What’s Up Guys!

Reading my buddy KB’s stories about his trip to Bangkok had me laughing out loud. It also had me thinking back about some of my own funny adventures in Bangkok. Just to let you all know, YES Thailand really is that wild and this type of shit DOES happen there. πŸ˜€

When I was living at Grand President Hotel on Soi 11, I met a freelance hooker on the street. She was older and not very attractive. Nice lady, but far past her prime. I was still drawn to her for two reasons…

First of all, she had HUGE fake boobs. I spotted them from across the street. They were perky and tan with cleavage busting out of her tight top. It was bizarre actually. Picture a skinny older Thai lady with a PERFECT set of enormous fake tits. I started to get a chubby just looking at them. Not many big racks on Thai girls.

Also, as I walked by she said “blowjob 500 baht!” I was thinking hmmm that’s a pretty good deal! Maybe I’ll take this old bird for a spin! πŸ˜€

I brought her up to my room in Grand President. First thing I did was pull her pants down to make sure she wasn’t a ladyboy. Nope! Everything checked out.

I ran my fingers across her shagged out hairy snapper. I felt like I was touching a fine piece of history. I’m sure that pussy pleased many service men who visited Thailand after the Vietnam war. πŸ˜€

She dropped to her knees and slobbed me off pretty damn good. I stood up and blasted my load all over her big fake tits. I was happy with her performance and 500 baht is a bargain in Bangkok. πŸ˜€

Balls Deep In Old Discount Hookers

A few weeks later I was wondering down Soi 11 past the Old German Beer House and I ran into this old bird again. She instantly recognized me and ran up to me grabbing my arm. “Hello handsome do you want a blowjob today?”

Of course! I always want a blowjob! πŸ™‚ This old bird was good enough that I’d go for a repeat. Only problem was, I no longer lived in the Grand President Hotel. My room was far away now and there’s no way I’m catching a cab or getting a short time room with this old chick. She wasn’t THAT good…

I explained the situation and she said “It’s OK we can go to the toilet!” She pointed to the entrance of Grand President Hotel. Now if you know this hotel, building three is at the back of the Old German Beer House. It does not have a reception area. It’s just a small lobby with elevators and a bathroom.

She said, you pay me 600 and I will give security 100 baht. I agreed and paid her. Then I walked into the bathroom and waited… Minutes later, here she is walking into the mens room. We went into a stall and locked the door. She sat on the toilet and pulled out her massive jugs for me to fondle.

I dropped my pants and fed her my cock. She gave me a sloppy, noisy blowjob which echoed throughout the tiled walls of the bathroom. Luckily, nobody came into the bathroom while we were there.

After a few minutes I released my load into her mouth and she kept on sucking for several minutes. I love when chicks do that! Job well done. She spit my baby batter into the toilet and we both quickly got dressed.

I walked out first. The Thai security guard was standing outside the lobby smoking and he just gave me funny smile. I nodded and smiled back… Enjoy your 100 baht fucker haha. πŸ˜€

I saw this old bird hanging around outside the Grand President several more times. Maybe she’s still there if you need a cheap release. πŸ™‚ I’d rather spend an extra two hundred baht and go to Kasalong, but it was a funny experience.

There’s No Place Like Bangkok Thailand!

I’ve had so many funny experiences since moving to Asia. Maybe one day I will compile them all into an ebook or just write them out here. If you are adventurous, you will find yourself in all kinds of wild situations here. There’s no place like Bangkok! πŸ˜€