She Wants To Have My Baby

Discussion in 'Women' started by Skins, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Interesting dating experience this past week. Read the story here. Has this type of shit ever happened to you? o_O
  2. dangnomad

    dangnomad Well-Known Member

    Yeah of course. Usually it is just a cover for them fo justify to themselves that they wanted to be fucked by a white guy.
    Cream that snapper man !
  3. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    That's standard in PH
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  4. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    I was about to say this exact thing happened to me in PH

    How did you handle it?

    I creamed her a couple of times - at her insistence - and went home. Then the "I'm pregnant" messages started. I would have been OK with that (I agreed to cream her didn't I). But she was asking me to pay for an abortion not child care. I'm like "hey that wasn't our deal lady."

    The "pay for abortion" scam is well documented including on this forum. But that's no what happy here. I didn't pay in any case
  5. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Drop your jizz inside them and don't leave your number?
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  6. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Yeah standard, sometimes a scam and they're not pregnant, sometimes a scam and they're pregnant with someone else, sometimes it isn't a scam they want a half western baby and hope you'll change your mind later and throw her some cash. More chance of you doing so than a Filipino guy.

    Sometimes they're retarded and not pregnant


    Some Western sluts do it too


    Sometimes they actually do just want a half foreign baby and they'll never tell the guy about it, they actually like being a single mother, they don't want a man around. Just let grandma look after the kid while they work in the bar.
  7. Mikefox

    Mikefox Well-Known Member

    When i got back to England I had a girl in Peru angle for money saying that her pussy was red and itchy then the next day oh its really sore with white discharge.

    I said show me on video call she said no im to shy but send me a perfectly angled shot which looked straight off of google, i tried to do a search but no luck.

    I didnt have any symptoms and just got tested and all clear.

    I said might be thrush but when she realised she would get no money she blocked me and said she would never speak to me again haha

    The sex was good though and i even cooked her dinner :D
  8. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Just finished making breakfast for my Chinese hybrids. Kids are fun, and I’d enjoy nothing more than populating the world with less retarded citizens. Unfortunately my DNA is public via So the snip seems inevitable for peace of mind. Then it’s game on for role playing per the story above.
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  9. Livingthedream

    Livingthedream Well-Known Member

    There is a lesson to be learnt from this. 2 of my closest friends had Brief flings with girls in Columbia and Mexico; they are both now fathers and trying to make a go of it. Make sure you pad up chaps, this is a huge life changer for 1 drunken, stupid night. "Condoms are a hassle" some of my mates say, but how about a kid for the rest of your life; that's more of a hassle.
  10. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    It's a question of your moral and financial responsibility. Good on your friends for "doing the right thing" as it were.

    I was quite OK with the Filipina having my baby. I would have supported her too (some cash if the baby passes DNA test). But paying for an abortion wasn't our deal
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  11. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    I had a girl about 5 or 6 months ago. Met her online. We went out a few times. Took me about 3 dates to bang her. Which is a little longer than I like, but after that she gave it up easily. :D

    Anyways, I digress...........I told this girl that I wasn't looking for anything very serious and that I just wanted to keep it at "dating"

    Well, one night we are both drunk and go home and pass out together. Wake up around 4am and start going at it. She basically forces me inside her before I have a chance to put a condom on. So I just roll with it. Fuck her and pull out. Next day, I try to bring up the subject of fucking with a condom. I tried to explain that I prefer to always use a condom. But she just shooshed me before I had a chance to talk about it. Fast forward to our next date..............

    This time we are sober. Go home and she climbs on top of me again. No condom. So I roll with it again. At this point, I'm thinking well maybe this chick is on the pill, or something. She doesn't seem too worried about not getting pregnant. Most girls I've banged in Vietnam always ask if I "have condom" before we have sex.

    So the next time we meet after that. I brought the subject up right away. I said that I want to use a condom next time and every time. I don't want to have any problems and get you pregnant. That's when she starts telling me that she wants to have another baby(she already had 1 kid). I said "Well, I don't want to have a baby".

