When you date in Thailand be prepared to pay for everything. In America this is common as well so if I invite a girl out for dinner or drinks I assume I will pay for everything. But where does this end???

I once had a beautiful girl in Bangkok I was dating for several weeks. She was sweet, sexy and fun. Everything I look for in a woman!

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I met her at a restaurant and after spending several days together I was sure she was a good girl.

Then one day she came over complaining about her doctor bills. I gave her some encouraging words and changed the subject. Shortly after she left without giving me sex. 🙁

Next time we met up she again complained about her doctor bills and also said she wants to go back to school but has no money. She told me her ex boyfriend was a bad man but he took care of her and gave her money every month. I didn’t have much to say about it and changed the subject.

Once again, she left without giving me sex. Then she begin ignoring my texts and saying she needed “time to think.”

Long story short, she wanted money to continue sleeping with me… I’m willing to treat her good and take her out on fun dates without her spending one Baht of her own money but I will not give this girl a pile of cash each month to be my girlfriend.

Maybe when I’m 70 years old but not today!

And just like that our relationship was over. I hope she finds what she is looking for. She is 30 and has a kid so her time is ticking!

Just be aware that nothing is free in Thailand. Even if she is a good girl the man is expected to pay for everything on the date.

I have several girls who treat me to dinners and coffee on occasion but this is an exception to the rule. I am always very greatful and impressed when a woman does this for me.

Also, when you are in a serious relationship with a Thai girl you will be expected to “take care of them.” Meaning, if they have some kind of bill that needs to be paid she will look to you for help.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. When I had a long term girlfriend in America I did everything for her and I would be extra generous if I ever got married.


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If she is asking for a handful of cash after two weeks this is a bad sign! Head for the hills!!!

Better yet, head for Soi Cowboy and bar fine a girl from your favorite GoGo Bar. It is much cheaper and less stressful then listening to some gold diggers fake problems!

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