I’m going bald. OK it’s not bad but I’m thinning a bit in certain places. So what’s a man to do??! That’s the topic of todays post.

Going bald can be a sensitive thing for some men. I was just reading a thread on some forum where guys were discussing the best options available for combating male pattern baldness… Here’s my opinion.

Chill Out

First thing to address is why are you balding? In some circumstances it’s not due to heredity or age. If you’re feeling stressed or taking certain kinds of medications this can make your hair fall out.

Go to Thailand. Chill out, get laid, get a massage. Get more sleep. Maybe talk to your doctor and flush your meds.

If you’re not stressed or taking medications then you’re probably just blessed with bald genes. Welcome to the club! 😀

Be Honest With Yourself

Some guys freak out and shave their head at the first sign of male pattern baldness. Often this is not necessary and you can hold off on the bic razors for several more years.

Take a good look in the mirror and consider asking some very close friends and family what they think. You know, people that will keep it 100% real and honest with you. I noticed my hair thinning in a spot and my sister said “no it’s fine, you can’t even notice anything.” I believe her.

The average person is not analyzing you that close. Don’t obsess over it. Just because your hairline changed from when you were seventeen doesn’t mean it looks bad at 30. All men’s hairlines change as they get older.

The Best Haircuts For Balding Men

Here’s a simple rule to follow. The thinner your hair is, the shorter it should be. Growing your hair long to “cover up” your bald spot rarely works. Long hair will actually accentuate your thinning area. Keep it short.

I notice my thinning area much more when my hair gets long. I always keep it short. Here in south east Asia it’s so fuckin hot I can’t deal with hair gel and all those gay products anyways. Win = Win.

Know When To Let Go

Here’s my personal plan of action. If I go bald, I’m not going to fight it. When the day comes, I will simply say goodbye to my head of hair and shave it clean.

However, I would only do this if I got the serious horse shoe bald spot with hair on the sides and a shiny top. Fuck that. Do not rock the “power donut.”

If your hairline is receding a bit or just thinning, I recommend the very short buzz cut. The buzz cut is better for guys who have a weird shaped head.

Pills, Creams, Surgery, Etc.

I know one guy who had hair reconstructive surgery. He went on and on about how advanced technology is now… I don’t know, it still looks odd to me. I personally would never let some doctor cut strips of flesh off my scalp and sew it in new places…

This is coming from a guy who’s pretty adventurous. After all, I paid some Thai dude $1,000 to cut open my nut sack and sever my vas deferens. But I digress…

If I’m misinformed about this surgery procedure please correct me in the comments. Maybe technology has advanced enough to make it acceptable but I always thought of cosmetic surgery as something for insecure females.

It’s a fact that the pills such as propecia and creams such as rogaine have some nasty side effects. I would never experiment with such chemicals.

Not only can they harm your health, they can kill your libido and erections! Great, now you have hair, you look handsome and you can’t even bang some sexy Asian babes. No thanks…

How To Look Handsome With A Bald Head

You ever wonder why some dudes look good with a bald head while others look like freaks? I’ve figured it out… Muscle mass.

Muscular guys with a bald head look like a bad ass. Skinny, pencil neck geeks look like a cancer patient.

If you must shave your head, you only have one option if you want to pull off that look. Build some serious muscle… Click this link to see how I put on forty pounds of muscle.

Some of us guys will go bald. It’s a part of life. Really I don’t give a shit. I will handle it like a boss…

Shave my head, hit the gym, get a tan, proceed to not give a fuck. Dress sharp, make money and continue banging sexy Asian girls. The party will continue! 😀