I’ve always been intrigued by Vietnam. The women are beautiful, the culture is interesting and the history is fascinating. I was extremely excited about my first trip to Vietnam. I didn’t see as much as I wanted to but I will certainly be visiting this great country again soon!

Here is my official review of Ho Chi Minh City a.k.a. Saigon, Vietnam.

Saigon Women Rating: 4/5

Vietnamese women are absolutely gorgeous. They typically have lighter skin then the Thais and the Khmer girls I have been with. They are also more curvy then most Asian girls in the region.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the perky, handful size tits most Viet girls had poking out of their bras. I’m 6’4″ so I get a good look at the cleavage when I stroll through the clubs. I found most Vietnamese girls spoke very good English. They are intelligent, stylish and outgoing.

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There are so many gorgeous girls on that site it will make your head explode! Maybe your balls too… It’s free to join so take a minute to sign up and see who’s online.

I fucked up by joining Vietnam Cupid late into my stay in Vietnam. You should join at least a month before your trip to start chatting with girls. You need to spend some time talking with Vietnamese girls to build comfort before asking them out on a date.

You can’t just message them in the afternoon and be fucking them that night like in Thailand.

Luckily, I was a member of my favorite dating site in the world!

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I’m a huge fan of online dating and if I could only use one site this would be it. I’ve met so many beautiful girls on this website from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. I am setting up dates for the Philippines and China for this year as well! 😀

You can quickly do a search of any specific country or city you will be visiting and start messaging cute girls from the comfort of your hotel room! It’s free to join so take a minute to make a profile and look around.

Prepare to get 100 messages from girls in the Philippines! I think if you are a white male they will eat you alive down there. Can’t wait to find out!

Many Viet girls use the Line application but Viber is also extremely popular. Be sure you download these free chat applications. Also be sure to read my post about How To Hook Up With Vietnamese Girls.

Vietnamese girls are cute and friendly. I made a lot of friends very quickly in Saigon. Every time I sat down at a bar alone a group of people would say hi to me and invite me over for a drink.

Vietnamese girls have a lot in common with the Cambodian girls I dated. They are generally conservative and much harder to fuck then your average Thai girl. Most of these girls are looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

Every girl I met lived at home with their family. I guess it’s a cultural thing that they stay with their parents until marriage then she’s the husbands problem to deal with.

Most girls did not go out or party much and were very cautious about meeting me. They always wanted to meet at a mall during the day or have coffee at 10am….  Annoying shit like that.

One girl invited me to her house to meet her parents… FOR THE FIRST DATE!!! I declined the offer, but looking back I should have went for it. Hey, life is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone!

Bottom line is, don’t expect to come to Saigon for a few weeks and bang a dozen chicks. Vietnamese girls are just not wired like that. You are better off going to Thailand for an all out fuck fest.

However… You can pay for sex if you want. Saigon has a prostitution scene. It’s much more low key and lower quality then Thailand’s Naughty Nightlife but it’s there if you need it.

I came across many beer bars scattered throughout the tourist area. They are set up exactly like Thailand beer bars. A bunch of shagged out, tatted up bar girls smoking cigarettes looking bored outside of a rat hole bar with a pool table and a few TVs. My friend who lives there says $50 or 1,000,000 Dong will get you any chick you want.

One thing I will mention is that technically you can not bring a hooker back to your room in Vietnam… It’s illegal. When you book your room just be sure to mention your “Vietnamese Girlfriend” will be visiting sometimes. I had an issue with a NON guest friendly hotel one time… Pain in the ass. I have compiled a list of guest friendly hotels in Saigon so read that post for some great options.

The Vietnamese hookers I saw looked like trained assassins compared to Thai bar girls. The Viet chicks I saw were older, more seasoned and looked mean. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places but I didn’t feel tempted to step inside these bars one bit.

Your typical Thai bar girl is younger, cuter, more fun and more “farm fresh.” I don’t mind fucking a hooker if she doesn’t LOOK like a hooker… Does that make sense?

Anyways, I never stepped foot in any of these dirty ass bars but I did get a good massage while I was in Saigon. Vietnamese massage is interesting. They basically beat the shit out of you! No really, these girls use their fists to lightly punch you all over your body.

Just like you MUST try Thai massage, I highly recommend you try a Viet massage. The best part is the ending… The girls are young, cute and everything is negotiable.

I decided to tip my sweet young lady 1,000,000 Dong to get her naked and have some fun. Overall the pay for play scene is not close to the level of Thailand but that’s just fine with me.

It’s there when you need it but it’s not in your face 24/7 like in south Pattaya or Lower Sukhumvit Road Bangkok. Honestly that shit gets old after a while. For a short trip it’s ok but not for every day life.

In conclusion, Vietnamese girls would make excellent girl friends or wives. They are extremely beautiful, sweet, intelligent and loyal.

Elly Tran Ha is my dream girl… There is nothing in this world that makes my rod swell up and start throbbing faster then her perfect tits and cute innocent face. On my next trip to Saigon I will find her, seduce her and get her pregnant. Wish me luck!

I would like to spend more time in Vietnam to try having a relationship with a Viet girl. I think they would make a man very happy. I’m still in touch with a few sweet young ladies I met there and I will go back soon to visit them.

The girls I met in Saigon are very attractive and interesting. If you don’t have time to date a good girl $50 will get you a girlfriend for the night. If you’re looking to go nuts with the whores then skip Saigon and head straight to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.

Saigon Cost of Living Rating: 4/5 …