I always thought getting drugged was some urban legend in south east Asia. We’ve all heard the stories… It’s never happened to me or anyone I know personally. But apparently it does happen.

One of my readers even commented that his dad was drugged in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. That seems to be the most common place in Asia where this shit goes down. Hopefully he will comment more about his story in the comments.

Recently I was in Bangkok. I started chatting with some guy at the hotel pool and he told me that him and his buddy were in Sihanoukville and they both got drugged by some hookers.

Apparently him and his buddy took some hookers “long time”. All was going well until they went to hang out on the beach one afternoon. He said him and his buddy went for a swim and the girls must have put some drugs in their water bottles. After their swim they drank some water and relaxed on the chairs. Shortly after they were both unconscious.

Of course, the girls took everything. Money, phones, even took the guys ring off his finger. This guy said he went BLIND for three days. Imagine that shit? He said he woke up and was conscious but he couldn’t see anything. I would have been truly terrified. 🙁

Worst part of the story… His buddy never woke up. He died right there on the beach. 🙁 What a tragedy! These whores are some heartless cunts. You guys need to be careful out there.

This guy said that his vision slowly returned over the next few days. His buddies family flew out to Cambodia to collect the body. He had a stopover in Bangkok then he was going back to England and as well. What a horrible holiday! 🙁

I have no reason to believe this guy was lying. He seemed totally legit. He wasn’t asking me for money or anything. We were talking about travel and he just told me his story. Damn… What do you say to that? I just told him I was sorry for his loss and I hope he’s ok. He just said “be careful out here.”

How To Prevent Getting Drugged In South East Asia

I consider myself somewhat adventurous. I love to party, fuck hookers and explore random cities. I always enjoy nightlife and I always travel alone… Sounds sketchy but I’ve managed to avoid any problems thus far. Here’s my advice.

Always watch the bar tender make your drink. If I go out for drinks alone, I usually sit right at the center of the bar. It’s not exactly a strategic thing so I can keep an eye on them. It’s more because I’m alone and I want to be in the center of the action! 😀

If you want to sit in the corner and read a book ok. When I go out alone I want to be around the other customers and where the girls are running back and forth ordering drinks. I usually chat up the bar tender just for fun.

You can learn a lot about a new city if you find a cool bar tender to chat with. I also get to watch her make my drink. Of course, if she is slick enough she can still drug you, but if you are watching her like a hawk then she probably won’t try anything.

Watch anyone you’re sitting with. Are you playing pool? Playing Jenga with a group of broads? Make sure nobody has access to your drink. If you get up to play pool or turn on music just take your drink with you. Either that or slam it down if it’s almost finished.

Watch them open your beers. One thing I like about Vietnam is the waitress will always bring your beers out and open them in front of you. There’s no reason for them to open it in the back.

Not only could it be drugged, it could be OLD! I’ve seen bartenders give someone the wrong kind of beer before. If the person complains they will just stick the cap back on and put it back in the fridge. You can’t do that dummy!!! Someone’s going to end up with a flat nasty beer.

Beware sketchy ass bars. I never worry about high end reputable places. The chances of them drugging their guests is about zero. They make a killing selling expensive ass cocktails and their goal is to keep you alive and sober so you keep buying.

The places I considered sketchy were places like beer bars on Victory Hill in Sihanoukville or the beach bars on Serendipity Beach. You just know that the people are poor, business sucks and sketchy hookers outnumber the customers. Desperate people means higher probability of shit going down.

Tell Them Your Friend Is Coming. One of the most common questions I get from girls is “you come here alone?” I get this EVERYWHERE. I’m not sure if they are asking, did come with a girlfriend? Or, are they asking if I have a male friend with me? Maybe they’re just making conversation, I’m not sure.

I’m always alone when I go out. This could make them view me as an easy target. Plus I dress sharp so I probably smell like money.

Therefore, when the girls ask me if I’m alone I always say “I’m here with my friend. He was busy with his girl in the hotel. 😉 He should be here any minute.”

My hope is that if they had any thoughts of trying to drug / rob me then they would reconsider if they knew I had friends on the way. If I’m all drugged up and unconscious then my (pretend) friends would flip out and there could be a problem. I’m sure they don’t want a confrontation. They want an easy victim. Don’t be an easy victim!

Don’t take hookers long time. OK I know this is tough for some guys. Many guys travel to Asia just to get the girlfriend experience!  I just never got into the “long time” thing with hookers. I just don’t trust them.

How can you sleep next to someone you just met a few hours earlier? You know she’s no angel. You know nothing about her. You don’t have a copy of her ID or her home address.

Obviously you can take certain precautions to make things more safe. I just feel that spending all day with a hooker gives her more time and opportunity to try something. If you insist on having the “girlfriend experience” then please take time to vet the girl properly.

Make a copy of her ID. Have her leave her ID with the hotel reception. Lock up all valuables in a safe. These things will probably discourage her from trying any foul shit.

What If You Get Drugged???

Well then you’re fucked I guess. Hopefully you don’t die. I recommend locking up all valuables in a safe. Don’t go out with too much money, electronics or jewelry. I don’t wear a watch. (Since mine got stolen 🙁 ) I only carry my phone and enough cash for the night.

If you start to feel yourself getting ill then I would ask someone to help you to the hospital. Maybe grab a fellow monger or hotel staff and say “hey I think somethings wrong. Call a taxi, I need a doctor.”

I think this shit kicks in so fast that you won’t even know what’s going on… Someone comment if they know about this stuff. You’d probably be out before you could taker action so it’s probably wise to travel with a wing man if possible.

Fact is, most hookers you meet just want to make money and have fun. They have no ill intentions. I wouldn’t go through life paranoid and living in constant fear that everyone is out to get me.

Just letting you guys know, this stuff does happen occasionally and it can ruin your holiday. Or you life… So have fun but stay sharp out there.