What’s up Guys!

Another tip for any of you coming to Bangkok. I highly recommend getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. You should get tested regularly whether you are in your home city or if you visit Thailand. I also recommend using condoms when fucking strange whores. But hey, I understand that shit happens sometimes… I’ve raw dogged my fair share of skanks so I get it!

Many guys come to Thailand and quickly fall for a sexy Thai girl. They end up spending their entire trip together traveling around the country and fucking like rabbits. Hey that’s great! Nothing wrong with a fun short term romance. Just don’t be sending her money when you get back home… Make some fun memories and leave it at that OK?

If you meet a girl you really like then I recommend you both get screened for sexually transmitted diseases. Then you can have worry free sex for your entire trip! Just be careful not to get her pregnant

I was dating a girl in Bangkok for a while. The rubbers came off and I was using the pull out method. Stupid I know… But we did take a trip to the clinic together for a blood test. This gave us both the peace of mind that neither of us have HIV or any other STD.

My buddy from America came to Thailand and he quickly met a sexy Thai chick. He took my advice and brought her to the clinic for a blood test. Then he took her to Phuket and fucked her bare back for a week. Smart man! 🙂

If you want a cheap and convenient clinic to get tested, I recommend visiting the Thai Red Cross Clinic. It is conveniently located at 104 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 (5 minutes’ walk from the Rajdamri BTS station and Silom MRT station)

thai HIV clinic bangkok

It’s right across the street from Lumpini Park. The results of your blood test takes one hour so this is a good opportunity to have some lunch or hang out in the park. Then go back to the clinic for your results.

This clinic is clean and the staff is very professional. They also speak good English which is comforting when you have some strangers in a foreign country poking you with needles. Here’s how it works when you walk in…

Walk in and you will be greeted by an English speaking staff member. He will give you a simple form to fill out and a number. Fill out the form and wait for them to call your number. When it’s your turn tell the lady at the counter you want a blood test for everything. HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, whatever else they have. Costs around 500 baht last time I checked. Well worth it…

You will pay at the counter and they will give you some paperwork along with another number. Go upstairs, sit down and wait to be called. This clinic is busy at times so I try to go early afternoon when most people are at work. They will call you into the office and draw your blood. Then they tell you to come back in an hour. That’s it!

An hour later they will call your number so don’t be late. You will be called into a private office where a staff member will read you the results of your blood test. I don’t care how careful you are about sex… This is a nerve racking moment! The lady slowly reads the results…. OK. HIV. Negative… Hepatitis. Negative… Haha I sat there with sweat dripping off my forehead several times. 🙂

After that she will usually drill you with questions. Do you use condoms? When is the last time you had sex? They will give you some rubbers and send you on your way.

Last time I went there, the lady told me I was clean and I started dancing in her office. 😀 She started laughing at me. As I was leaving her office she screamed at me “NOW YOU USE CONDOMS EVERYTIME OK!!!” The hallway full of Thai teens just stared at me like WTF? Funny shit.

The whole process takes less then two hours and it’s absolutely worth it. I get tested every six months regardless of where I am but I know some girls who have NEVER been tested. Who knows where she has been? Just because she’s not a bar girl doesn’t necessarily mean she’s clean. Maybe she only had one Thai boyfriend in her life but he was a “butterfly” who fucked every slut in the village. Play it safe guys… Go get checked.