GM, I knew better, but the interest appeared to be there so I went for it. Stupid, I lost 300 bucks and bailed out. Mind you I am only buying 500 to 700 in options on each trade and diversifying across about 5 to 6 options.

    A bit off topic, but if you guys want to keep the convo going, I will start a new thread.
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    New member, started perusing the site a few months ago on a friend's recommendation and joined last month. I was a loyal Stickman reader for years and posted under MaiTaiTime. I'm probably on the older side for this forum, early 50s, and am becoming more interested in the issues that face us oldsters. I live in California and have a professional degree that I use to support a reasonably good living that includes p4p despite the comparatively high prices here in the U.S. The problem is that my skill isn't something I can utilize on the internet so when I'm traveling I go negative income-wise. I have been to Central America, South America and Asia, having just returned from Vietnam for the first time about 3 weeks ago. My goal is to spend part of the year in Asia or Latin America and part in the U.S. I love the freedom of the third world and enjoy months of shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops but I also love a well-tailored suit and bench made shoes. I'd love to connect with other members that are straddling both worlds to share tips and strategies.
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    Welcome to the forum MaiTaiTime. I'm glad you signed up. There are plenty of older gentlemen on board. Lot's of guys are splitting their time between Asia and the west too. So you're not alone here. I look forward to hearing about your travels.
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    Have been travelling to Vietnam for about 10 years, plenty of “tails” along the way but have settled a bit recently mainly go for the good girls and Nam has plenty
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    I love working with options. It takes more studying to understand all the strategies but that’s what’s so great about it is you can make money no matter what the market is doing.
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  14. drifter

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    Damn buddy, you’ve got balls of steel, messing with that stuff.
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  15. drifter

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    Love to hear more about your adventures. I’ve heard a lot about Vietnam and it’s high on my list.
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    Trading options can get a little hairy but there are some real low risk strategies and you just don’t make as much money or lose as much.
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    late introduction
    me living on east coast usa ,was in thailand in 2017 ,planning to visit again or even leave my corp job for 1yr stay in asia
    trying to plan it before i do leave my corp job
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