The Truth About Dating in The Philippines

Discussion in 'Women' started by Skins, Jan 27, 2018.

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    Can confirm that pinays are shy, but only until you break the ice, either online or in person.
    Taking a phone number can be easy if you have some style and its obvious when girl likes what she sees, as like most of Asian ladies, they are really bad at pretending, unlike there western sisters who mastered that skills. When comes to bed, dude, they are real freaks, and love it maybe even more than chicken with rice ;)
    I mean, i love Thai ladies, but i think Spanish blood gives pinays some temper which can drive man crazy.
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    Is it worth signing up to Philippine Cupid on short 2 week trips or would you only bother when your going to be out there for months like Skins?
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    One of my mates told his Filipino GF that he was going home early, because he felt sick. The GF left work early to come back and take care of him. When he stumbled in drunk at 5 AM, she was staring at the door with a large cleaver sitting on the kitchen table. :eek:
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    I signed up for Filipino Cupid and spent a lot of time prioritizing and sorting then contacting these girls and it can get overwhelming trying to decide which ones to meet.

    In the end I found it very easy to meet girls in the malls, bars and just about everywhere so I wouldn’t recommend FC for a short stay.
  6. The being shy and not wanting to make the first move stems from over 400 years of Spanish colonization. Its called "hiya". Ladies were raised to be "modest" and to always let the man lead or make the first move. They were also taught that they should make the man ask their family for permission to date, ergo some men getting turned off when he simply wants to fuck but the girl wants him to meet her entire clan :)

    You still have girls like me whove grown up abroad who dont mind making the first move in manila, but yeah, Filipino girls will rarely make the first move. Oh and the falling in love fast is from colonization too. Theyve inherited the strong spanish passion for love ;)
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  8. Id pin that on the chinese (not racist since im chinese) or most likely, girl just crazy :))
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    Thanks for the insight. Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you signed up. May I ask, how did you find the site?
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    You can easily set up a bunch of dates in advance if you join Filipino Cupid. I think it's worth the $25 or whatever. Walking around the malls works too but it's hit or miss. The dating sites are a sure thing. You can sit in front of your computer and line up 10 dates within an hour.

    If it's a money issue then try Pina Love. It's 100% free to join and message girls but you are limited to one message every ten minutes. Happy hunting!
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  11. I was googling about the dating scene in vietnam since i was headed over for business, your site popped up. This was last year.
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    I've never dated a piña (only banged). One thing I did notice is the level of bible bashing is high with them. Has this ever affected anyone dating a piña? (Particularly if like me, you are agnostic, atheist and just creeped out by religious people)
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    Never been an issue thus far but you do notice the Catholicism everywhere. Reminds me of the Puerto Ricans I grew up around with their Jesus pictures and crosses everywhere. Went to church with one chick haha. Had another girl do the little cross the chest thing and pray before eating but that's it. They don't try to preach to you. Christians don't bother me. It's those other people who give me the creeps...
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    Awesome! Glad I'm ranking for those keywords. So did you go to Vietnam? How was it? I would love to hear about your experience as a female traveling there.
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  15. I travel for work, so I was in Vietnam for work. Didnt hook up with a local though - mostly fellow business people.
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    Reading this post makes me kind of envious. I live in Manila but I've been back in new york for the past five months taking care of some personal stuff. Man, to be back in Manila banging all those sweet, pretty sexy girls. And they give such great head! (Although I'm not sure what you mean about Filipina girls being shy. Sure, you have to say hello to them but 5 minutes later they're in bed riding you like a champion rodeo girl.) Lucky guy!
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    I love Filipinas... I'm on my 3rd one in about 3 years, but I am always upgrading.. Younger, fitter, and sweeter..
    I feel so blessed to have so many Filipinas in Ontario Canada.. One day I hope to travel to PH and see their country
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    This article is entirely spot-on regarding Filipina Cupid. In the half-year I've been on the site I've collected about 3000 (!) interests and perhaps 1500 messages. I've talked to maybe a couple hundred, am currently talking to 30, and have 9 ready to fuck when I step foot in PH again. These are all girls 8+ and 2 10s (as long as height is not considered ). The cream rises to the top if you're patient.

    In the USA I'm lucky to get 100 interests in an entire year from the big four dating sites combined and they are mostly undateable bitter overweight hags.

    I can't vouch for chasing girls offline though. I'm a tad old (but look good for my age) and nervous about the creep factor. I've got more than I can handle from FC anyway.
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  19. andrewj

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    I'm planning on visiting the PI this year, but un-decided on location or methodology of meeting girls. Thinking of Cebu, as it looks safer than Manilla. Maybe Davao City. To date, I've not tried online dating at all, prefer spontaneity. Perhaps for PI I'll make an exception.
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    I've been rejected several times in the past two years in the USA for being an atheist. It's never happened with Filipinas and I've talked to many more Filipinas than Americans in that time. I even make a point to bring it up my atheism when their Filipino Cupid profile says they're looking for someone "very religious". Atheism seems immaterial to religious Filipinas.
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