What’s up Guys!

I’m still having a blast out in Vietnam. Just wanted to share a quick story and a few tips for Single Men traveling through this country.

As stated in some of my other posts about Vietnam, the pay for play scene sucks out here. It’s nothing like Thailand. Prostitution is hidden and you really need to look for it. I suggest going to Thailand if you just want to relax and do some whore mongering.

Your best bet for a quick release are the massage parlors. Every one I have been to offered full service so they are basically brothels. Most places have very cute young girls working there so it’s not a bad deal. A bit over priced compared to Thailand but maybe your negotiation skills are better then mine.

Nothing kills my boner faster then arguing about money while laying naked on a massage table. So fuckin annoying… I feel prices should be set up front and agreed on before laying down. That way the man can enjoy his massage then seamlessly transition into the sex act. When your massage comes to a screeching halt to discuss money in broken English I just feel like telling her to fuck off! OK rant over.

Here’s a quick story… I was dating a good girl I met on Vietnam Cupid. I brought her to my hotel room one night and the guy at reception said NO GIRLS! You can come inside alone! I told him don’t worry she’s not a hooker… He said NO and refused to open the locked gate…

At this point I was starting to loose my cool and I told my girl to tell him in Vietnamese that she is not a hooker and we want to go inside MY ROOM that I PAID FOR! They argued for a few moments and then she told me, “He said no. You can only stay alone. If you don’t like it find another room!”


Fuckin dickhead! OK fine. We sped off into the night on my motorbike. We pulled up to a guest house a few blocks away and rang the doorbell. A half asleep Vietnamese kid opened the gate and let us in. How much per night? 220,000 VND. OK we’ll take it.

I brought my girl upstairs and ripped her clothes off. With zero foreplay, I proceeded to pound her hard in every position. I was a bit upset after that hotel situation and I really took it out on her poor little Asian pussy. She was screaming so loud while I was banging away I thought someone would come knock on the door thinking I was killing her.

Like a moron, I did not wear a rubber and I shot my full load deep inside her tight little box. I stood up dripping in sweat and flicked on the lights. I was horrified to see she had bled all over the sheets and I quickly ran to the shower.

We passed out for a few hours and woke up at sun rise. I drove her to the pharmacy and made her take the morning after pill in front of me. What a romantic breakfast! 🙂

OK back to the point of this article… Here’s how to avoid the hotel hassle. Before you check in be sure to ASK if you can bring a guest to your room. You can be subtle about it. I never say, excuse me can I fuck hooker in my room? Just tell them you have a Vietnamese girlfriend who will visit sometimes, is that OK?

The fucked up part is that I asked this place about bringing in guests and the lady said OK no problem! But the man working at night said NO… Crazy thing is he is a younger Viet dude. I thought he would understand the situation more then a female but who knows… I’m guessing he’s not getting laid so he doesn’t want me shagging the local ladies on his watch.

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The next afternoon I checked out and the hotel staff asked me where I was going. I told them the guy working at night wouldn’t let my girlfriend in and we had to PAY for another room even though I already had a room here! They were very apologetic and asked me to please stay it’s OK. They said they will talk to the night staff but at this point my bags were packed and I was out the door!

I rented a better room a few doors down for the same price. I was very clear that I will be having my Vietnamese girl friend staying here some nights and they said sure no problem! The people working here are young and super friendly. I have brought three different girls here and I get nothing but smiles and a thumbs up. 🙂

I heard a lot of hotels in Vietnam are not guest friendly. This is the first time I have ran into this problem so now I know it’s true. Just be sure you talk to the hotel staff about bringing a girl home with you. Also, NEVER book for more then a few nights in advance. There are so many guest houses in the tourist areas you can just walk next door and book another $9 hotel room if you have any issues. Don’t commit until you check out the room! Be sure the staff is friendly. Trust me they will be in your business so it’s important they are cool and friendly.

Vietnam is not a mongering destination but it can be done. I prefer dating good girls here and I have already banged several chicks from Asian Dating and Vietnam Cupid. If you have any questions about traveling in Vietnam let me know!