What’s up guys!

The majority of my website traffic comes from my home country of The United States of America. I know several of my forum members are back in the States right now planning their next big trip to Thailand. Hey I understand guys need to work hard and stack that money from your good job in America.

I also know that many of you love Asian pussy! 😀 You don’t want to have some Asian pussy withdrawals back home, so here’s what I want to do for you today. I am going to tell you how you can find Erotic Asian Massage Parlors in your home city.

Where To Find Sexy Asian Massage Parlors in America

Go this this website and search your city. Rubmaps.com

I used to check this website back when I was living in the States. Years ago my buddy told me that he knew a massage parlor where you can fuck sexy Asian girls. Of course I made him drive me there for a session and I had a blast! They were all sexy Korean girls in their early twenties. It was always great service there.

This massage parlor was a bit pricey and about 40 minutes away… Not good for a quickie after work. So I started researching Asian massage parlors and came across the website Rub Maps. It really is a gold mine of information!

The site has names, addresses and reviews of massage parlors all over America. There is a premium section but you don’t need to pay to get the basic info. You can still see the massage parlor address and the rating.

After I discovered this website I searched my home city. I was shocked to see there were eight different massage parlors within twenty minutes of my house! I found one that was only five minutes down the road from me. This place was a little hole in the wall with older Chinese ladies working. Nothing special but the massage was really good and they were very skilled at hand jobs. Just the kind of place I needed close to home. 🙂

I’d also like to say that Rub Maps is not a sponsor of my site. I just want to let you guys know about this great resource so you can find some action nearby you. A lot of these places have farm fresh cuties right in your back yard! 😛

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Happy hunting. Let me know if you find anything. America is not Thailand, but there are still plenty of opportunities to have fun. Monger on gentlemen! 🙂