The what have you done today thread

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Travel Bum Bum, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Travel Bum Bum

    Travel Bum Bum Well-Known Member

    Hopefully a fun thread about what you are all doing through out the day...share as much / as little info as you wish...

    I spent the night at my Filipina's place...ordered Popeye Tuesday chicken special, 2 pieces for $3.29CAD...made rice and vegi, had a proper dinner..watched a movie called The Other Woman ( I think some guys can relate) ... had a great sex session before bed at 10:30pm...woke up at 3:30am, 2nd sex session... and finally alarm went off at 7am wednesday morning for 3rd sex session... drove her to work... and I sit at work logged into SMP and daydreaming about SEA and what the other SMP players are up to..
  2. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    Mon-Friday my days are mostly free. I don't start work until afternoon, or evening time on those days. So I have the luxury of sleeping in. I like to go to the park and get a workout in, or run errands on those days. Also, I can stay up late and go out if I want to. Gotta be careful of boozing too much every night though. At least at the bars. It really drains your money and it's not so good for your health. Still, I know many people here who do it 7 days a week. 5-10 beers a night and a pack of smokes usually.

    On weekends, I have an opposite schedule. I start work early in the morning and also work in the afternoon. So no partying for me. :(
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  3. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Woke up around 8am. Went outside for a banh mi and coffee. Read for an hour at the cafe. Currently reading this book and it had me laughing out loud a few times.

    Went home. Wrote a blog post. Now I'm catching up on the forum. Soon I will hit the gym. Squat, Bench press, dead lift, dips, pull ups, weighted crunches.

    Go home, cold shower, cook lunch, eat, rest 30 minutes. Then work on editing a book. It's so tedious it makes me want to hang myself.

    Tonight not sure... Maybe meet a broad for dinner and drinks. Drag her back to my place for some rough sex.

    Exciting life huh?
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  4. Travel Bum Bum

    Travel Bum Bum Well-Known Member

    Day off from the office... drop kids to school, got a haircut, drove Uber for 5 hours, pick up kids, kids soccer practice for an hour, drive home with kids, make dinner, get in bed..

    Beuller? beuller? Beuller?
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  5. Travel Bum Bum

    Travel Bum Bum Well-Known Member


    I have ended my Filipina relations after one year…after spoiling her with love, gifts, attention, driving/picking up from her work, taking her shopping, concerts, weekend getaways, taking her kid to work, living there 2/3 days a week, bringing her to my house when I have my kids, inviting her to my family functions, she says “ she does not feel like a priority”. So I made sure to end it to make sure she is not a priority anymore… what bullshit…

    @Skins, if I have your permission, I would like to send the following to her: I can't deal with a spoiled little cunt with an attitude. You expect me to drop everything I'm doing and go see you anytime you want. The world doesn't work that way. << @Skins, please bless this for me

    So…back to the time consuming dating Apps.. I’m running 7 apps steady. I decide to try a few messages on We Chat… Bingo.. started a conversation with a Chinese, staying in Toronto, just arrived about 3 weeks ago. Exchange numbers, talked on the phone with her poor English, language barrier already in place. Anyways, seal the deal on a dinner date Tuesday night. Go to pick her up and I am already disgusted, ok butter face, over weight, over age, language barrier…FML..i needed a distraction from Filipina, So let’s do this and get it over with.

    Go to nice Italian restaurant…struggling to make conversation. I’m using this as an opportunity to flirt with others in the restaurant and just practice some moves on china girl. So, China girl is getting drunk on her ONE red glass of wine, giving me googly eyes and falling in love with me…when dessert comes I move from across of her, to beside her on bench seat and start holding her hand and touching her leg.. I know the restaurant bill is going to be almost $100 CAD, so I thought, WTF… I’m to drop some moves and try to bang China Girl and get the most out of this night.

    She starts touching me and now were kissing in the restaurant. I ask her if she wants to go back to my house for another “ dessert”, she says YES !!. Get back to my place, im showing her around the house, and she says “ wheres my room “ ?? wtf…then talking she has to go back to China in 6 months, unless she finds a man to love and gets married… I pretend I don’t hear her but I see where this is going already.

    Go downstairs, candles / fireplace on, start making out on the couch, she starts rubbing my dick with pants on…making progress.. she goes to undo my belt, pants drop, its in her mouth, but she is like an amateur. I bring her upstairs, clothes come off, the nasty begins. China girl has a cute giggle, and I like the sounds of mixed laughter / crying / yelping the Asians make…4 positions and an hour later she tells me to cum inside…done deal. I have known her just 3 hours.

    She stays the night.. I give it to her 3 more times… she is calling me baby / boyfriend / telling me I should buy another house for investment and she will rent it with foreign students, coming up with these business ideas before her 6 months runs out. Sun rises Wednesday morning, tell her I need to go work, and drop her off where she is staying. Hopefully she finds a man to love her, cause it isn’t me.

    Next up from the Apps:

    40’s year old Portuguese lady, married 30 years, asks me if I want to be friends with a married lady

    40 year old East Indian girl, getting separated, wants a distraction and some fun.

    40 year old Cambodian, this one is a challenge, strong language barrier, Mother Theresa type
  6. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    I had to take care of my little brat. Always rubber up lads or you can kiss your freedoms goodbye
  7. ji491042

    ji491042 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to hear his voice (Yeah yeah I know I'm clingy as fuck) so I drove 30 mins (again) to his coffee shop, he wasn't there. I should know better. Stayed there a bit so I dont look like an idiot and pretend I'm working on my laptop.
    Had a small talk with the people at the coffee, he' not sick anymore. I feel worse because he hasnt messaged me, I keep convincing myself he's sleeping

    You guy should have a feature like This day last year like Facebook, to remind me how I was an idiot in dating one year later :D
  8. Khanh

    Khanh Well-Known Member

    Oh, a squirrel? Give me some more pics of the baby, please! :)
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  9. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    20170502_154139.jpg IMG-20170502-WA0050.jpeg 20170502_140341.jpg 20170501_201503.jpg 20170503_183150.jpg 20170501_111919.jpg
  10. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Donny is like a proud father over here lol.
  11. Khanh

    Khanh Well-Known Member

  12. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    yeah m8. one of them already ran away and the other one is clingy af. they're super cute but i never want kids for sure, takes too much time.
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  13. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    they prolly think the gook girl wants to cook them ;)
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  14. Ghengis

    Ghengis Well-Known Member

    Have you named them yet? I think Bilbo and Dildo would bre cute.
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  15. Khanh

    Khanh Well-Known Member

    I don't eat pets. If i crave them, I will find a rat. Promise! :D
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  16. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    Bring those little fuckers to Sai Gon. Lau Squirell... Ngon qua! :D
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  17. Mia The Devil

    Mia The Devil Well Known Member

    Yeah, we get daily dose of Clingy Robbin!
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  18. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Batman and Robbin aka robbin' bastard
  19. DonTravolta

    DonTravolta le spicy memer

    Squirrels aren't pets, so I'm still sceptical :p
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  20. Skins

    Skins Head Nigga in Charge Staff Member

    They would BBQ that little nigga so quick and wash it down with some cheap beer.
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