For several months while living in Bangkok I was seriously dating three women at one time. I began to run into problems because I brought them all to the same places.

The people who worked there would see me with a different babe every night and I could see them laughing amongst themselves. Then when my girl and the waitress start talking in Thai I start sweating…

What are they talking about? Are they friends? Is she telling her she saw me here last night??!

Then I had one girl come looking for me at my usual hangouts and she was texting me. I had just missed her as I left one bar and went to another with my date.

One night there was FIVE girls I had sex with at the same club! This sounds like a funny story but it was not cool. I made my escape and still had two girls text me that night saying they fuckin hate me and never want to see me again.

I once got punched in the stomach at a club in Chiang Mai by this sweet little Isaan girl I was fucking. I didn’t even see her! She came out of nowhere on the dance floor and attacked me because I was talking to another girl. You want to avoid this type of bullshit guys.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did! I recommend taking your dates to different areas. In Bangkok I stayed glued to my two favorite streets and always went to the same bars. Read planning the perfect date in Bangkok.

Bangkok is BIG!!! If you are in a big city take advantage of this and spread out. You can easily spend years in Bangkok and never run into the same people.

Smaller cities and islands are more difficult for this. I quickly became claustrophobic in Chiang Mai and had to leave.

I am in Ko Samui at the moment and I am dating a few girls that live in different areas on the island. If they lived close to each other it could become a problem seeing that this place is somewhat small.

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Another mistake I made was dating girls that work close to my apartment. For example, I started dating a girl that works at one of the hotels outside my apartment and a waitress at the restaurant next door. STUPID MOVE!!!

Getting girls in and out of my building was like smuggling Mexicans over the US border. Every minute I was looking over my shoulder.

I had to time my day around their work schedules so we wouldn’t run into each other.

Don’t “shit where you eat” as they say. There are plenty of girls in Thailand. You don’t have to date one that is going to see what and WHO you do every day.

The receptionist at my apartment here in Ko Samui is very cute and nice but I am showing self control. If I date her that would be a disaster!

Maybe if I move to a new place I will take her out…

Dating multiple women gets exhausting after a while and I don’t recommend it long term.

I would rather find a sweet, sexy, fun girl to spend time with and just hit the massage joints if I need some action on the side. Life is much easier this way.