Confessions of a sex addict… I don’t know what the true definition of a sex addict is… But I’m pretty sure I am one. I am absolutely obsessed with fucking beautiful women.

Specifically Asian Women.

They drive me absolutely insane and my appetite is insatiable.

I am currently juggling several cute girlfriends and I still go online to find new girls every day.

I give my number to the cute waitress while I’m on a date… I’m really losing my fuckin mind living in Asia.

I know young men are supposed to be attracted to hot chicks and think about sex but I feel I take it to an unhealthy level. It consumes my life.

I think about women 24/7.

I blame this on growing up in sex prison USA. I always did well with women in the states but it is nothing compared to the past year I’ve spent in Asia.

I have lived some of my wildest fantasies that most men can only dream of! I made some amazing life long memories and have some mind blowing stories to tell when I go back to visit my friends in the U.S.

However, I noticed one troubling side effect of my obsession with dating beautiful women…

It is a HUGE drain on my time and money.

This past year I have blown a crazy amount of cash, neglected my businesses and let my health deteriorate.

I can’t help but think about where I would be if I showed a little more self control and discipline.

“You’re hustling backwards if you’re chasing a bitch… Stupid, chase the paper they come with the shit.” – 50 Cent

It’s time to set a new schedule for productivity and stick to it.

Set a monthly budget and stick to it.

Get my ass back in the gym and cut down on the heavy drinking.

The rock star lifestyle is cool for a vacation but if you live that lifestyle all year long it will catch up to you one day.

Never neglect your health! Physical, mental or financial.

Moving from small town, USA to Bangkok, Thailand was like bringing a starving person to an all you can eat buffet.

I went fuckin nuts when I first got here…

South East Asia is a place where you can really jump off the deep end if you have no self control.

Cheap booze, drugs, women, no rules and every day is like a Friday night.

There’s always a party going on somewhere!

I see many foreigners come out here and totally lose it. I don’t want to be one of them.

Work Hard, Play Hard is the motto to live by… You need a healthy balance in your life.

I enjoy reading other travel blogs as well as dating blogs about young guys traveling and picking up chicks.

I’ve noticed a common theme among many of these “Pick Up Artist” type blogs… They refuse to pay for sex.

I certainly respect their decision. Feel free to live your life how you choose!

Me personally? I have no issues with fucking a prostitute.

I am a young, handsome man and it’s so easy for me to get women in Thailand it’s insane. I have banged a different girl every day for weeks on end before.

I’m talking about dating good girls here. Not prostitutes.

I had a blast but I can’t help but feel this was a huge waste of time and money. I need to take the time to chat with them online, text with them for several days, take them out on at least one date and spend money in the process.

Just today I met a girl for lunch. This was our second date.

Between lunch and the taxi the bill was 700 Baht and we were together almost four hours. I then brought her to my room and banged her.

Sure I enjoy the chase and the seduction but I could have just taken a short break from work and strolled into a BlowJob bar around the corner to get sucked off for 700 Baht.

Be in and out in 15 minutes and back in front of my laptop. 🙂

No texting, no game, no drama. I feel there is a place for this type of service in a man’s life.

I’m not sure why these “pick up artists” are so opposed to paying for sex?

Many even talk about “shoring”… Which means seducing a prostitute to sleep with you for free…

Are you fuckin kidding me??! Shoring??! Good lord, I can’t imagine a more boring waste of time.

You are going to chat with a whore at some filthy night club until you convince her to give you a freebie?

Just give the broad $30 and go fuck her brains out… Then move on to something more interesting and productive.

It’s not a money issue, because they can afford to dress well and party in upscale nightclubs.

They have no issues with the actual act of sexual intercourse with a prostitute as long as they can achieve this through seduction rather then paying…

It’s about the game.

I know some men are insecure and need the validation of a woman actually “liking” them.

I have a good friend who refuses to sleep with hookers. He tells me he wants to feel some kind of connection with the girl and sex with a stranger makes him uncomfortable.

Hey, I completely understand and I would never look down on him for that.

He’s looking for love. I am not.

I don’t think he’s a sensitive little bitch for that. Also, I don’t think paying for sex makes you a loser.

Personally, my dick doesn’t know if I paid the broad or took her out on a nice date.

Once I shoot my load my mind instantly goes back to thinking about my hobbies and business plans.

So what’s wrong with paying for a quick release? Does this make me a loser with no game?

Sure I could call one of my many girlfriends but then they expect to spend some time together and it ends up costing about the same amount, usually more!

Remember time is money!

Then they text me and want to chat throughout the day, getting upset if I don’t respond fast enough.

There’s a famous saying… “You don’t pay a hooker for sex, you pay her to leave.”

A bar girl will fuck you like a porn star, take the cash off the dresser and smile. – “Thank you! Call me when you want to see me again!”

That’s it. No calls, texts or emotional baggage. No long boring dates or drama.

There is a time and a place for both. I enjoy spending time with a sweet young lady but I am determined to build a successful business online.

That takes priority over everything in my life at the moment and I can’t stand wasting time on pointless dates when all I’m interested in is sex.

Sure I could jack off but that is a ridiculous thought while living in Thailand. That’s like bringing a cold hamburger into a 5 star restaurant.

The point of this long rambling post is to say that chasing skirts 24/7 is a blast but it’s also a huge waste of time and money.

Get your priorities in order and you can live in Single Man’s Paradise instead of just visiting for a week or two on vacation.

I will continue to date several times a week but I need to lock in and focus on my business and my health.

If I need the occasional massage I don’t feel guilty about it. My game is still rock solid.