Cambodia is becoming a popular tourist destination as well as a place many expats choose to call home. It really is a fascinating country. Despite the foul things I said while joking around in my post called Living in Thailand vs Cambodia, I really did enjoy my time there.

Cambodia is rough around the edges, but it’s rapidly developing. Whether you like the chaotic streets of Phnom Penh, the lazy beaches of Sihanoukville or the rural small town vibe of Siam Reap, Cambodia has something for everyone.

Another great thing about Cambodia is the easy visas. If you plan on living in south east Asia long term then getting an easy visa is a major consideration. In Thailand you need to work, study or live on tourist visas. The tourist visas are expensive and you need to jump through all kind of hoops…

Total pain in the ass! Therefore Thailand will always be a vacation spot for me. Unless I take a Thai language course I must leave the country every few months which means I’m always moving around.

In Cambodia, you can show up with no visa and get one on arrival. For $280 you can have this visa upgraded to a one year business visa. This is a multi entry visa that lasts one whole year! And you don’t even need to work or start a business. You can do whatever the hell you want with it. This is easily the best Visa situation in the region.

I will be spending more time in Cambodia at some point. I want to further explore this interesting country and scope out some business opportunities. Another great thing about Cambodia is the women! Khmer girls are extremely cute and sweet. Most are very traditional Asian girls with good values. These are the types of girls that would make excellent girlfriends or wives. In this post I will tell you how to find a date in Cambodia.

How To Meet Girls in Cambodia

The best ways to meet girls in Asia is with online dating. Dating websites are my number one strategy to hook up with cute young girls. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, some cities have MILLIONS of cute girls but they all don’t go to bars and restaurants. Many girls never even venture into the tourist areas. These girls work, go to school and live with their parents. Many don’t drink or party at all! A fun Friday night for them is cooking dinner with their family and watching a movie at home.

That’s why it’s so important to look for girls online! You can meet beautiful girls that you would never come across in daily life around the tourist trap.

Many of the Asian girls you will see in the foreign bars are hookers or at least semi pros. Meaning, they go there to drink, party and find a foreigner to fuck for money. It’s important to know how to tell if a girl is a hooker.

Another thing that’s great about online dating in Asia is, most of the girls on these sites like foreigners! It’s very easy for a Cambodian girl to meet a local Cambodian man. A cute girl probably gets hit on hundreds of times each day. But many girls are curious about dating a foreigner so they look online.

They hear legends of handsome white men with big cocks and thick wallets sweeping poor farm girls off their feet and taking them traveling around the world. They are intrigued by a man who shows love and appreciation for a woman instead of treating them like worthless slaves.

When you meet a girl at a local mall, you never know what you’re getting. Maybe she doesn’t speak English. Maybe she doesn’t like foreigners. Maybe she has a boyfriend. If you meet her online then you know the answers to these questions! It saves so much hassle and that’s why I promote online dating so heavily on this site. It works damn good.

Before I traveled to Cambodia I was already a member of Asian Dating. This is easily my favorite dating website. I’m a member of several others but Asian Dating is perfect for anyone who is traveling throughout the region. I’ve met cute girls in Saigon, Nha Trang, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phnom Penh and Siam Reap. Read those location reviews here.

There’s plenty of options on this site. Also, Cambodia does not have a country specific dating website so Asian Dating is really your only option.

Once you sign up for Asian dating read How To Make The Perfect Online Dating Profile. Then you will have access to thousands of cute and single Cambodian girls! 🙂

Before moving to Cambodia I messaged about ten girls living in Phnom Penh. Six quickly responded and added me on Line. They were all extremely excited to meet up and several were asking what time my flight landed so can they come see me. 🙂

My days were packed with adventures and sight seeing but I always set up dates for the evening. One thing I must mention… Most of the Khmer girls I met were very shy, conservative and proper young ladies.

Most didn’t drink alcohol and had to go home early. One girl said she can meet me during the day only… Her parents wanted her home before dark. This was a grown woman in her early 20’s!

I experienced this several times in Vietnam as well. Just understand that Cambodia and Vietnam are far more conservative places then Thailand where many girls live alone and party all night.

So my tip is to invite the girl out for an early dinner in a popular area. I stayed around the riverside and always made the girls travel to see me there. Start the date early because she probably wont be bar hopping with you all night.

Khmer girls like ice cream. Just my experience… Several of my girls texted me and said “I’m having ice cream by the riverside want to meet?” I’d prefer a cold Angkor beer but hey ice cream is OK too. 🙂

Take your girl on a nice date and be respectful. Don’t show affection in public. Just be friendly and charming for the first few dates. Show her you are a gentleman and not a creepy whore monger who gets ten dollar blowjobs from old ladies. 😀

After several dates you can invite her back to your room. Once it got late I would just ask my girl if she wanted to watch a movie with me. I would say I’m tired of the bars and I just want to relax in my room. Khmer girls are not easy in my experience… They will be shy and hesitant about going to your room. But once they are inside your room it’s easy to get them naked. All human beings enjoy sex. Just some cultures make girls feel guilty about sex so they have to suppress their urges.

Girls know what will happen in your room… They need to be ready, but once they agree then it’s game on. Just focus on making her feel comfortable around you. Be a fun and friendly guy that she enjoys spending time with.

All of the hotels I stayed at in Cambodia are Guest Friendly so you wont have any problems bringing a girl home with you.

Meeting Khmer Girls in Public

The second best way to meet Cambodian girls is just by walking around and talking to people. The good old fashioned way still works just fine! Get a clean shave. Throw on a nice outfit and hit the town.

TIP: Be sure you have several cards with your number on it! Read this tip on picking up foreign girls.

Go to the malls, restaurants, shops and bars. Chat with all the cute girls you see. If you feel chemistry between you two then ask if you can text her sometime. I always have a short conversation with them and then say, “I just moved here and I’m looking to make friends in this city. Can I text you sometime?”

Everyone wants new friends! And I always approach them alone so I’m not bullshitting them either. If the girl is busy working or surrounded by friends I will often slip her my number in a discreet manner.

Understand that many girls are shy and they are embarrassed to be seen exchanging numbers with some strange foreign guy who randomly approaches her. These girls must guard their reputation in society and the work place. Even if a girl is interested she might not want to be seen giving you her number. Her fear is that people will think she is a slut who dates many foreign men.

It’s always better to get HER number but if the situation isn’t appropriate, I will just quickly hand her mine on a piece of paper and say “nice to meet you. Text me later and we can chat more.” This almost always works.

It’s great for picking up waitresses because her co workers just think she’s doing her job by chatting with customers. You don’t want to make her feel embarrassed by asking for her number in front of people. When dealing with conservative foreign girls I only ask them for their numbers when our conversation is private. This can be difficult at times but you just have to wait for the right moment and jump at the opportunity. Read How To Get A Girls Phone Number.

Hookers in Cambodia

Of course, if you just want to skip the bullshit and get laid there are plenty of hookers in Phnom Penh. Massage shops and beer bars are your best options. I prefer massage shops so I don’t have to bring the whore to my room. Beer bars along street 136 are a good time. There are also freelancers in all the major night clubs. Some of them are real stunners too so there are plenty of great options.

Cambodia is a fun and beautiful country. I look forward to spending more time there and I would like to date a Khmer girl for a while. They seem like very sweet girls who are eager to please their man.