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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Skins, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Skins

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  2. Ramblin' Man

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    Well reddit is full of libtards and SJWs. But the hapa thing is bigger than that. Mixed race people in general have identity issues. Imagine growing up in the West and a common normie attitude is that your father couldn't get a normal girl and wanted a submissive fuck doll instead. And you're not as good looking as either pure whites or Asians. Can't get laid, don't fit in, no wonder they're angry.

    It used to be common sense that race mixing was not good, but if you say that now you get called an evil nazi.
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  3. Skins

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    I briefly scrolled through that reddit and they seem angry and insecure. Oh well. I appreciate the tiny bump in traffic.
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  4. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    I've been mentioned twice in that subreddit.

    One chick (it's mostly women) made a huge list of every conservative / right leaning media personality (‘Nazis’ they call them, of course) who happens to be dating an Asian chick.

    Hitler is first on her list because he liked Asians. Other than her own Dad who she doesn’t want to name ^^
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  5. drifter

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    Ah, miscegenation rears its ugly head. :) (Irony, mixed with a bit of scarcasm)

    Often the mixed race children are much more attractive than either parent. Funny about that. And, disgusting monger that I am, when I see the (rare) attractive black girl, the first thing that goes through my mind is, "Damn, I'd like to breed that."
  6. JohnnyB

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  7. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Nobody threatened to torture you and use your blubber as fuel. Try harder.

    You had some defenders on the 2nd article, which I thought was nice and pro-women.
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  8. sully

    sully Well-Known Member

    so you say mixing race is not good...whys that? i'm not talking about multiculturalism but if two people from different ethnicity's breed then thats a bad thing?
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  9. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Heh yeah that was me on a gimmick reddit account
  10. Skins

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    Some vicious creatures in there. They must have miserable lives.
  11. Ramblin' Man

    Ramblin' Man Well-Known Member

    I mentioned one reason already: Identity issues.
    If the child is affected, then yes, I consider it immoral. It possibly doesn't matter for a Dutchman + a Swede, but consider this:
    -In America, in 98% of cases of black father + white mother, the father contributes jack shit to support the child. Why isn't this taught in schools? Why aren't their PSAs about this? Well, we know why.
    -Mixed race people seem more likely to be trannies and have other issues.
    -If Eliot Rogers wasn't a hapa, would he have killed those people?

    If you're going to get married and have kids, the most important thing is compatibility, not puppy love. That includes your spiritual bent, attitude, etc.
  12. sully

    sully Well-Known Member

    okay whole heartedly agree with you on the identity issues. when a person is mixed they can end up not being accepted in either ethnicities which can make them feel like outcast.

    yes theirs a lot of deadbeat fathers in the community BUT that being said, America just like many other developing countries has a very high divorce rate and it tends to be that women, 90% take the custody of the children because of the biased system unfortunately. who needs a father these days when you have BIG DADDY government funding single mothers expenses all the time.

    "mixed race people seem more likely to be trannies and have other issues" thats a vague statement.

    C'mon man you can't be serious about the last one.
    Elliot rodgers did not kill people because of his race o_O it's waayyy deeper than that!

    He came from a loving family, was reasonable good looking (no homo) and you could say he was wealthy too...but that wasn't enough.
    it's very obvious that he was autistic and if you read his manifesto this kid had some serious social issues. In plain simple, the kid was a fucking weirdo but all he truly needed was some validation from a girl he found a attractive.

    I promise you if he had taken a plane to Thailand, he would still be alive by now and so would his victims.
  13. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    That crossed my mind.
  14. mistergrumpus

    mistergrumpus I Ride My Bicycle To Church

    And THAT's why miscegenation was illegal. Because it leaves us with (understandably!) messed-up children and adults who don't feel part of or invested in their own society. Born outsiders. Trouble!

    Even Elliot Roger was pissed at his Dad for knocking up a Chinese woman instead of trying harder for a white girl. Feel free to argue the morality all around that, but you can't argue that Elliot was a real person, with real problems, with real consequences for the real people around him.

    "Consenting Adults" is the big lie of our century.

    Now. What I've also heard is that HAPA's do very well in the Philippines in particular. So at least they have somewhere still to go. That's where Elliot should have been sent. No joke.
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  15. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Well-Known Member

    Cultural issues and background are always something to consider between partners, though I would argue that common economic backgrounds trump everything else when it comes to marriage stability.

    *** sidenote - I read an article once arguing that rising inequality in America was directly coordinated with the feminist movement and increase in female higher education BC well-off men started marrying financially stable women instead of their secretaries. Definitely something to ponder at the bar ***

    Anyways, I have lovely mixed children that have lived on multiple continents and cultural identity has never been an issue as we've always lived in the heart of large cities. I could see it being an issue in the suburbs, or for a coloured child in a predominantly black neighborhood. But not anywhere I'd ever choose to live.
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  16. Ramblin' Man

    Ramblin' Man Well-Known Member

    It was a question and worth pondering! Lol

    Sure, but I interpret that to mean that even a good environment can't make up for issues baked in from a hapa.

    Look, it's normal to disagree with my views. Race denial is one of the religions of the modern world, and I'm a heretic.

    And yeah, if he had a different dating environment that just might be enough. But if he had a chip on his shoulder thinking his father just wanted a doll he could fuck, he wouldn't do what we do. Look at the vitriol in Reddit posts above.
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  17. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    so, the biggest enemies of this forum are not feminists, white knights,'s the Hapas!?!o_Oo_Oo_O
  18. ryan754326

    ryan754326 Well-Known Member

    Elliot Rodgers problems were 100% inside of his own head. I don't think it really had anything to do with him being mixed race. I'm sure there are plenty of HAPA's out there who are getting laid on a regular basis, even if a small, but vocal internet community of them makes it sound otherwise.
    When his story was in the news, I remember thinking the same thing - that a trip to Thailand could have prevented the whole thing, but after reading a bit more about him I've changed my opinion on that: Guys who refuse to try to meet women, and also refuse to pay for it, have no hope. If he really just needed some pussy that bad, he could have found a way.
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  19. southernallstars

    southernallstars Well-Known Member

    I think the best way to raise children of mixed ethnity is to give them the best of both cultures, i.e. they should have a deep understanding of both cultures, speak Mandarin fluently too and even be able to read those 3000 characters. Ideally even live a while in China. That way they grow up to be highly international people rather than basically Americans but with something missing....

    Being between those two world powers can be very interesting and a headstart when they start out their careers. Plus they will be able to choose when grown up.

    Identity of any sort is overrated in the West. Buddhist, Taoists and Hindus spend all their energy trying to loose it.
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  20. jspill

    jspill Well-Known Member

    Thailand too, either they're famous TV personalities, models, or just really good looking and successful in the dating game.
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