The Easiest Way To Find Sexy Hookers in Bangkok, Thailand!

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Now here’s Ron with your review! 😀

Hey y’all! This is your Creepy Uncle Ron sharing a bit of knowledge with the tribe. Thanks to our boy Skins for opening the floor to guest posts. This will be more of an Op-Ed piece rather than a proper review.

What’s a “Soapy”, and why would you ever want one? It’s a type of massage that involves you and one or more partners getting all lathered up, laying atop an inflatable air mattress on the floor (usually beside a large Jacuzzi tub) and being massaged by one or more people with body to body contact, sliding up, down and all around!

Most all massage gigs that offer soapy’s are set up with a “fishbowl” and “Sideliners/Models” tiered arrangement. The fishbowl is a well lit, large amphitheater seating area for the girls behind glass. Customers are usually in a dim lit lounge area where food and drinks can be ordered, and the girls are observed from afar.

If you favor one or more simply inform the mamason/papason of the badge number(s) and they will be presented for your approval! Sideliners are usually seated on couches or benches in the same lounge area as the customers. You can freely interact with sideliners directly or by proxy through the mamason/papason.

Bottom line, Fishbowl girls are usually older, less expensive, skilled at proper body/therapeutic massage, soapy massage, and are regular employees. Sideliners are usually younger, more expensive, not particularly skilled at massage and are freelancers where they set their own schedules.

Not many Sideliners will perform a proper soapy massage but instead just get naked with you in the tub, give you a head to toe scrub, a BBBJ (Bare Back Blow Job) while in the tub and finish up with sex. Just ask before choosing!

Should you go get a soapy massage in Bangkok? YES!

I think anyone who loves to have sex with beautiful girls must get a soapy at least once before they die. As far as I know none of the soapy places I’ve ever been to had ladyboys working but if that’s your thing I’m sure there are many places that can cater to this need, just none of my recommendations! But hey we “No judge” here 😉

I had my first soapy back in 1989 during a port liberty in Pattaya while I was in the USN. Fast forward to 2006, had my second soapy while in Chiang Mai, I was hooked! I’ve since had conservatively over 50 to date. I once joked with the gay papason at Nataree if he could arrange for me to rent a room there, all inclusive for my next month long holiday, and I kinda wasn’t joking 🙂

Where is the best soapy massage in Bangkok, Thailand?

Let’s focus on Bangkok for now. The Huai Khwang area has the highest concentration of massage places offering “soapy” among other types. This area is very well served by the MRT which is a huge plus since traffic becomes a non issue. Let’s start with my favorite gig.

Nataree. Address: 167/17-20 Ratchadaphisek Rd., Huay Khwang, Din Deang, Bangkok 10400 Hours 12 noon to last call at around 11pm (so everyone gets out by 12am-ish)

Pro tip: Don’t ever take a taxi/tuk tuk/moto, Ratchadaphisek traffic is worse than lower Sukhumvit and with less places to u-turn at median breaks, a total time sink. Always take the MRT, get off at the Huai Khwang stop and use the #3 exit. Walk south 135 meters, on your right use the first entrance you come to.

Why here? Selection. Nataree has the best selection of any soapy I’ve ever been to, hands down! Show up on any weekday around 3pm you’ll find a minimum of 50 girls. After 6pm over 100. (Never before 3 or you’ll have to settle for the 4/10 elderly Chinese cleaning lady.)

Nataree is set up with the normal tiered arrangement of Sideliners/Models and Fishbowl girls. Sideliners are 2,300 – 2,600 Thai Baht for 90 minutes.

These girls are primarily HOT Uni students looking to make a few easy baht and enjoy the flexibility to come and go as they please. If you’ve ever hung out at Central Lat Phrao these are exactly the kind of girls you get!

Pro Tip: If you meet a cool sideliner and you want to take her out, they are allowed to leave with you. No problem and no barfine bullshit. Just ask her if she’s busy and come to an agreement on payment! I once took a cool sideliner on a 3 day coke/booze/ecstasy binge in Hua Hin. We had a blast 😉 I still shoot her an SMS when I’m in town.