    She said it's OK. That she could raise another baby by herself. I said no, you can't. She said yes, I can. This went back and forth for a few minutes, until I could see that she was really serious. So, in a serious tone and face myself, I told her. NO! I don't want a baby. Are you crazy??

    At this point she realized I was completely serious. I could actually see the hurt in her eyes, I felt a little bad because she was a nice, sweet girl....but shit.........I don't want a baby and i'm not about just getting some girl pregnant for the sake of having one. That night was the last I went out with that girl.

    I dated this girl for about a month btw. Just to illustrate for our readers as to how quickly these girls try and move on things like this out here. It was probably her plan for the beginning.
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  12. ryan754326

    ryan754326 Well-Known Member

    I’ve never even considered this. Thanks for the heads up. I guess if I decide to learn about my family tree, I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

    Makes me wonder how long it will be before everyone’s DNA is on public file, and all of the traveling deadbeat Dad’s of the world are exposed.
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  13. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    The reason I've never done any of the genetic testing stuff is because writers like Tim Ferriss warned about the privacy risk. Probably 5-10 years ago Ferriss was writing about using fake names and anonymous credit cards if you need any genetic tests done. he's a mainstream business writer not a crackpot.

    so yeah, no gene testing for me. As much as I want to prove that I am indeed as sly as a Russian, smart as a Jew, strong as a Scotsman and hung like a Kenyan, I won't have DNA to prove it :p
  14. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    What's the privacy risk with that?

    I recently joined and it's fascinating stuff. But I didn't do the DNA testing.
  15. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Agreed. I think guys who cream chicks without being snipped are insane. If the chick gets pregnant you're fucked! Ok so let's say you have no morals and you'll just skip out on some poor third world family you just created... That's an option I guess. But outside of the moral issues, the chick could make your life miserable. If you choose to be a dead beat dad you'd basically have to flee the country and never go back. Who knows how far the chick would go to ruin your life.

    I'd stick to rubbers with these chicks. Or just freeze some sperm and get the snip. It's well documented that a lot of these girls are desperate to have a foreigners baby.

    A funny coincidence... I went to a bar last night. I was chatting with my usual waitress and she says to me, "see that girl over there, (another employee) she thinks you're handsome and she said she wants to have your baby." :eek: I've never talked to her in my life. They don't even care about a relationship. They just want a half white trophy baby to show off to their friends. Wow men and women sure do think different about these things. That vasectomy was the best money I ever spent.
  16. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Dude what. These females really are reproduction machines. The words are only tools towards that.
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  17. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    Multiple issues. Data can be used against you by cops, could be accessed by insurance companies to deny you insurance, could be used to match forgotten babies in third-world countries, could be used for blackmail purposes in a whole stack of whacky scenarios. This is stuff I've seen serious analysts warn about.

    First hit from Google wasn't bad
  18. FreddyCrabs

    FreddyCrabs Well-Known Member

    Had this same proposition from an 18 year old chick, who may be younger, the other day in Saigon. I'm pretty sure she is still in high school so I stayed the fuck away.
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  19. creepyuncleron

    creepyuncleron Well-Known Member

    had the very same thing happen at my favorite BKK hotel. Pulled a VERY VERY farm fresh teeny bopper out of a little beer bar from Queens Park Plaza on soi 22.

    Dragged her back to my room at the Column (great location next door to Foodland on Suk soi 16) fucked her till breakfast and crashed!
    Woke up all tangled up naked in the 600 thread count Pima cotton comforter to find what looked like the hiding place for the body of a clean head shot assassination stain between my me and my new friend's legs.
    She leaked ALL over everything, the fucking sheets, the comforter, the memory foam topper, everything except the actual mattress was stained!

    I'm thinking $500 minimum, you know how expensive good linens are in Asia. She jumped into the shower and I called housekeeping. They were outstanding, stripped the bed all the way, rolled up the mess and replaced everything as if it never happened. Not a word at check out, I was totally stoked :)
  20. ryan754326

    ryan754326 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere in the archives there is a “worst fuck stories” thread. Mine was about a girl who made me jump though hoops to get her naked, before bleeding all over the bed, locking herself in the bathroom, and finally leaving my hotel in shame.
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