Subic Bay, Philippines - Location Review

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Skins, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Skins

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  2. the lockmaster

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    Where's the story about the hot little spinner you took down there?
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  3. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    $200/ month for an apartment. Fuck. That's cheap!

    I like the strategy of keeping 2 places. One in Angeles and another in Subic. Especially for an online worker. You could probably pull some mad tail out of Angeles to go down there with you. Get to know all of the good talent around town and then casually invite them for a weekend down at your place in Subic. I'm sure a lot of girls would like to have a short getaway.
  4. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt Well-Known Member

    Looks like a cheap place with beautiful and peaceful beaches to grind/hussle and get some online work done... As long as internet is reliable. You can probably get by with $500 -$700 a month out there, with a few nights to "Party" or even hit AC for a weekend...
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  5. creepyuncleron

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    I'm assuming the "Freeport" area was the old Naval base? As you entered the "gate" was there a small river/moat surrounding the property border? If so that was the old "shit river". We (sailors) would toss pesos into the water for fun, and watch the kids dive into that nasty water after them. I know it was fucked up on my part and I'll surely burn for that and other like deeds.
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  6. Dale

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    I don't think we will ever get a 15/15 location report, but those are pretty sweet numbers for those considering retiring on a limited budget.
    $1500 - $2000 is going to give you a pretty decent retirement, with all bases covered if you don't mind a bit of bus travel......

    It sounds more appealing the more I think about it......beach living, with a world class brothel (Angeles) a hop and a skip away, and a massive capital city , concrete jungle (Manila) just a stone's throw away.

    To cap it all off you are in the Philippines and the girls are so sweet, plentiful, English-speaking and so eager to please her guy. From my experience, these girls make for excellent girlfriend/wife material.

    Thanks for the intel Skins.... Subic bay looks like a solid option as a single man's paradise!
  7. uatgbr

    uatgbr Member

    i haven't been to subic but the AC/subic combo does sound good as they are very close and somewhat different. i've considered a few of these two location combos in the past and for me, it made more sense to stay at a hotel at one and have my HQ at the other. hotels can be pretty cheap in SEA and sometimes it is nice to have someone else do the cooking (the hotel restaurant) at your 'get away' location.
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  8. Skins

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    Not much of a story really. She came down with me and stayed a day and a night. Then she went to visit her family in the nearby province after that. I stayed a few more nights on my own before heading back to AC. We just hung out at the resort, ate some food. Fucked a few times. Slept for a while. Had cocktails at the floating bar. It was a good time but nothing too wild.
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  9. Skins

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    Thanks guys. I like the idea of splitting my time between AC and Subic. Reason being, I think either place would get on my nerves after too long. AC is a polluted dump full of whores and scum bags. But damn it's fun... And Subic is a bit dull for long term living. Thankfully it's such an easy one hour ride from one to the other. Nice clean highway with no traffic. The bus is cheap and doing it on a bike would be a blast.

    Hotels seemed a bit expensive to me in both AC and Subic. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong places but apartments are a much better value than hotels. I could probably get away with spending $500 total on two flats.

    The ultimate combo would be Manila / Boracay but I can't really afford that now. That would be about $1,500 in apartments. The apartments are much more expensive in those locations plus the flight / ferry trip is an added expense and a pain in the balls to be doing every weekend. AC / Subic is the easier option and more budget friendly. Seriously considering that.
  10. tad800

    tad800 Well-Known Member

    Never been to Subic, when I did decide to go a couple of times I got distracted by something and did not make it. May still go on my next trip to PI.
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  11. Hook

    Hook Well-Known Member

    I have been to Subic area a few times and like it much better than AC or Cebu and shit hole of Puerto Galera.
    However , i was staying at a nice private house with pool etc. in the SBMA (subic freeport-old base) no jeepneys or trikes.
    SBMA is huge and has cool out of the way beaches and activity. We had a jeep and motorbikes. The jungle has not been logged out like rest of Philippines and has lots of interesting exploring areas if into that , monkeys , snakes , big fukking BATS , Zoo , zip lines etc. a few not too bad places to eat in Subic base with malls . Cross the bridge over shit river into real PI into Olongopo and the jeepneys and trikes and hoards of people, visit the local market for veges and ??? a bit of nightlife in a few bars in Olongopo and a few freelancers hanging about. BUT,
    for the real action head over the hill to Barrio Barretto....a few blocks of BARS . One big MAZE of about 5-6 bars owned by MO who moved outta AC and really got Barretto re- kickstarted. Lots and fun Bars with surprises... every bar has a few gems. It is not over run by the Korean s YET.
    No Double lady drinks as can for sure have fun and find a GFE in Barretto. the Office Bar seems to have a good supply of 7-8,s
    There are short time rooms to had in a few hotels in Barretto.... and there are some ok hotels to stay a few days.. Thats the one problem with the place, big prices for 1-2 star rooms... have fun. Panama here i come.
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