One thing I noticed the moment I hit the streets of Saigon was the smell of Marijuana in the air. This is one major difference between Thailand and Vietnam. In Thailand, drugs are illegal and this is strictly enforced. I’ve seen guys smoking a joint down in Koh Phangan, but I wouldn’t go near any kind of drug in Thailand. NO WAY!!! Just google some of the horror stories about foreigners doing serious jail time over a very small amount of drugs. I stay away from the shit out there.

In Vietnam, people smoke weed out in the open at bars and night clubs. If you are low key about it, nobody gives a shit. Of course, I do not condone drug use… I’ve seen it ruin many peoples lives back in my home city. But I don’t see anything wrong with smoking some weed if you’re into that.

Where To Buy Weed in Vietnam

I only have experience with Saigon but I’m sure the tourist areas in the north of Vietnam are similar. In Saigon, you will most likely be staying in District 1 around Pham Ngu Lao Street. If you walk from Pham Ngu Lao street onto De Tham Street someone will offer you weed every two minutes… And this is not like Thailand. These are not the cops trying to set you up. They really want to sell you weed… And over charge you, and steal your wallet if you look like a sucker.

If you are feeling impatient you can buy a bag off these guys. See what they have and if it looks decent, negotiate a price. But I recommend holding out for a better deal.

Keep walking up De Tham and turn right on Bui Vien Street. At night this street is crazy packed with people drinking and motorbikes whizzing by. Take a seat at one of the outdoor bars, which look like someone’s run down house that they sell cheap beers out of.

These places aren’t hard to find. There are probably twenty of these little houses with red plastic chairs sitting outside. Have a seat near some foreigners and buy a beer. Older Vietnamese ladies will walk up and offer to sell you cigarettes. They will also offer you marijuana. You can buy off these ladies too but they will try to charge you top dollar.

I suggest chatting with some foreigners until you find an expat. These guys live in Saigon and they know their shit. They know the real prices for weed and they probably have their own connection. My buddy I met out there called some Vietnamese guy who came pulling up on a motorbike ten minutes later. His weed was much better quality then the little bags of shit the cigarette ladies sell. Also, he told me the dealers around Pham Ngu Lao overcharge foreigners who don’t know any better… Welcome to Vietnam! 🙂

So that’s it. If you need a small bag of dirt weed you can get that anywhere. But if you want a decent bag for your stay in Vietnam I suggest you go hang with the expats on Bui Vien Street. Everyone out there is very friendly and they will point you in the right direction. You may have to pass a joint around as a thank you. Have fun in Vietnam!