Sihanoukville Revisited 2017

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Aug 29, 2017.

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    My Thai visa is up in November, and I'm seriously considering Snooky as a place to wait out Thai high season, at least part of it. Sounds like it's in a sweet spot right now, not too primitive, not too developed yet.

    My first trip to Cambodia I was hugely disappointed in the girly bars, and this article reminded me why. Even in Phnom Penh, I had difficulty finding anyone to take my money. The one girl I did find (3rd bar and 10, count 'em 10, girly drinks later!) was cute and friendly, but would not budge a cent from $50 and fellated as if my rod were covered in cough syrup and carpet tacks. This was after she made me wash twice. :rolleyes: Next night I had equally bad luck finding anyone to go home with. I finally went inside the bar where I found the above chick (she was outside eating with friends), hoping to find someone different, and every single girl was paired up with a fat bald guy. Suddenly behind me I hear "Lamblin' Man, you come back for me!!! :)" Oh well, same pussy better than no pussy.

    I read about how people have a good time in Phnom Penh and figure I must be doing something wrong.
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    Hmm, I can understand not wanting to kiss a whore considering where her mouth has been, but for me, without kissing and eating pussy, it's not really sex, more like masturbating with a vagina. Kinda fun, but too clinical, especially with a condom (I always* wear with a pro), and not a good value for my money.

    * Except that one time. :oops:
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    What bar complex area did you find the J-Lo Bubble Butt girl in?

    If I recall, the bar complexes around the Golden Lion roundabout don't have upstairs areas.

    Also, where is this Blue Mountain area? I just did a quick Google search and it shows that's in the downtown area about halfway between Victory Hill and the Golden Lion beer bars. Is this correct?
  5. jaz

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    I've heard that Cambodian girls sell their virginity for good money so that probably explains why many drink girls don't go. The Chinese especially are probably willing to pay top dollar for that.
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    I've found Cambodian girls much more hesitant to "yum yum" or suck dick than Thailand or Vietnam. Some cultural purity thing I guess. Although if it's a girlfriend it was a bit better
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    I was in Snooky over the Chinese New Year this year. All of the prices were inflated and the place was inundated with tourists. All of the bar girls wanted at least $50 for short time with some of the hottest ones asking for as much as $100. They seemed content with sticking to this price because of the loads of guys in there buying them drinks.

    I spent around 5 days there before heading to Koh Rong for 3 days. Didn't take a single girl home. I don't like to pay inflated prices when I feel that the quality just isn't there.

    Your write up makes me want to make a second visit during low season. I did mostly enjoy my visit there. Despite the higher prices. It is very laid back and they have some nice, clean beaches there. Also, there was the occasional cutie to be found. I imaging during low season you can have your pick of the litter.

    I still much prefer the mongering and nightlife scene in PP though. Still, I could spend a month or two around Snooky.
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    I took note of the Chinese influence there as well.

    Tons of Casinos all over town. Way more than the local population can handle. Obviously, geared toward the Chinese gambling market.

    I think if you had some good savings built up. Snooky may be a good place to buy a luxury condo on the cheap. I saw a few projects going up around town. It will take many years still. But 10 or 20 years down the road, it could be a very nice and well developed city. Now would be a good time to get in while prices are low. It may turn out to be a good retirement destination for people now in their 40s, early 50s.

    Just have to get the infrastructure built up. Get some good hospitals there. Upgrade that airport. More shopping, better roads, etc..
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  9. Tony Bennett

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    What's the deal with UK nationals buying a house or condo in Cambodia? Can you buy property outright without being married to a local?

  10. BobbyTwoTimes

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    Nice review, I'll have to check it out one day. Especially Blue Mountain. Sounds like my kind of place haha.
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  11. mistergrumpus

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    Dude I'm liking this now. Rainy. Quiet. Affordable. Place to myself. Cute "originals" to call me Daddy and do my laundry. I can do a lot worse.
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    You can buy land and houses with some sort of a corporate structure. Set up a company with a Khmer partner but give them no voting shares. Something like that. Foreigners can own condos. Anything above ground floor. I'm interested in some of the new buildings going up in Sihanoukville. I would need to see them completed first though. A condo on the beach for $40k or so would be a decent buy.
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    I haven't been there for high season but yes it sounds like low season things are much cheaper. Some of the stunners were asking for $50 plus $10 bar fine but I didn't try to negotiate. With $20 shags right down the street why bother with them? And $100 for a bar girl in Snooky is just ridiculous. Might as well go to Bangkok and pull a stunner with that cash.

    It seems like the kind of place where the longer you stay, the more you uncover. I'm sure you could have a lot of fun for very cheap if you actually stayed a few months to learn the ropes and make some connections.
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    Sorry I meant to post a map of that. To be honest, I don't even know if this is "Blue Mountain." There's no big sign or anything. It's just a dirty little side street downtown. The directions I read online said it's a small "dirt road" up behind the market down town. Well the road is was paved but it's possible the info I was reading is dated. If this is NOT Blue Mountain, someone please correct me.

    Here's where I was.


    See the red circle? The street behind the market is "Omui Street." The street I was on was a small street off Omui Street. If you are heading towards Omui Street from Ekareach Street with the market on your right hand side then cross Omui and you will just about run into it. I don't know the street name exactly. There's usually a few moto taxis sitting on their bikes on the corner.

    Shit those bitches should throw me a free shag or something! :D
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    I don't want to hype up Sihanoukville too much because it's a really small scene. If you couldn't find women in Phnom Penh then forget SNV. Phnom Penh has WAYYYY more chicks available than Sihanoukville. But me personally, I hate Phnom Penh. So I would rather have less mongering options and be on the beach.

    Where were you in Phnom Penh? I can't imagine things were so grim that you had to repeat with a chick you didn't even like! Did you stay on just one street?
  16. Skins

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    It's definitely rough compared to beach cities like Pattaya or Nha Trang. Drive around downtown and you realize you're in a third world country. But there are positives to this. And it's on the come up. Construction is booming. The people are super friendly and laid back. Everyone I encountered spoke perfect English. Always smiling and shaking my hand when I make repeat visits to someplace. Khmer people are nowhere near as pushy, rude and aggressive as the Vietnamese. People drive slower. Hardly any horn honking. It's a nice change of pace. If I wasn't obsessed with Vietnamese women I would probably live here. But now I see lot's of Chinese and Vietnamese tourists so I might be able to get my fill of those milky white legs. :D
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  17. mistergrumpus

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    Here's a question:

    Where did you get a chance to sit down and work on your computer?

    Did your hotel have a desk and chair and did that do it for you? Or did you have to look elsewhere?

    (And you know what? A blog post just about THIS, and where you sit down and Really Work in various cities/countries, would really do it for me, and maybe some other people too.)
  18. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    Excuse me what? You said "hardly any horn honking". That's it I'm fucking going.

    Oh and one-mo-thang:
    Could you make a note in your blog post about when the rainy season is there? Like which months of the year?
  19. shandy

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    Sihanoukville(Part-I) was about that "Good Girl" and Part-II has a few updates for the Mongers.
    You have covered it all with some very useful Tips for anyone who is embarking on a Trip to Snooky.

    No update on that Legendary Milf @Snooky.
    I thought you will not miss out on revisiting her Bar.
  20. JohnnyB

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    Senior Grumpus. I also work from a laptop. Mostly from bars with wifi. I prefer high tops to desk chairs, and the last corporate job I took I used a standing desk. It's good for blood flow and health.
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