Fishbowl girls are 2,000 baht for 90 minutes. They are regular full time staff similar to what you may find in a typical beer bar. Late 20’s to late 30’s, can give you a proper massage in addition to a great soapy and of course sex. I’m about 30% fishbowl, 70% sideliner.

The set up, you go in through the Northern entrance, turn right and you’re in a large room with benches around the perimeter and dinner style (Denny’s) booth seating for the customers in the center. Fishbowl along the entire Eastern wall with sideliners sitting around you on the benches. You can get up and get a closer look at any of the girls, chit chat, bring her back to your seat (if you’ve taken a seat? *) have a drink yada yada. Whatever makes you happy 😉

Note: Some Japanese customers don’t bother sitting down. They march in, scan the room, point and start heading for the cashier LIKE A FUCKING BOSS 🙂

Once you’ve made your selection(s) you head over to the Southeast corner where the elevator and cashiers counter is placed. You pay, hit the lift and head up to #2 or #3.

The rooms are approximately 5/8m, on one side an elevated bed with mirrors on the back wall, the other half a sunken tiled tub area with a big 4 man jacuzzi tub.

Pro tip: When the cleaning lady escorts you and your partner(s) to the room she will offer to get you anything (drinks/food). DO NOT order shit! She will take forever and your girl won’t start until she knows there will be no interruptions, yet your time started back at the cashier! I once burnt 25 of my 90 minutes waiting around for granny, Not cool. 🙁

It’s just you and your new friend(s) now, normally both side liners and fishbowl girls will do an initial room inspection, check the tub for left overs, give it a curtasy rinse and review the little goody basket for all needed stuff like lube, condoms, wet wipes and whatever else they put in those little sex kits.

The rooms are pretty basic and getting older but I’ve always observed it to be clean and the amenities sufficient for the task at hand. Your girl will immediately start drawing a warm bath & try to turn off the AC.

Pro tip: The rooms are cold but if you allow the AC to be turned off it will get very hot right when you least expect it and nobody needs the interruption of running across the room with a raging hard on, trying to figure out how the fucking AC works in that particular room!

Now you both get undressed, jump in the tub, get scrubbed and a nice BBBJ (Bare Back Blow Job). At this point if you’re with a fishbowl girl she’ll assist you out of the tub as if you’re on fresh Bambi legs? * Then she will get the air mattress set up and position you onto it. This is the soapy part and I’ll just say it’s pretty Fuckin FUN! If you’re with a sideliner that doesn’t do soapy’s you both will dry off and head over to the bed for the rest of your time.

Note*:  I don’t know how many dudes must have busted their skulls falling out of the tub but it must be one of those industry mandatory safety issues because EVERY girl treats you like you’re a frail old idiot and you’re going to bust your ass if she doesn’t assist. Oddly the girls I’m usually with are no more 50kg and I would crush them with my 80kg of Man!


Now it’s finish up time. You may or may not get assistance with a second bath. Everyone dries off and gets dressed and we all head back down stairs. The deal is done!

Bottom line, the reason I always start at Nataree is they’re in the middle of the strip. If the selection doesn’t suit me, I’m walking distance to Emmanuelle, Hi Class, Caesars (across the street), a short moto ride south to Colonze 2 and Alaina, or one more MRT stop (Sutthisan) and you got Poseidon and Copa Cabana.

Note: The only times I ever didn’t find a suitable partner was once right at 12 noon and hardly any staff were at work yet, and one time at around 9 or 10pm on a weekend since they are so busy most all the staff were upstairs working.

I personally have never had a less than fantastic time at Nataree, (this cannot be said at others) but I’m also very picky and I spend a fair amount of time getting to know the girls before making my selection(s). I will usually tip between 500 and 1,000 baht since these girls all have made every effort to please me!

If you’re checking off bucket list shit then Nataree is a great place to do 3,4,5+ somes, extra kinky shit. Just ask either the papason or the girls directly. Especially if you’re into 3ways with bi-girls, tell her what you want and if she’s down she’ll usually have a buddy or 2 that she works with regularly and if the girls are comfortable that’s a huge plus for all!

I hope everyone enjoyed and learned something new for the next summer vacation in Bangkok! Let me know if you want more on the same and I’ll get with Skins and get it out! Cheers!!!

Ron 😉 aka “Creepy Uncle Ron”