What’s up Guys!

Valentines Day is here! I’m a single guy so I don’t give a shit. In fact, I forgot all about it until a Thai girl I know started complaining about how she’s lonely and has no date… Then I immediately had flash backs of my many Valentines day adventures in America.

Single Girls are Lonely and Horny on Valentines Day

All girls want a strong man to love them. They dream of romance and commitment. Valentines Day is the one special day during the year where all single women are reminded of how lonely they are… NO woman wants to be alone on this holiday! This presents us single men with a fantastic opportunity to have a hot short term fling with a horny babe.

I guarantee you know some hot chick who is single right now. Just look on facebook and you will see posts like “I don’t need a man! Going out with my girls tonight! Single ladies!” A lot of tough talk but they are really crying inside.

Any girl you are interested in, just casually ask her, hey do you have plans for Valentines Day? She will either say yes my boyfriend is taking me out… Or, she will get a sad look on her face and say no… No plans… This is your opportunity to invite her out!

It’s as simple as saying hey I’m going out for some drinks would you like to join? I never make it a serious “date” but more of a casual hanging out with friends vibe. This takes the pressure off and makes it a more laid back evening. I don’t want her falling in love or getting the wrong idea about this.

Girls are always happy to get invited out for Valentines day. Either she goes out with you or she drinks a bottle of pinot grigio wearing her pajamas at home with her cat while looking at her friends facebook pictures of flowers and chocolates. This will kill her inside… Her choice is simple. She will shave her pussy clean, put on her favorite pair of panties and high heels then wait patiently for you to pick her up.

Can’t find a date in time?

Don’t sweat it my friend… There’s plenty of time. Forget finding a date. Just get dressed up and hit the bars with a loyal wing man. Groups of single chicks love going out to get wasted on Valentines Day. They aren’t hard to find… In America they will be sloppy drunk in the middle of the dance floor screaming “WHHOOOOHHH fuck guys I don’t need a damn man!” This is typical American woman behavior.

In my home city there would often be special events at the clubs for single people looking to party. This is the perfect opportunity to meet cute single girls in your city. First of all, you know all of the girls are single or they would be out having a quiet dinner with their man. Also, you know they are lonely on this special holiday when romance is in the air, yet they have nobody to go home with. Now’s your chance to make a move.

Valentines Day is a great holiday. Especially when you’re single! I don’t buy any gifts or expensive dinners but I always get laid. I think I will cancel my date with this Thai girl tomorrow… My doctor told me I can’t bust a nut for one week so what’s the point of going on a date? But that’s not your problem so go get some pussy this Valentines Day. Have a happy holiday gentlemen!