The Single Man's Guide To Fitness

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Skins, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Great post. Super important. Specially for mental health.. Whenever I'm feeling down buzzed or whatever over something, I simply step into the gym and bash out an hour and I'm a new man

    Diet is the hardest bit.. Specially with all the temptations here.

    Just one thing, do you go to ac'd gyms? or just your standard 1970's lookalike Viet gym ? Honestly all my pb's on my lifts drop by like 10-15 kg's when I'm working out at local gyms.
    Cannot breathe in the dam air man drenched in sweat.. that humidity gets you
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    If you want to jackhammer a girl's pussy so hard and long she's thinking of you all week then I also advocate getting your cardio up to a 30 minute jog at say a 9 minute mile pace. That's not too hard to achieve. Your lungs, calves and heels will feel lousy at first but then the progression is quick.
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    Thanks man. I'm the same way. Whenever I'm in a bad mood I hit the gym and walk out with a smile on my face. The endorphins or whatever it is, that shit will change your outlook on life.

    I usually go to the dirty 70's style gyms. The heat doesn't really bother me anymore. I usually go at noon when nobodies around. The locals are sleeping so I have the place to myself. And it's not too hot in there, usually...

    I recently had the flu or some shit so I was out of the gym for a week and eating like a bird. Time to crawl back to greatness! Going to the gym in a few minutes actually.
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    Yeah I haven't been running in a while. I usually go hard in the gym and just take long walks on my off days. After I go on this next wild bender in the Philippines I'm going to get real serious about fitness. Thanks for reading.
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    I totally agree with what you said about winning the war in the kitchen. Like you, I learned this when I was younger and worked out while eating like crap = no gains.

    Also, a good whey protein can help supplement your protein intake. I have used Muscle Milk as well - good for about 25 gr of good protein.

    Man, I do not exercise at all and need to get into the’s time.
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    Oh Hell Yes!! Once I got to Thailand, after the first couple of weeks, I started hitting the gym again. It had been a long long time since I was serious about lifting. Maybe 15 years. In the past 4 months I’ve lost over 16 kilos (maybe 35-40 pounds) and got so much stronger. Plus my cholesterol and heart rate went down. Also, I’m no longer prediabetic.

    My heart doctor here is a fitness fanatic, and says exercise is the best medicine.

    Like you mention, walking is a great supplement to the lifting. I try for 10-20,000 steps a day. And a little running doesn’t hurt either, just don’t overdo it. For young guys especially it can cut your lifting gains. It’s easier to overtrain than most people think.

    The advantages to exercise are not just physiological but psychological. It’s easy to become one of those guys sitting at the beer bar at 10 am. Gut spilling over their belt. Slowly starting a downward spiral that ends with joining the Pattaya Fliers Club. The lifting puts you into a better mindset. And the friends you make in the gym are other guys serious about life. And some of the ladies there? Whoa.
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    Great post by Skins. The only thing I would add is to maintain your flexibility as you increase your strength. Some guys get so huge they actually reduce their range of motion. It sucks to increase your squat but lose your "hip flexibility" ;)
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  9. Skins

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    Good for you drifter! That's huge progress! And I'm sure it makes you want to double down on your efforts. Once you start seeing results it becomes addicting.

    I love to party, drink massive amounts of beer and eat dirty shit pizza and burgers. But thankfully I enjoy fitness just as much. So that will probably save my life in the end. And you're right, the gym does open you up to a whole new world of people you wouldn't normally meet in the bars. It's a good place to network in a new city.
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    Haha yeah I could have made this post A LOT longer. I wanted to keep it under 1,000 words if possible. In my last post about fitness I tried to sell people the book "Starting Strength." It's a good book but it's like an encyclopedia. Grumpus bought it and said he couldn't even comprehend the info. And last time I checked he hasn't even started lifting yet. :rolleyes: So I wanted to make this as simple as possible to hopefully get guys going. But yes, you can go very deep into all this shit if you want to. Thanks for the comment!
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  11. Mr. Monsay

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    Great post! Any tips for Gyms in the BKK Sukhumvit area?
  12. Mikefox

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    Fitness is important for a healthy mind and body.

    I have started doing bodyweight stuff because then there is no excuses and gym memberships needed, only equipment i bought was a door chinup bar.

    This whole thing started after i watch the new film out called shotcaller haha

    When i was travelling i noticed even though i was eating pretty healthy i would sometimes end up with a gut that was bloated and pregnant looking so after some research i have decided to undertake a 2 week water fast whilst doing a parasite cleanse, interested to see the results, a sort of system reset.

    I also read into this no fap thing and at first i thought what a load of shit but i swear not smashing myself to death everyday does wonders for my mood, longest i made it so far was a week.

    Right now my mind is open to ways of self improvement and just generally breaking bad habbits.
  13. Ramblin' Man

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    About the display screens, it's still good to unplug a while before bed, but if you have to be on late for some reason, install f.lux on your computer. At sunset, it shifts the color balance towards red and away from blue. It's the blue light that wakes us up more.
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  14. lucalbert

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    Almost 2 years ago in Phuket city, I pushed myself a little too hard and did in my shoulder. I self diagnosed a rotator cuff tear and waited a year and a half and still an issue when I started at the gym again in June. Reaggravated it and now on break getting physio and acupuncture, getting better.
    I just wanted to remind you not to push too hard in the heat!
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  15. Skins

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    I actually have a shoulder issue as well. Many years ago I had a little scuffle at a club. One of the bouncers had me on the ground with my arm behind my back. Big 300 pound Hells Angel looking mother fucker. Damn near twisted my shoulder out of the socket! Rehabbed it but it still gets aggravated at times.

    I take it easy on the shoulders. Long warm ups and stretching before I lift. And I don't go too heavy. Keep the weight under control. Usually it's fine. But yes I agree with you. No need to go crazy and injure yourself. It sucks sitting out for several weeks because you tweaked something.
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  16. Fiver Fever Fewer

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    See? That's why I never go to clubs
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  17. retired&drifting

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    The exercise/diet program which you can stick to over the long haul, is always better than programs you can't stick to. Very important to think about this.

    Which is why I don't bother with weights or running, since no way I could sustain those programs. Instead, I do 6 minutes of hard calistenics/yoga every morning ( about one minute each of hindu pushups, hindu squats, handstand, yoga upward facing bow aka full bridge, yoga peacock pose, yoga scale pose), plus a variety of easier stretching and toning yoga exercises and kegels, for a total of 20 minutes. 6 minutes hard work is really my limit and so is the 20 minutes total from time I start the pushups to time I finish and walk to the shower. But that's enough to give a very good body for a man aged 56. See photos here:
    I take photos like this every year to check for imbalances in my yoga. My bridge in those photos is bad form, which I'm working on, but everything else is okay.

    Yoga peacock is the only floor exercise I know of to build biceps, and it's not a great exercise for that purpose. My biceps are not that big consequently. Adding pullups as a 7th minute of hard exercise would be the way to go to improve my routine, for those who want bigger biceps/lats. But I live in hotels year round, and no pullup bar in the room and I'll be damned if I'm going to walk to the park to do still more exercises after completing my 20 minutes exercising in the room.

    To reiterate, kegels are extremely important. I do these while sitting in lotus at the end of my routine, while simultaneously performing shoulder stretches, so as to kill 3 birds with 1 stone, so to speak, and thus reduce duration of the routine. Getting finished quickly is very, very important to me.

    It's true that obesity has almost nothing to do with exercise and everything to do with eating too much. But it's very hard to control eating of you are under stress, since out of control hunger is a natural side effect of stress. Which is why sleep is so important. Insufficient sleep is a major source of stress. Eating once a day is a very eat way to avoid mindless eating, since it's hard to stuff more than 3000 Calories in your body at once, assuming you eat lots of bulky carbs and fiber like me. If you eat mostly fat, you could eat more than 3000 Calories at one meal, so you'd need to count calories if your diet is mostly fat.
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  18. drifter

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    Yeah, I started pushing hard about two months ago and strained my shoulder badly. Couldn’t do presses at all for a while. Now I use a Smith machine. It locks you into a groove so there’s no moving back and forth on the bar. Usually I can find an angle that doesn’t hurt at all. Now I can do bench and incline presses, Military presses too, and even upright rows.
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  19. drifter

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    We’re all different. I like going to the gym. Now I’m retired, it helps give me something to structure my day around. I meet cool guys and hot girls so it’s a win/win for me. Also, I can be way too introverted, so this gets me out and about with the sort of people I want to deal with.

    And weights are one of the quickest way to reshape your body. That or boxing. I’m starting to rethink my whole fitness regime though. Within a few months or a year, I’ll have as much muscle as I need and since I tend to go heavy on the weights I don’t want to be doing this full time for the next couple decades. I might shift to a day or two a week. Maybe some Thai boxing, Tai Chi if I can find a good teacher nearby, or even Yoga. Possibly find a climbing gym here. (Screw me!! There’s actually a climbing gym in Pattaya. In the Harbor Mall. And I walked right past it yesterday!)

    I’ll probably add some more running to my walking too.

    The big secret for me? Keeping it interesting and even fun.
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